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The president has issued threats to foreign countries, domestic corporations and an American state. Then, he retreated.

It’s just the latest unflattering headline for the controversial nominee.

The majority leader cares only for winning, not rules or democracy itself. He is doing more damage than Trump.
by Robert Reich

Tickets for the event allegedly started at $15,000 and went as high as $150,000.

They’ve made 18 extraordinary claims about what the special counsel concluded. Let’s see if they’re right.

Their unspoken reasoning: They’re doing it to protect Trump.

As Bill Barr's "summary" begins to unravel, a new picture comes into focus: Unindicted doesn't mean innocent

The attorney general had neutral ways to relay what the special counsel found. Instead, he’s being coy. It’s hard not to infer bad reasons from how he’s acting.

Legal experts and lawmakers say the attorney general is mishandling the special counsel's report.
His views match those of experts within the Department of Justice — just not the White House.

'Integrating climate science into everyday decisions is not just smart planning, it's an urgent necessity'

The resolution, passed Wednesday, also authorized the committee to issue subpoenas for documents and testimony from five current and former White House aides.

Who said America has “socialism for the rich” and “rugged individualism for the poor,” MLK, Jr. or Bernie Sanders?

The shooting outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco on May 17, 2015, involved rival biker gangs, the Bandidos and Cossacks

"This bill just truly confronts Roe versus Wade," said the Republican sponsor of the proposal.

The casino mogul and former Republican  National Committee finance chair was ousted last year after multiple  sexual misconduct claims from casino employees.

'It won’t happen!'

The proposed amendment to change the way presidents are elected won't become law anytime soon, but it will keep the issue in the 2020 conversation.

Whistleblower says at least 25 people were granted security clearances by White House after initial denials

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