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The Trump administration had filed an emergency request to keep the policy in place.

The vice president tries to rewrite history.

After  Fox News and Fox Business Network were forced to issue on-air  corrections about his claim that Trump’s job approval rating was 55  percent.

In recent weeks, the president has labored to reshape a federal government he feels is frustrating his agenda.

He is expected to announce his withdrawal from consideration in the coming days.

After spotting herself on a "Top Ten Wanted" list, Jones posted: "Do you guys do pickup or delivery??" Her message was followed by four emojis.

It’s a bad day for Trump’s favorite tabloid as American Media Inc. looks to sell the Enquirer and Jeff Bezos reportedly talks to prosecutors about his extortion and hacking claims.

It’s not that bad. Yet.

Analysis: Barr appeared to endorse a widespread GOP view that the Mueller probe may have involved inappropriate surveillance of the Trump campaign.

Even GOP allies of the president are distressed by the chaos unleashed on federal immigration policy.

The White House hard-liner is driving a more aggressive immigration approach.

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