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Don The Con Has Pulled Off The Greatest Bait and Switch Ever Pulled

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Donald J. Trump (aka Don the Con) has pulled off the greatest bait and switch ever pulled.
Don the Con has done it so well his supporters do not realize they been had and the American taxpayer was always going to pay for the wall not Mexico.

A. B. Man III

Trump baited the American people by saying Mexico would pay for a concrete wall. He convinced his supports that Mexico would pay for a wall. Mexico was never going to pay for the wall but at every campaign stop during the 2016 election campaign Trump, repeatedly promised Mexico would pay for the wall his supporters fell for it hook line and sinker. Mexico paying for the wall was one of trumps greatest hits. Trump is lying once again, now Trump is saying he never said that Mexico would pay for the wall. Trump can lie and lie about his lies all he wants there are videos to prove that he is a liar. Trump is lying when he says he never said Mexico would pay for the wall. Trump is also lying when he says it was not a concrete wall. Trump shut down the government to force the American people to pay for a steel slat wall that once was concrete that he promised Mexico would pay for. Getting the American people to pay for a steel slat wall that once was concrete that Trump promised repeatedly Mexico would pay for has to be the greatest bait and switch ever pulled.

Most illegal emigrants do not come across the Mexican border they fly in on airplanes and overstay their visas. A wall will not stop drugs or smugglers.

Trump vs Trump - Changing Positions

Amid the ongoing debate over whether to fund President Donald Trump's border wall to the tune of $5.7 billion, experts and industry leaders say there's a far more effective technology — at a fraction of the price. Fiber-optic cables have been previously tested at the US-Mexico border, and can detect a range of intrusions — from animals, to people, to vehicles — and determine their exact location. One Texas lawmaker, Rep. Will Hurd, has been arguing for years that stretching a fiber optic cable "from sea to shining sea" would do far more to secure the border than physical barriers. Even though the technology has been around for years, and is ready to be deployed, the US government has been slow to adopt it. Roughly 10 years ago, a bizarre parade of animals, people, and vehicles lined up in the middle of the Sonoran Desert to trot, walk, and drive over a 100-foot cable stretched out across the dirt by a team of scientists. By the University of Arizona researchers' accounts, the experiment was a resounding success, heralding a new frontier in border-security technology. A fiber-optic cable installed in the loose, sandy soil could tell precisely what was moving above it — be it a 200-pound man, a group of people concealed in a cloud of dust from a passing car, a wandering dog, or a pair of cantering horses. "At the time, there was a lot of interest from the federal government," Moe Momayez, an associate professor of mining and geological engineering, told INSIDER. "But like anything else, it just dies off."

One tunnel is about 50 feet long, unfinished, and stretches across two countries. It starts along the drainage channels that a U.S. border town shares with Mexico, and abruptly ends underneath a parking lot in Arizona. Another one runs about 80 feet, also unfinished. Its opening was found inside an abandoned store in the Mexican border city of Nogales. A third one is about 30 feet, also found somewhere in Nogales, though it’s unclear where it starts or ends. These tunnels, which authorities suspect were built to smuggle illegal contraband or people across the border, were found within the past month, as President Trump continues to demand $5.7 billion to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico. The stalemate over Trump’s signature campaign promise has resulted in what is now the longest government shutdown in the country’s history, leaving thousands of federal workers without pay. The president has argued that building physical barriers would stave off illegal immigration and drug trafficking into the United States. But experts say these tunnels reaffirm a reality at the southern border: Drugs are trafficked into the country through multiple channels, including underground. A physical barrier, whether it’s fencing, steel slats or a concrete wall, would keep out people who are willing to play by the rules. But for those who aren’t or can’t afford to, walls are mere temporary inconveniences, said David Shirk, an international relations professor at the University of San Diego.

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