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Is Donald J. Trump the next Benedict Arnold or Kim Philby?

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Is Donald J. Trump the next Benedict Arnold or Kim Philby?
Repeatedly Trump has praised Putin and put Russian interest above American interest. Trump has been more of a Russian asset than he is an American president.

A. B. Man III

Donald J. Trump has attacked our people, our democracy, our institutions and our allies while prompting Russian interests above American interests and our allies’ interests. Trump has done the bidding of Russia he has eroded trust in our institutions. Trump has also eroded our allies trust in America. On a daily basis, Trump is destroying America standing at home and abroad. No American presidential candidate except Trump has asked a hostile foreign government to hack their opponent emails. Trump must be working with them because the Russians began to hacking the democrats the day he called on them to find Clinton's emails. No American president has attacked our institutions as recklessly or on the scale that Trump has. No American president except trump has backed a foreign president over our intelligent agencies. No American president except Trump has backed a foreign government over America, let alone one that is hostel to America. No American president except Trump has given classified information to a foreign adversary. How many classified secrets has Trump given the Russians that do not know about?

Trump likes to claim he is harder on Russia than any other president no he has not congress has been but Trump has not. Trump has made a lot of claims but none of them true remember no Russian contact, biggest crowd ever, did not have a relationship with Stormy Daniels, did not know about the payment to Stormy Daniels, Mexico will pay for the wall to name a few of the lies told by Trump. It makes you wonder about that no collusion claim more likely than not, that will be proving false as well. If Trump is not a Russian asset then why does he not allow others in the room when he speaks to Putin? If Trump is not a Russian asset then why would he take the notes of interpreter and tell, the interpreter not to speak to anyone about what was discussed. The only reason one would take steps to hide what was discussed is if they had something to hide. What does Donald J. trump have to hide? Did Trump give away more classified secrets? Americans should be very worried about what Trump and Putin discussed in their secrets meetings. All Americans should be very worried that Trump is a Russian asset.

The case that Trump is a Russian asset is strong and one has to wonder what Russia has on Trump or is he a willing Russian asset. If Trump is not a Russian asset then why does Trump and Russia parrot the same talking points? If Trump is not a Russian asset then why does Trump put Putin and Russia above America and our allies? If Trump is not a Russian asset then why does Trump need to conceal his discussions with Putin? Trump’s attacks on our institutions is dividing our country and harming our democracy something that makes Russia very happy, that is something that a mole or spy would do. If Trump was a Democrat Republicans would be calling for his head and talking impeachment or the 25th amendment, instead Republicans are defending Trump and attacking our institutions. By defending Trump and attacking our institutions, Republicans are dividing our country and helping Putin and Russia. Republicans need to stop protecting Trump and start protecting America and the American people from what be a Russian asset. Republicans put party above country; Republicans will believe alternative facts and conspiracy theories before they will believe the truth. Real Americans put country above party and truth above alternative facts. The fact is Trump maybe compromised, Americans deserve to know the truth about Trump, and if Trump is compromised, he needs to be impeached and sent to jail, lock him up. Donald J. Trump maybe a Benedict Arnold or Kim Philby if he is there is no telling how much damage he has done and much more damage he could do. The only question is will Donald J. Trump go to Russia if it comes out that he is working with or for the Russians as Kim Philby did?

Donald J. Trump, his son and an unknown number of people from the Trump campaign conspired (colluded) with the Russians to help elect Donald J. Trump.

The Mueller Investigation
The investigation in to how the Russians infiltrated the Trump campaign and the Republican Party to help get Donald J. Trump elected president.

Is Donald J. Trump a Russian mole or Russian spy?
The evidence shows Trump has been compromised and may be a Russian mole spying on America for Putin and Russia for how long nobody knows. Trump could be a mole or spy Russia turned long ago.

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