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Donald J. Trump is Destroying America

When I wrote, the statement below I had hoped that I was wrong however; Trump proves on a daily basis that I was right Trump is bad for America and we will regret he was elected president. Trump is destroying Americas and our relationships with our friends and allies. Trump and his Republican allies are attacking the FBI, the justice department and our other intelligence agencies in an attempt to destroy their credibly in an effect to protect himself from prosecution. Destroying the credibly the FBI, the justice department and our other intelligence agencies is un-American but it is something Putin or one of his spy’s or moles would do. Trump must have something to hide if he is willing to destroy the credibly the FBI, the justice department and our other intelligence agencies, or he may be a Russian spy or mole. Trump does not allow Americans in the room when he speaks to Putin or other Russians so we do not know what secrets Trump has given Putin and the Russians we can only hope he has not given Putin the nuclear codes. Trump is a danger to America all Americans. Trump wants to remove the EPA the very agency that was put into place to protect Americans from air pollution, water pollution and protect our lands. Trump has removed protections put in place that protect Americans from air pollution and water pollution, while reducing access to health care. Reducing access to health care and reducing air and water standards will harm some Americans and will kill others. Our lands, our air and our water will become more polluted and people will get sick and some will die from polices of Trump and the GOP. Trump polices will cause more Americans to get sick from bad air and bad water and some will die, that is not putting American first. That is not protecting Americans; it is putting the health of Americans at risk to help business owners make a few dollars more. Trump is destroying America he has reduced or removed protections that protect our lands, our air and or water this will have long-term consequences for future generations.

Many people are saying Trump is a child who projects his weakness and insecurities onto others. When Trump called Clinton a criminal, he was referring to himself Trump’s companies have been fined for money laundering, Trump University was a fraud and Trump and his campaign conspired (colluded) with the Russians to win the election. When Trump called the Clinton foundation crooked, he was referring to himself and the crooked Trump foundation. When Trump called Clinton a puppet, he was referring to himself he has shown that he is Putin’s puppet by his praising Putin over America and our allies and his attempts to destroy America alliances, attacks on NATO and destroy Americas standing in the world. When Trump called Marco Rubio little Marco well we will not go there. When Trump called Ted Cruz a liar, he was referring to himself no one lies more than Trump, Trump lies about his lies. When Trump told the story about the snake, he was referring to himself Trump is a snake. When Trump claimed the FBI put a spy in his campaign, he was referring to himself Trump is a spy or mole for the Russians, that’s why no Americans are in the room when he speaks to Putin or other Russians so he can give away American secrets. When Trump calls someone low IQ, he is referring to himself, Trump may know how to con people but he really is not smart when it comes to facts.

Many people are saying Trump is the king of alternative facts (lies) and fake news. Trump just makes stuff up to protect and promote himself Trump always finds a way to blame others even for his own mistakes. Trump lies the way other people breathe lying comes naturally to him. Trump is the biggest liar known to mankind a liar who lies daily and lies about his lies. When Trump says there was no collusion, no collusion, no collusion, you know there was collusion (conspired). Trump is like a child who was caught stealing from the cookies jar, lies about it, and then lies about the lies to try to get out of it. Trump is a child who attacks people when they tell the truth about him; his polices or hurt his feelings. Trump is the meanest, nastiest, ugliest bigot and bully ever known to mankind who plays the victim card to justify his abuse of others. Trump’s action show he is a White-Nationalist and/or alt-right (All White) and/or KKK member or believer. Trump comes from a long line of racist his mother and father were racist, only racist people participate in KKK rallies if the reports are true, he may be a legacy KKK grandmaster by now. Only a racist person would refuse to rent to black people and other and minorities. Only a racist person would defend White-Nationalist. Only a racist person would say there are good people on both sides in Charlottesville. Only a racist person would say, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” Only a racist person would ban a group of people because of their race. No doubt about it Donald J. Trump is a racist.

Many any people are saying Trump is con man who conned the American people into believing he is wealthy than he is. Trump conned the American people into believing he is good businessman. Trump is not a good businessman he is in debt up to his eyeballs; he is the king of dept. Most of the businesses Trump created or purchased have failed. Trump makes his money by licensing the Trump name and money laundering. Trump does have a new revenue stream the America taxpayer we pay for Trump trips to Trump properties while foreign governments give him at his hotels in hope of gaining favor with him. Trump conned the American people into believing he would drain the swamp and hire the best people. Trump did not drain the swamp he filled it with toxic septic water. Trump and his cabinet will go down as the most corrupt, dishonest, divisive, and most destructive American history. Trump did not hire the best people he hired the most corrupt, dishonest, divisive people he could find. Trump is a long time criminal and a spy or a mole for the Russian government, the U.S. federal government should indict Trump under the RICO act and for treason.

A. B. Man III

Donald J. Trump won he is our President. We are leaving the statement below with the belief we are correct with the hope that we are wrong, however, we will update the real Donald J. Trump portion of this page as new information becomes available.

Many people are saying if Donald J. Trump becomes the next American president he would bankrupt America as he has bankrupted his own companies and destroy America’s reputation and standing in the world, while making money on Americas downfall. Many people are saying everything Donald J. Trump has said about his opponents can be applied to him. Many people are saying Donald J. Trump is a thin skinned vindictive narcissist, a self-serving jerk, a serial liar, a bully, a bigot, a racist, a fear monger, an elitist, a fascist, a con man, a flimflam man, a crook, a hypocrite and a fraud. Many people are saying if Donald Trump is elected the next American President, America like Britain after the Brexit vote will wake up the next morning and realize what a mistake they have made only it will be too late!!! If you want to destroy America vote for Trump if you want save America and all it stands for vote for Clinton.

A. B. Man III

More on how Donald J. Trump is destroying America
Updated 10/20/2019

America has never faced a greater threat to national security than Donald J. Trump. Republicans called out Hillary for her handling of classified material but Trump is far worse than Hillary when it comes to national security. Trump disclosed classified information to the Russians. We know what Trump has disclosed in public but we do not know what he has said in private. We do not know what classified secrets Trump may have given to the Russians or others in his private conversations and that should scare the hell out of you. Find out for yourself how great a threat to national security Donald J. Trump is.

Donald J. Trump has committed abuse of power, high crimes and misdemeanors this page is dedicated to tracking the impeachment inquiry of Donald J. Trump.

Donald J. Trump, his son and an unknown number of people from the Trump campaign may have conspired (colluded) with the Russians to help elect Donald J. Trump.

Donald J. Trump may have used the powers of the presidency to bully Ukraine into digging up damaging information on a political rival, Democrat Joe Biden.

This page is dedicated to Donald J. Trump's (aka Don the Con) time in the White House and the ups, the downs, the chaos, the destruction, the devastation and the hatred created by Donald J. Trump. Find out about the ups, the downs, the chaos, the destruction, the devastation and the hatred created by Donald J. Trump.

The Donald J. Trump administration will go down as the worse, most corrupt, comprised and dishonest administration in American history.

There may be no one more crooked or corrupt than Donald J. Trump. Trump is making a profit at the expense of the American taxpayer. Trump is greedy con man who does not care about America or the American people, but he does want their money. Trump only cares about himself and how much money he can put in his pockets. He does not care where the money comes from the American taxpayer or foreign money he just wants money. Now we know why he refused to divest, Trump wanted to use the power of the presidency to put money in his pockets. Below you can find some examples of how crooked and corrupt Trump is using taxpayer dollars to prop up his properties and accepting foreign governments spending at Trump properties wishing to gain favor with Trump.

The EPA under Trump has reduced or removed protections that protect our lands, our air and or water this will have long-term consequences for future generations.Here you can find out for yourself how bad it could get for the air you breathe and the water you drink and how many Americans could die.

Hypocrite and liar Donald J. Trump vs Donald J. Trump what Donald J. Trump said vs what Donald J. Trump said. Trump is a liar, a bully, a con man, a crook and a fraud. Find out how much of a hypocrite and liar Donald J. Trump is.

Donald J. Trump’s Changing Positions Over The Years, what Donald J. Trump said vs Donald J. Trump said.

Some of the legal issues of Donald J. Trump (aka Don the Con). Here you can find a short list of the lawsuits against Donald J. Trump.

Tracking the Mueller investigation into how the Russians infiltrated the Trump campaign  and conspired with the Trump campaign to help Donald J. Trump.

By Jeffrey Toobin

On March 21, 1973, President Richard Nixon and John Dean, the White House counsel, conferred in the Oval Office about ways to keep the Watergate scandal from consuming the Administration. The two men weighed the possibility of a pardon or commutation for E. Howard Hunt, one of the Watergate burglars. “Hunt’s now demanding clemency or he’s going to blow,” Dean said. “And, politically, it’d be impossible for, you know, you to do it.” Nixon agreed: “That’s right.” Dean continued, “I’m not sure that you’ll ever be able to deliver on clemency. It may be just too hot.” Neither Nixon nor Dean had especially refined senses of morality or legal ethics, but even they seemed to understand that a President could not use his pardon power to erase charges against someone who might offer testimony implicating Nixon himself in a crime.

To do so, they recognized, would be too unseemly, too transparent, too egregiously corrupt. And, in fact, Nixon never gave a pardon, or commuted a sentence, of anyone implicated in the Watergate scandal. But, on Friday night, Donald Trump commuted the prison sentence of Roger Stone, his associate and political mentor of more than three decades. Last year, Stone was convicted of obstruction of justice, lying to Congress, and witness tampering in a case brought by Robert Mueller, the special counsel. William Barr, the Attorney General, had already overridden the sentencing recommendation of the prosecutors who tried the case—a nearly unprecedented act—and Stone was ultimately sentenced to forty months in prison. But Barr’s unseemly interference in the case was somehow not enough for the President, so Trump made sure that Stone would serve no time at all. The only trace of shame in Trump’s announcement was that he delivered it on a Friday night—supposedly when the public is least attentive.

Nearly everybody Trump promised to help is worse off
By Tim Mullaney

So you lost almost 2% of your money in stocks yesterday because President Donald Trump opened his fool mouth about trade again, threatening 25% tariffs on Chinese goods that free markets have decided they want. The president would like you to hold his beer. Tuesday night’s bombshell report that transcripts of his tax returns show Trump managed to lose more money than any other American businessman for nearly a decade between 1985 and 1994 — a $1.17 billion cascade of other people’s (mostly banks’) up-in-smoke cash — is more than embarrassing. Though it is that — it means he was having a cash bonfire even as Ronald Reagan was crowing about Morning in America — if Trump were capable of embarrassment. It’s of a piece with what happened in the markets Tuesday — to you, and to me. The New York Times report on Trump’s taxes showed what a clown Trump was in business — a history of pratfalling interrupted from time to time by deals where partners did the work, he stole from suckers, or he simply failed to make his usual catastrophic mistakes.

The same clown he is now, with his policies hurting industries as often as they help. The mini-crash that followed Trump’s latest posturing on China trade talks also shows how clownish D.C. pundits are being in suddenly, again, heralding Trump’s economic leadership when, in fact, markets and the economy are not responding positively to his policies. The numbers: In fact, Trump’s beloved financial markets tells the story. Lay aside the fact that the Standard & Poor’s 500 SPX, -0.39% is up 15% this year (after dropping last year) and up 27% since Trump was sworn in. Instead, look at the connection between the policies he brays about, and the constituencies he has promised that only he can fix their problems, and the stocks they’re supposed to help. Begin, naturally enough, with banks, which have played such an outsized role in Trump’s life. And which he has sought to grease by trying to repeal his predecessor’s Dodd-Frank law reining in excesses after the 2008 financial crisis (including, to be fair, a long list of practices connected only dubiously, or not at all, to that conflagration). Banks were also supposed to benefit from more borrowing amid the animal spirits (and higher interest rates) to be unleashed by Trump’s corporate tax cut. more...

By John Fritze and David Jackson, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump dismissed concerns Wednesday – including from some GOP lawmakers – about protecting the identity of a whistleblower at the center of allegations that he pressured Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. Asked about those concerns Trump responded: "I don't care." Trump, who has repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of the unnamed person who filed a complaint about Trump's phone call with Ukrainian leaders, said "a whistleblower should be protected if the whistleblower's legitimate." The whistleblower’s report is at the heart of the impeachment investigation of Trump at the House of Representatives. The complaint filed Aug. 12 alleged Trump abused the power of his office when he urged Ukraine's president to gather dirt on Biden. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, a co-founder of the Senate Whistleblower Caucus, said on Tuesday that the whistleblower deserves to be heard and protected.

“We should always work to respect whistleblowers’ requests for confidentiality,” Grassley said. Trump, in a combative mood on the issue after several days of more subdued messaging, also repeated his attacks on House Democrats, including Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. and the chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Trump said Schiff couldn't carry Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's "blank strap," apparently a reference to a "jockstrap." Earlier, Trump blasted a tweet storm minutes after a Democratic news conference, condemning impeachment as an attempt to force him from office that will damage the country. Trump challenged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's stated desire to work on trade and drug prices, saying Democrats are obsessed with impeachment. Pelosi is "incapable" of working on other issues, the president wrote. "It is just camouflage for trying to win an election through impeachment. The Do Nothing Democrats are stuck in mud!" more... - Trump is willing to put someone’s life in jeopardy to protect himself. Trump may not care but it is the law you cannot go after whistleblowers. Trump has once again shows us he does care about our laws when it comes to himself.

By Bart Jansen and Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON – After President Donald Trump said Monday he is trying to find out who reported concerns about his Ukraine phone call, whistleblower advocates said that person must be protected from retaliation and should be allowed to remain anonymous. Trump told reporters in the Oval Office on Monday that “we’re trying to find out ” who the whistleblower is. He reiterated that his July 25 call to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was “perfect,” despite asking his counterpart to investigate his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. On Thursday, Trump was recorded telling a group that the whistleblower should be punished, noting that “spies and treason” in the past were handled “a little differently than we do now.” Mandy Smithberger, director of the Center for Defense Information at the Project on Government Oversight, called Trump’s apparent desire to unmask the whistleblower “horrific and chilling.” “It’s the last thing a president should be doing if he really wanted to root out waste, fraud and abuse,” she said. Andrew Bakaj, a former CIA officer who is representing the whistleblower, tweeted Monday that the person “is entitled to anonymity. Law and policy support this and the individual is not to be retaliated against. Doing so is a violation of federal law.” John Kostyack, executive director of the National Whistleblower Center, said “threats of reprisals by the president and his allies against the intelligence community whistleblower are contrary to our nation’s core ideal of freedom of speech.” “If we want to know about lawbreaking, we need to gather evidence from the people who have it," Kostyack said. "Any time we send a message that they are going to be punished, we are essentially discouraging people who have this evidence from stepping forward. We need them. We need whistleblowers." The whistleblower’s complaint is at the heart of the impeachment investigation of Trump at the House of Representatives. The complaint was filed Aug. 12 with the inspector general for the intelligence community, Michael Atkinson. The complaint reported the “urgent concern” that alleged Trump was abusing the power of his office to urge Ukraine to gather dirt on Biden. more...

By Igor Derysh

Hidden report shows white supremacists were responsible for every race-based domestic terror attack in 2018. The Justice Department suppressed a report showing that suspected white supremacists were responsible for all race-based domestic terror incidents last year. The report by New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security Preparedness was distributed throughout DHS and to federal agencies like the FBI earlier this year before it was obtained by Yahoo News. The document includes data Congress has sought from the Trump administration but the Justice Department has been “unable or unwilling” to provide. The report shows that 25 of 46 suspects in 32 domestic terrorism incidents were identified as white supremacists. The 25 suspected white supremacist suspects were responsible for all “race-based” incidents while others were deemed “anti-government extremists” and “single-issue extremists.” “This map reflects 32 domestic terrorist attacks, disrupted plots, threats of violence, and weapons stockpiling by individuals with a radical political or social agenda who lack direction or influence from foreign terrorist organizations in 2018,” the report said. The map and data in the document were circulated through the DOJ and law enforcement agencies in April, which is around the time that the Senate Judiciary Committee requested the DOJ provide data showing the number of white supremacists involved in domestic terrorism. Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., told Yahoo News that the committee still has not received the data. “I’m troubled by the lack of transparency, given that we haven’t received this critical information after several requests to the FBI and DOJ,” Booker said. “They cannot and should not remain silent in the face of such a dangerous threat.” - The DOJ under Trump is protecting white supremacists no wonder they like Trump.

Donald J. Trump News   Find out more about the real Donald j. Trump and the Mueller investigation. Is Donald j. Trump a traitor? Was there collusion with the Russians? Did the trump campaign collude or conspire with Putin and the Russians? Trump is the king of fake news alternative facts. Donald Trump is a liar. Donald Trump is a racist. Find out more about trump the Mueller investigation Russia. Learn about don the con trump and Russia. Find out about the trump Russia Putin connection. Find out more about don the con, con man don and learn about the trump university, trump foundation, trump Russia, Russian collusion, money laundering, Trump the money launder and more…      
Looking for more information on Donald J. Trump (aka Don the Con, aka Don the Snake, aka Two face Donnie, aka The Don, aka Criminal Don). Here you can find information on lawsuits against Trump, Trump’s time is the white house, Trump Administration scandals and corruption, Trump before the white house, Trump’s Enablers, Flunkies, Minions and Sycophants, Trump Impeachments, Trump Insurrection, Trump Insurrection Videos, Trump Is a Crook, Trump Is Threat To National Security, Trump Russia Affair, Trump-Ukraine Affair, Trump vs. Trump, how Trump runs his properties and more. Find out if Trump is filling his pockets with foreign money and your tax dollars. Find out if Trump is a good a businessman or a bad businessman and how viral, nasty and disgusting Trump properties are. Find out if Trump is a crook and/or a conman. Find out if Trump lies about his lies and more.

The more you know the better informed you will be to make your own determination on the real Donald J. Trump (aka Don the Con, aka Don the Snake, aka Two face Donnie, aka The Don, aka Criminal Don). Find out all you can about Donald J. Trump, for some you may find he is not the man you thought he was, for others you may be proven right, for others you may find he is far worse than you thought he was.

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Some of Donald J. Trump's Twitter Hashtags: A Small list of Donald J. Trump’s more infamous twitter hashtags #Trump, #TrumpTraitor, #TrumpIsATraitor, #TraitorTrump, #RemoveTrump, #TrumpIsAMole, #TrumpRussia, #TrumpRussianAsset, #TrumpPutin, #TrumpPutinsPunk, #DonTheCon, #LockHimUp, #TrumpFullofBs
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