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FOX News, News Organization or GOP Propaganda Wing

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Is FOX News A News Organization or The Propaganda Wing of The Republican Party?

Joe American

If Fox News is not the propaganda wing of the Republican party then why is it when a Republican gets in trouble the first place they run and hide is FOX news, because they know Fox will take it easy on them. Why would Fox News push the "We Built It" lie if they were not the propaganda wing of the Republican party.

How many times have we seen it a Republican is asked questions they don't want to answer or says the wrong thing then runs to FOX News so they can explain there side to a friendly ear. They know Fox News will not ask many if any at all hard questions or put them on the spot.

Fox News claims to be a news organization however they seam to more like cheer leaders for the Republican party, more times then not Fox News promotes the Republican party line and in some cases it seams as if they are the ones setting the Republican party line.

The "We Built It" is a good example of something has been proving to be taken out of context and yet Fox News is pushing it and it has become the Republican party line.

Why would Fox News ask the hard questions to Democrats and ask soft questions to Republicans were not the propaganda wing of the Republican party.

A true News Organization seeks truth above all else it does not side with one side or the other, the only side a true News Organization should be on is the side of truth, something that at times seams to be lacking at Fox News.

I wonder what Edward Murrow would say if he was asked if Fox News was a news organization or the propaganda wing of the Republican party.

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