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"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech," said Benjamin Franklin.
Everyone has an opinion and the right to speak that opinion our forefathers granted us that right it is called the First Amendment. Read it then discuss it in the Forums.

Alito The Perfect Republican Weapon
Joe American

Alito is the perfect weapon for the Republicans and their war on the Constitution, minorities, the middle class and the poor, while protecting the rich and business. Republicans will say they are not at war with minorities, the middle class or the poor however facts speak louder than Republicans screaming. Republicans help business and the rich with big tax breaks and subsidies while reducing tax breaks and credits for minorities, the middle class and the poor. The Republican's other big gift to business is deregulation. Deregulation allowed Enron to happen and allows companies to jack up their rates more often and charge all those extra fees you see on you monthly bill statements. Next time you pay a bill remember the Republican's "Contract with America", I call it "The contract with American Business to screw the America public" you should thank the Republican's by voting for a Democrat.

Republicans attack Affirmative Action, which helps minorities, and yet you don't hear them complain to loud when it comes to preferential treatment the rich or business get. They will speak up to defend the practice of preferential treatment that rich or business receive however they will not to attack it. Alito has constantly sided against minorities and the poor in favor of business or Government and has been taken to task on several occasions for this. Alito interpretations do protect business, but does not allow minorities or the less affluent a fair chance when attempting to seek justice. The right to seek justice when an injustice is done is the right of every American and should never be denied. The Republicans are eroding our rights using the Supreme Court, rights that have been granted to us by the Constitution. A right lost here, a right lost there, and soon we will have no rights at all, and the less rights you have, the more control someone has over you. The Constitution says "We the People", not "We the businesses of America" something the Republicans seem to have forgotten along the way.

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