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President Donald Trump told reporters that "rogue killers" may be involved in the disappearance of independent journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi citizen who has been living in the U.S. The president's comments Monday morning came after he spoke to Saudi Arabia's King Salman, who, Trump said, "denies any knowledge" about Khashoggi's disappearance.

The Trump administration informed a federal judge in Chicago on Friday that it's seeking to scuttle a plan negotiated between the nation's third-largest city and the state of Illinois that envisions far-reaching reforms of Chicago's 12,000-officer police force under close federal court supervision. In a statement announcing the intervention, Attorney General Jeff Sessions blasted the roughly 200-page plan, also known as a consent decree, because of the court oversite. And he offered a full-throated defense of Chicago police, saying they must take the lead in stemming city violence.

In an op-ed for USA Today, President Donald Trump made a series of false and misleading statements about Medicare and health insurance in general:

In two recent interviews, President Donald Trump said he is not convinced that climate change is due to human activity, and he suggested that any changes will reverse themselves — two ideas that lack scientific backing. He also claimed in a third interview that there are scientists “on both sides” of climate change, despite published papers showing that the vast majority of climate scientists — as high as 97 percent — agree on the issue.

“Lock her up!” loses steam: White House will “look into” Fox News’ decision to stop broadcasting Trump’s rallies. While DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and FEMA Administrator Brock Long traveled to the White House to discuss emergency preparedness plans for Hurricane Michael in the Oval Office with Donald Trump, the president argued that it would be unfair to the people planning to attend his campaign rally in Pennsylvania later in the day if he were to cancel the event. So the show went on — even as millions of Americans suffered through the largest hurricane to hit Florida in years. Ironically, Trump hit former president Barack Obama six years agao for a similar move.

Trump pledges to 'weed out' administration officials he does not trust
President Donald Trump said Thursday that he will "weed out" individuals inside his administration who he does not like, echoing remarks from his wife, who told ABC News that there are people working for her husband who she does not trust. During a live phone interview Thursday morning with Fox News' "Fox & Friends," the president said "it was more true" in the past, when he was first establishing himself in Washington, that he distrusted members of his administration. But he cited U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who announced her resignation this week, as an example of the "great people" who now fill his administration. Trump said he would do away with those he does not like. "Are there some I'm not in love with? Yes. We'll weed them out slowly," the president said.

CNN's Anderson Cooper criticizes President Trump's White House meeting with Kanye West while Florida simultaneously deals with the fallout from Hurricane Michael.

Another old Trump tweet isn’t aging well. Donald Trump held a fundraiser and rally on Wednesday, just hours after Hurricane Michael hit Florida as a deadly Category 4 storm and caused massive destruction. “I cannot disappoint the thousands of people that are there ― and the thousands that are going,” the president tweeted prior to the event. However, in 2012, Trump slammed President Barack Obama for campaigning two weeks after Hurricane Sandy: Yesterday Obama campaigned with JayZ & Springsteen while Hurricane Sandy victims across NY & NJ are still decimated by Sandy. Wrong! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 6, 2012. There was at least one key difference: Obama and his 2012 rival, Mitt Romney, both suspended their campaigns as the storm hit. They resumed campaigning days later. Trump’s event in Florida took place mere hours after Hurricane Michael made landfall. Many have called out Trump for holding a campaign event on the day of the storm: Trump’s in Pennsylvania playing to the crowd while Florida gets its ass kicked. It’s like Bush overflying New Orleans after Katrina and calling it good. What a loser. — Stephen King(@StephenKing) October 11, 2018. I guess it’s cool tho if you’re in Erie, Pennsylvania, during a Florida hurricane because there are no celebrities there (aka, won’t attend)? https://t.co/jwhn7NqXCt — Shannon Fx Watts (@shannonrwatts) October 10, 2018

Most still want U.S. as top global power, but see China on the rise. America’s global image plummeted following the election of President Donald Trump, amid widespread opposition to his administration’s policies and a widely shared lack of confidence in his leadership. Now, as the second anniversary of Trump’s election approaches, a new 25-nation Pew Research Center survey finds that Trump’s international image remains poor, while ratings for the United States are much lower than during Barack Obama’s presidency.

“Under the rules of Me Too, I’m not allowed to use that expression,” the president said in Erie, Pennsylvania. President Donald Trump took aim at the Me Too movement once again on Wednesday night, saying he wasn’t allowed to utter certain phrases because they were no longer politically correct. Trump, speaking at a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, was reflecting on his election nearly two years ago and spoke about winning Pennsylvania in the 2016 presidential race. He said that for many years Republicans had been unable to capture those electoral college votes, and then he said there was an expression he wanted to use to describe the state, but he had to censor himself because the media was present. “Every Republican thinks they are going to win Pennsylvania, but I got it. I’d use an expression, you know there’s an expression, but under the rules of Me Too I’m not allowed to use that expression anymore, I can’t do it,” Trump said. “It’s the ‘person’ that got away.”

The Washington Post editorial board called for the U.S. Senate to vote against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, a move it has not made since 1987. "Enough has been learned about his partisan instincts that we believe senators must vote 'no,'" The Post editorial board wrote in a new piece published Thursday night. "We do not say so lightly. We have not opposed a Supreme Court nominee, liberal or conservative, since Robert H. Bork in 1987." The editorial board went on to state its issues with Kavanaugh as a nominee, adding that one element of the saga over his potential confirmation has been forgotten among the sexual misconduct allegations he faces. "Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee refused to ask for all the potentially relevant documents from his time serving in the George W. Bush White House," the board writes. "The reason was not principled but political: Though they had kept a Supreme Court seat vacant for most of 2016, they wanted to ram through Mr. Kavanaugh before this year’s midterm elections."

Ex-EPA chief: Trump will pollute your air and make you pay for it - With the Trump administration taking steps to roll back America's clean-cars standards, states are preparing for what is sure to be an epic legal battle over states' authority to protect their citizens from dangerous pollution. In the latest escalation in their fight against the Trump administration, California regulators have approved new measures to defend the state's vehicle emissions standards. We should all be rooting for these regulators. Since the election of Donald Trump, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been guided by appointed officials who have fundamentally failed to uphold its mission: to protect public health and the environment. From undermining and ignoring established science, to rolling back lifesaving public health protections, it's become abundantly clear that this administration has no intention of upholding the core mission of the EPA.

Top China expert: U.S.' "biggest strategic mistake" was exiting TPP - President Trump may have committed his biggest strategic blunder vis a vis China during his first full week in office, when, with a quick signature, he withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, says top China expert Christopher Johnson. "The TPP was the way to get China to address a lot of what we're now trying to get them to address with tariffs," said Johnson, who was for years a senior China analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency, and who now holds the Freeman Chair in China Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. "It may be the biggest strategic mistake the United States has ever made," he said.

Trump Says White Supremacist Terror Is Fake News. These Chilling Cases Prove Otherwise. - There’s been a spate of violent far-right extremism since the 2016 election. Four days after a homemade bomb blew through the window of a mosque in Bloomington, Minnesota, in August 2017, Sebastian Gorka, then a national security aide to President Donald Trump, commented about the attack. Though the culprits were still unknown, Gorka suggested that the bombing may have been a “fake hate crime” ginned up by leftists. He also scoffed at journalists who had raised questions about right-wing domestic terrorism: “It’s this constant, ‘Oh, it’s the white man. It’s the white supremacists. That’s the problem.’ No, it isn’t.”. Seven months later, federal prosecutors charged three suspects in the bombing. The accused, all white men who belonged to a militia group called the White Rabbit 3 Percent Illinois Patriot Freedom Fighters, allegedly hoped to “scare [Muslims] out of the country” by telling them, “You’re not welcome here—get the fuck out.” (The three were also charged for a failed bombing at an Illinois abortion provider.) About four months prior to the mosque attack, the alleged ringleader, a 47-year-old contractor named Michael Hari, had submitted a proposal to help build Trump’s border wall. Hari’s company pitched a “culturally significant” design that would “protect our way of life” and defend America’s “Anglo-Saxon heritage, Western culture, and English language.

Texas detention camp swells fivefold with migrant children - The Tornillo camp originally had a capacity to house 400 children temporarily, now it has 2,400 beds and will remain open at least until the end of the year. It was meant to be small and temporary. But the precise rows of US government tents by the lonely border crossing just a few feet from Mexico keep multiplying. The detention camp for migrant children in the south-west desert at Tornillo, Texas, not only remains in place weeks after it was expected to shut down, but is expanding fast. Children are being brought by the busload and kept here on this remote patch of federal land surrounded by scrub and pecan nut farms. Hidden from public view on the ground, its proliferation is clearly visible from the air.

UN court tells US to ease Iran sanctions in blow for Trump - The UN's top court ordered the United States Wednesday to lift sanctions on humanitarian goods for Iran in a stunning setback for US President Donald Trump. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague handed Iran a major victory, saying that the stinging economic sanctions put Iranian lives at risk. The ruling is likely to rile Trump, who reimposed the sanctions in May after pulling out of Iran's international nuclear deal to the dismay of his allies. But it was unclear whether the judgment will be anything more than symbolic, because both Washington and Tehran have ignored them in the past. The ICJ judges ruled that the sanctions on some goods breached a 1955 "Treaty of Amity" between Iran and the US that predates Iran's Islamic Revolution.

New York state tax department reviewing fraud allegations involving Trump in NYT article - New York state tax officials are investigating allegations detailed in an exhaustive New York Times investigation into Donald Trump and his family's business dealings. The Times reported that Trump and his family committed "instances of outright fraud" in order to transfer millions of dollars from the real estate empire of the president's father, Fred Trump, to his children without paying the appropriate taxes. "The Tax Department is reviewing the allegations in the NYT article and is vigorously pursuing all appropriate avenues of investigation," a spokesman from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance said in an email to CNBC.

President Donald Trump unpopular across globe and America's standing dropped, new poll shows - President Donald Trump is deeply unpopular across the globe, holding the most negative rating among five world leaders, according to a new poll conducted by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center. A median of 70 percent of respondents across 25 countries said they do not have confidence in Trump to do the right thing – a significantly higher disapproval rating than the leaders of Germany, France and China. Only Russian President Vladimir Putin came close, with 62 percent of the poll’s respondents saying they did not trust the former KGB agent. It's not just Trump. Attitudes toward America are at historic lows around the world – from from Sweden to South Africa – with a median of 50 percent holding a favorable opinion of the U.S., compared to 43 percent who see the U.S. unfavorably. More people also say their own country’s diplomatic relationship with the U.S. has grown worse over the past year.

WSJ: Trump directed Cohen to seek restraining order against Stormy Daniels in February - President Donald Trump was personally involved in an effort to prevent adult film actress Stormy Daniels from publicly discussing an alleged sexual encounter with him, according to a new report. The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that Trump told his then-personal attorney Michael Cohen in February to seek a restraining order against Daniels through a confidential arbitration proceeding. The President directed Cohen to coordinate the legal action with Eric Trump, one of his sons, and an outside lawyer, Lawrence Rosen, who had represented Trump and the Trump Organization, sources familiar with the events told the newspaper.

Trump becomes a punchline at the U.N. - Even the most bullish of President Trump’s supporters would have a tough time classifying his performance at the United Nations this week as a success. His Tuesday address to the U.N. General Assembly will be remembered for the mocking laughter that followed his claim that the Trump administration has, so far, “accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.” It didn’t get much better the next day: Trump chaired a session of the U.N. Security Council on weapons of mass destruction and nonproliferation, hoping to gin up support for his administration’s hard-line stance on the Iran nuclear deal. “This horrible, one-sided deal allowed Iran to continue its path toward a bomb and gave the regime a cash lifeline when they needed it the most,” Trump complained. “They were in big, big trouble. They needed cash. We gave it to them.” Instead, virtually every other member country took turns scolding the United States for its undermining of the nuclear deal with Tehran.

UN audience laughs when Trump boasts of achievements - AAn audience of world leaders at the United Nations laughed on Tuesday when President Trump boasted of his achievements during his time in office. "In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country," Trump said, opening his address to the U.N. General Assembly. Audience members then began chuckling and the laughs grew louder when Trump said "so true." Trump smiled and paused, then responded: "I didn't expect that reaction but that's OK."

Five countries announce deal to defy Trump on oil trade with Iran - Five countries that are signatories to the Iran nuclear deal announced Monday night that they will create a financial mechanism to allow them to continue trade with Iran, including importing oil, as U.S. sanctions kick in this November. European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini made the announcement to reporters at the United Nations in New York on the sidelines of the General Assembly. She said "the initiative" to create the special mechanism will "facilitate payments related to Iran's exports, including oil," to "assist and reassure economic operators pursuing legitimate business with Iran.”

The Plot to Subvert an Election Unraveling the Russia Story So Far - For two years, Americans have tried to absorb the details of the 2016 attack — hacked emails, social media fraud, suspected spies — and President Trump’s claims that it’s all a hoax. The Times explores what we know and what it means.

Senate panel contacts Michael Avenatti after his claim of damaging information about Brett Kavanaugh - The Senate Judiciary Committee contacts Michael Avenatti after the lawyer claims to have evidence of misconduct by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Avenatti says he represents a client who has information about the judge, though he has not yet shared that information publicly. Two women have now accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, which the appeals judge denies.

Rosenstein still at DOJ, never offered to leave, likely to stay: Source - The chances of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein leaving his job or being fired appeared to be fading early Monday afternoon, after a source familiar with his status said he never offered his resignation, and only talked about it after a report from last week said Rosenstein was trying to orchestrate President Trump's removal from office. The source said as of noon Monday, Rosenstein was still the Justice Department's No. 2 heading into a previously scheduled White House meeting at noon — and the odds he would actually leave his position by day's end were slim. A report from Axios early Monday morning said Rosenstein offered his resignation, and others said he was expecting to be fired at the White House on Monday. But the source told the Washington Examiner that Rosenstein and White House chief of staff John Kelly spoke over the weekend and though resignation was discussed, Rosenstein never formally offered his.

Rod Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment -  The deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, suggested last year that he secretly record President Trump in the White House to expose the chaos consuming the administration, and he discussed recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Mr. Trump from office for being unfit. Mr. Rosenstein made these suggestions in the spring of 2017 when Mr. Trump’s firing of James B. Comey as F.B.I. director plunged the White House into turmoil. Over the ensuing days, the president divulged classified intelligence to Russians in the Oval Office, and revelations emerged that Mr. Trump had asked Mr. Comey to pledge loyalty and end an investigation into a senior aide.

Trump eviscerates Sessions: ‘I don’t have an attorney general’ - President Trump in an Oval Office interview with Hill.TV launched one of his most ferocious broadsides to date against Jeff Sessions, suggesting the attorney general was essentially AWOL and performing badly on a variety of issues. “I don’t have an attorney general. It’s very sad,” Trump told Hill.TV in an extensive and freewheeling interview Tuesday from the Oval Office. The president has long excoriated Sessions for his March 2017 decision to recuse himself from the Russia collusion investigation. But on Tuesday he suggested he is frustrated by Sessions's performance on far more than that. “I’m not happy at the border, I’m not happy with numerous things, not just this,” he said. Trump suggested he had a personal blind spot when it came to nominating Sessions as the nation’s top law enforcement officer. “I’m so sad over Jeff Sessions because he came to me. He was the first senator that endorsed me. And he wanted to be attorney general, and I didn’t see it,” he said. In announcing his recusal, Sessions said that he had consulted with Justice Department officials over the decision and that he had not meant to mislead members of the Senate over the meetings. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein became the lead Justice official on the Russia investigation because of the Sessions recusal. Rosenstein also appointed special counsel Robert Mueller after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey in May 2017.

Trump orders documents relating to Russia investigation, Carter Page FISA warrant declassified - President Donald Trump on Monday ordered the declassification of various documents and text messages related to the Russia investigation, prompting new concerns about the increasing politicization of intelligence materials. "For reasons of transparency" the President ordered the Justice Department and Office of the Director of National Intelligence to initiate the "immediate declassification" of selective portions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act application on former Trump foreign policy aide Carter Page, as well as "all FBI reports" prepared in connection with the FISA warrant request, according to statement Monday from White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Trump will slap 10% tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods — and they will go to 25% at year-end - President Donald Trump will put 10 percent tariffs on an $200 billion in Chinese goods, which will go up to 25 percent at the end of the year. The action heightens the trade conflict between the world's two largest economies. Trump is considering whether to put tariffs on more than $250 billion more in Chinese products.

If Trump slaps tariffs on more Chinese goods, U.S. shoppers will pay the price - President Trump’s threat to ramp up tariffs on Chinese imports takes direct aim at American consumers, who face the prospect of higher prices for thousands of Chinese goods from frozen fish sticks to vacuum cleaners. Shoppers could start seeing price increases on perishable Chinese food imports, including seafood, within days of implementation. Other prices might take longer to react, if they do at all. Trump — fed up with a U.S. trade deficit with China that reached a record $376 billion last year — has instructed aides to move forward with 25% tariffs on $200 billion worth of imported Chinese goods spread across 6,031 product categories, Bloomberg reported Friday. However, the announcement was delayed as administration officials consider revisions based on complaints by industry and the public. The list of goods currently includes can openers, pizza cutters, ice cream scoops and other basic housewares that Bradshaw Home Inc. in Rancho Cucamonga imports from China and sells to retailers nationwide, and prices for those products would head higher, said Brett Bradshaw, co-president of Bradshaw Home.

President Trump’s Four-Pinocchio complaint about the Maria death toll figures - in August, GWU released its report, estimating excess deaths at between 2,658 and 3,290, with a midpoint of 2,975, in the six months after the storm made landfall. The investigation, based on actual death certificates, compared the number of deaths with typical death rates, adjusting for many variables, including the mass exodus from the island in the aftermath of the storm. GWU said it counted deaths until February because people continued to die at anomalous rates long after the storm, as the island struggled with infrastructure failures and political infighting. GWU said that the poorer and older the resident, the higher the risk of death, especially among men older than 65. So the number might include an elderly person who died earlier than expected because there was a lack of electricity at home or health-care facilities. The study, in other words, purposely tried to avoid simply counting elderly people who “died for any reason,” as Trump claimed. GWU researchers said otherwise the count would be 16,608 between Sept. 1 and the end of February.

Trump Honors Only One Victim in Puerto Rico: Himself - The president sees the accepted death toll of nearly 3,000 as evidence of a political conspiracy against him. If you’ve stopped being surprised by the flagrancy of President Trump’s deceptions, you’re not alone. Yet the president’s effort on Thursday to deny the nearly 3,000 American lives lost in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria last year — and to accuse Democrats of inflating the death toll for political gain — should amaze even the most jaundiced Trump-watcher. Mr. Trump delivered his latest bit of mendacity with a one-two presidential Twitter punch: “3000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico. When I left the island AFTER the storm had hit, they had anywhere from 6 to 18 deaths. As time went by it did not go up by much. Then, a long time later, they started to report really large numbers, like 3000 …” “ … This was done by the Democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible when I was successfully raising Billions of Dollars to help rebuild Puerto Rico. If a person died for any reason, like old age, just add them onto the list. Bad politics. I love Puerto Rico!” Unsurprisingly, the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, took exception to the president’s boasting, tweeting: “This is what denial following neglect looks like: Mr. Pres in the real world people died on your watch. YOUR LACK OF RESPECT IS APPALLING!” This is what denial following neglect looks like: Mr Pres in the real world people died on your watch. YOUR LACK OF RESPECT IS APPALLING!

Anatomy of a Trump rally: 68 percent of claims are false, misleading or lacking evidence - More than two-thirds of every factual claim made by President Trump at two of his rallies turns out to be false, misleading or unsupported by evidence. In July, The Fact Checker examined every factual claim made by the president at a rally in Montana. He returned to Montana on Sept. 6, and we decided once again to put every statement of material fact to the truth test to see whether the July rally was an outlier. In July, 76 percent of his 98 statements were false, misleading or unsupported by the evidence. Last week the tally, out of 88 statements, was 68 percent. The average percentage for the two rallies was 72 percent.

Trump Wants Attorney General to Investigate Source of Anonymous Times Op-Ed - President Trump intensified his attack Friday on an anonymous Op-Ed essay published in The New York Times, declaring that he wanted Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the source of the article, which he has condemned as an act of treason. Mr. Trump said he was also considering action against The Times, though he did not elaborate. Prosecutors said it would be inappropriate for the Justice Department to conduct such an investigation, since it was likely that no laws were broken, while The Times said it would be an abuse of power. Speaking to reporters on Air Force One as he traveled to Fargo, N.D., Mr. Trump said, “I would say Jeff should be investigating who the author of that piece was because I really believe it’s national security.” The president has raged against the essay since The Times published it on Wednesday afternoon, setting off a frenzy of speculation in the capital about the identity of the author and prompting a parade of denials from cabinet members and other prominent officials in the Trump administration.

Trump blasts "gutless" staffer who criticized him in NYT op-ed - Does  the so-called “Senior Administration Official” really exist, or is it  just the Failing New York Times with another phony source? If the  GUTLESS anonymous person does indeed exist, the Times must, for National  Security purposes, turn him/her over to government at once! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 5, 2018

Anonymous Trump Administration Official Claims Staffers Are Working to 'Thwart' the President - An anonymous “senior official in the Trump administration” is  claiming to be part of a network of appointees and others who are  working to thwart President Donald Trump from inside his own White  House. In a New York Times  op-ed headlined “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump  Administration” and published Wednesday, the unnamed author wrote that  “many of the senior officials in his own administration are working  diligently from within to frustrate parts of [Trump’s] agenda and his  worst inclinations.”

Trump's Speeches Feature Mystery Men the White House Won't Name - Trump didn’t identify his supporter, and the White House won’t say who it is. Trade groups representing the largest U.S. businesses and CEOs have almost universally opposed Trump’s disruptive approach to trade. But the person fits a model: an anonymous figure -- important and powerful -- who invariably supports the president’s position, according to Trump himself. They are fixtures of Trump’s speeches, defying conventional wisdom and popping up to back the president on issues including prison reform and immigration, in addition to trade. In some cases Trump’s accounts are rebutted by the people he seems to describe. Key details change when he repeats the stories.

Trump blasts Sessions over investigations into GOP lawmakers - President Trump slammed Attorney General Jeff Sessions over criminal charges brought against two Republican congressmen in recent weeks, suggesting that the Department of Justice (DOJ) had endangered GOP hopes of retaining both seats in the November elections. "Two long running, Obama era, investigations of two very popular Republican Congressmen were brought to a well publicized charge, just ahead of the Mid-Terms, by the Jeff Sessions Justice Department," Trump tweeted.

White House Withholds 100,000 Pages of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Records - The Trump White House, citing executive privilege, is withholding from the Senate more than 100,000 pages of records from Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s time as a lawyer in the administration of former President George W. Bush. The decision, disclosed in a letter that a lawyer for Mr. Bush sent on Friday to Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, comes just days before the start of Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings on Tuesday. It drew condemnation from Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader. “We’re witnessing a Friday night document massacre,” Mr. Schumer wrote on Twitter on Saturday. “President Trump’s decision to step in at the last moment and hide 100k pages of Judge Kavanaugh’s records from the American public is not only unprecedented in the history of SCOTUS noms, it has all the makings of a cover up.”

Papadopoulos says Sessions supported Putin campaign meeting, asks for most lenient sentence - Convicted former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos has publicly contradicted Attorney General Jeff Sessions' sworn testimony to Congress, saying both Sessions and Donald Trump apparently supported his proposal that Trump meet with Vladimir Putin during the 2016 campaign, according to a court filing late Friday night. "While some in the room rebuffed George's offer, Mr. Trump nodded with approval and deferred to Mr. Sessions who appeared to like the idea and stated that the campaign should look into it. George's giddiness over Mr. Trump's recognition was prominent during the days that followed," Papadopoulos' lawyers wrote in a court filing Friday. Papadopoulos' legal team said that he has shared with special counsel Robert Mueller his recollections of the March 31, 2016, meeting.

Trump: DOJ, FBI Have To "Straighten Out" Or "I Will Get Involved"; "People Are Angry" - President Trump criticized the Department of Justice and FBI at a campaign rally Thursday night in Indiana. The president threatened to "get involved" but in the meantime, they need to "straighten out" and "start doing their jobs and doing it right."

Ohr says Steele told him Russian intel believed they had Trump 'over a barrel' - A Justice Department lawyer whose ties to the infamous dossier about President Donald Trump and Russia has drawn the ire of Republicans told House lawmakers that he was told Russian intelligence thought they had the then-candidate "over a barrel" during the 2016 campaign, a source with knowledge of the testimony told CNN.

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