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(CNN) - The White House has instructed a former official who was in charge of the security clearance process to not comply with a House subpoena demanding his appearance  for an interview, the latest move by the Trump administration to thwart  Democratic-led investigations into all aspects of the presidency. After a day of tense negotiations, the White House late Monday told the former official, Carl Kline,  who now works at the Defense Department, to not appear at Tuesday's  deposition, contending that Democrats were seeking access to  confidential information that should be off limits. The  move raises the prospect that the House Oversight Committee could seek  to hold Kline in contempt, a step that Chairman Elijah Cummings warned  Monday he would take. And it's the latest White House effort to  stonewall Democratic investigations, coming the same day the Trump  Organization filed a lawsuit to prevent an accounting firm from  complying with Cummings' subpoena for President Donald Trump's past  financial records.

Some lawmakers want to take on OPEC. Now they’re itching for Trump to get on board with an idea he backed before becoming president.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Monday vowed to be the "Grim Reaper" for progressive policies if Republicans hold on to the Senate in 2020. "If I'm still the majority leader in the Senate think of me as the Grim Reaper. None of that stuff is going to pass," McConnell said while speaking to community leaders in Owensboro, Ky. McConnell noted that if Republicans win back the House or President Trump wins reelection "that takes care of it." But he pledged that even if Republicans lose the White House, he would use his position as majority leader to block progressive proposals like the Green New Deal. "I guarantee you that if I'm the last man standing and I'm still the majority leader, it ain't happening. I can promise you," McConnell added.

In an interview about the Mueller report, Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, distorted the facts in repeatedly making the case that there was “no obstruction” by Trump.

The Trump administration will sharply accelerate its goal of driving Iran’s oil exports to zero, ending sanctions exemptions that it previously granted to some of the Islamic Republic’s biggest customers. President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from a 2015 nuclear accord with Iran last May and restored wide-ranging sanctions on the Iranian economy in November. At the time, his administration granted six-month waivers to eight countries that allowed them to continue importing limited quantities of crude oil from Iran. The market widely expected Washington to extend the waivers for five of the countries. However, the administration says that any country still importing oil from Iran will be subject to U.S. sanctions beginning on May 2.

Washington (CNN) - The House Judiciary Committee has served former White House counsel Don McGahn with a subpoena as part of its investigation into obstruction of justice, a move to bring in a key player with direct knowledge about President Donald Trump's efforts to undermine the Russia probe.
The Democratic-led panel authorized subpoenas  earlier this month for McGahn and four other White House officials as  part of its sweeping investigation into possible obstruction of justice,  corruption and abuse of power. But it waited until Monday to issue the  subpoena to McGahn, seeking documents and testimony from the former  White House counsel. The subpoena asks McGahn testify before the committee on May 21 and provide documents on three-dozen topics by May 7.  

As  he spoke, confused attendees at the Women Entrepreneurship Finance  Initiative could be heard asking each other in hushed tones what Graham  was talking about. While on a trip to Cote d'Ivoire last week to help Ivanka Trump promote women’s access to capital in Africa, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warned of religious wars with “radical ideology” that would be “hell on earth for women” if they are not “destroyed.” “It’s  the enemy of mankind, not just the United States,” Graham said, of the  theoretical invaders, according to a recording provided to The Daily  Beast.  “Some of our soldiers will be needed, but not a lot. Most of the  fighting will be done by people in the region. I promise you the enemy  will lose because very few mothers or fathers want to turn their  daughters over to ISIS, Al Qaeda or any other group.” As he spoke, confused attendees could be heard on the recording asking each other in hushed tones what Graham was talking about.

Larry Mitchell Hopkins has been described as the “commander” of the United Constitutional Patriots that has been detaining migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. A leader of a New Mexico militia that has been detaining migrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border said that the group was “training to assassinate George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama,” according to an FBI agent's sworn deposition describing reports phoned into the agency's public tip line. Larry Mitchell Hopkins, 69, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition and made an initial appearance in federal court in Las Cruces, New Mexico, on the charge Monday.

In his rollout of the special counsel’s report, Attorney General  William Barr painted the Trump White House as a willing participant in  all key respects during Robert Mueller’s nearly two year probe. "The White House fully cooperated with the Special Counsel’s  investigation," Barr said at an April 18 press conference prior to the  release of Mueller report. The report found the Trump campaign did not illegally conspire with  Russia. While Mueller declined to reach a legal judgment as to whether  the president obstructed justice, Barr and his deputy concluded Trump  did not.
But Mueller completed his report without the Trump White House’s full  cooperation — and Barr’s claim to the contrary is simply wrong. Not  only did Trump refuse an in-person interview and supply written  responses that Mueller found "inadequate," but the president also tried  on multiple occasions to shut down or curtail the investigation itself.

Removing the president from office is purely a political move, and it’s not the only tool at lawmakers’ disposal for dealing with impropriety.

(CNN) - One of President Donald Trump's picks to serve on the Federal Reserve Board has written that women should be banned from refereeing, announcing or beer vending at men's college basketball games, asking if there was any area in life "where men can take vacation from women." Stephen Moore, an economic commentator and former Trump campaign adviser, made those and similar comments in several columns reviewed by CNN's KFile that were published on the website of the conservative National Review magazine in 2001, twice in 2002 and 2003. In a 2000 column, Moore complained about his wife voting for Democrats, writing, "Women are sooo malleable! No wonder there's a gender gap." In another column in 2000, Moore criticized female athletes advocating for pay equality, writing that they wanted "equal pay for inferior work."

Washington (CNN) - President Donald Trump contended Monday that none of his underlings routinely defy his commands, despite numerous examples contained in Robert Mueller's report showing aides ignoring or refusing his dictates. "Nobody disobeys my orders," Trump said during a walkabout on the South Lawn for the annual Easter egg roll. He was questioned by CNN's Kaitlan Collins about whether he was worried some of his staff were shrugging off his requests, as depicted by Mueller, whose full redacted report was made public last week. The document contained anecdote after anecdote of aides refusing to carry out some of Trump's demands to short-circuit the special counsel's investigation. The trend was so marked the report's authors made note of it in their assessment.

President Trump and the Trump Organization are suing House Oversight and Reform Chairman Elijah Cummings to stop subpoenas for financial information from the president's businesses. Mr. Trump filed the lawsuit Monday morning in D.C. District Court, after Cummings authorized subpoenas for Mazars USA LLP, the president's longtime accountant, along with a few Trump entities. Mr. Trump, in a strongly worded complaint, claims Congress only has oversight power insofar as it relates to producing legislation. - Sorry Donnie that is their job oversite to protect America from crooks like you

Waste is enough a problem that it is part of an acronym used by the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: FWA,  for fraud, waste and abuse. In a training manual for employees, CMS  says with bold type and an exclamation point that "combating FWA is everyone’s responsibility!"

The White House policy aide has involved himself  in specific immigration cases and pressed to publicize more personal  information about migrants. The one-time Senate aide is a key architect of Trump’s tough immigration  policies — a controversial role affirmed when he helped engineer a  recent purge of Department of Homeland Security officials deemed too  soft on border security. Miller has helped shape several explosive Trump  actions, including an early 2017 executive order banning travel from  several Muslim-majority nations and Trump’s crusade for a Mexican border  wall. Most recently, he has backed an idea to relocate undocumented  immigrants to “sanctuary cities” within the U.S., a scheme that has been  described as political retribution by Democratic opponents.

After Democrats Surged In 2018, Republican-Run States Eye New Curbs On VotingAfter high turnout in last year's midterm elections propelled Democrats  to a new House majority and big gains in the states, several  Republican-controlled state legislatures are attempting to change  voting-related rules in ways that might reduce future voter turnout.

Washington (CNN) - The State Department is set to announce all countries that continue to import Iranian oil will be subject to US sanctions, The Washington Post reported on Sunday. Secretary  of State Mike Pompeo will announce Monday morning that as of May 2,  countries importing Iranian crude or condensate will no longer be  granted sanctions waivers by the State Department, two department  officials told the newspaper's columnist Josh Rogin, who is also a CNN  political analyst.

Sheriff restricts officer to administrative assignments after video sparks outrage

For the first time in years, lawmakers are seriously discussing the issue.

Special counsel Robert Mueller painted a damning picture of the Trump administration, even as he handed the president a victory on the central issue of collusion with Russia. The Trump White House, as portrayed by Mueller, revolves around an impulsive and angry president who issues orders that underlings often defy, ignore or seek to delay. The depiction will enrage a president who fixates on the concept of strength and is hypersensitive about any suggestion that he is not in absolute control of his administration.

Conservative CNN host. S.E. Cupp on Saturday said that special counsel Robert Mueller's report showed that President Trump is "unfit to lead," but added that Congress should refrain moving to impeach him.

The  grown-ups who protected Trump and us, from Trump’s worst instincts, are  gone now. The president, who thought Mueller was the beginning of the end, is about to really begin. Trump, convinced he alone outwitted the deep state, is now unleashed to  be a purer version of himself. He will listen even less to his aides,   except the most servile, like the recently appointed Attorney General  William Barr who followed directions perfectly with his No Collusion, No  Collusion Summary of the Mueller Report, stopping just short of his  boss declaring it “bullshit.”

Trump’s  pal is destitute paying to defend against charges he lied about  WikiLeaks. Now he’s being hounded by an antifa who doesn't want him and  the Proud Boys in town.

(CNN) - The  FBI has arrested a member of an armed militia that had detained  hundreds of migrants at the border this week, the New Mexico attorney  general's office said Saturday. Larry  Mitchell Hopkins, 69, is a member of an armed group that had reportedly  detained migrants near Sunland Park, New Mexico, state Attorney General  Hector Balderas said in a statement. Hopkins  -- also known as Johnny Horton Jr. -- was arrested on felony charges of  being in possession of firearms and ammunition, according to a statement from the FBI's Albuquerque field office.

Special counsel Robert Mueller painted a damning picture of the Trump administration, even as he handed the president a victory on the central issue of collusion with Russia. The Trump White House, as portrayed by Mueller, revolves around an impulsive and angry president who issues orders that underlings often defy, ignore or seek to delay. The depiction will enrage a president who fixates on the concept of strength and is hypersensitive about any suggestion that he is not in absolute control of his administration.

As president, he tried to control the investigation and fire Mueller. As a candidate, he appeared to know what WikiLeaks planned, ordered Hillary’s emails to be found, and more.

The special counsel’s findings validate the concerns of anyone who feared how Donald Trump would wield presidential power. Mueller’s report cataloged dozens of behaviors from Trump and his advisers—from sharing internal campaign polling data and strategy with a suspected agent of a foreign power to repeatedly lying to the public to systematically seeking to thwart investigations—that would have inspired volcanic eruptions of outrage from congressional Republicans and the conservative-media infrastructure if perpetrated by a Democratic president.

These are the highlights of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report

The central question about the Trump-Russia matter remains unanswered.

More than two dozen times, Trump’s answers to Mueller included phrases “I can’t remember” or “I do not recall.”

Even with redactions, Mueller’s report is clear Trump undermined the Russia investigation.

A California couple who beat, tortured and abused 12 of their 13 children for years were sentenced to life in prison during an emotional hearing that included testimony from some of the victims.

'Why in the world would you want to put your enemy on the payroll?' said one adviser close to the White House.

Mueller laid out the evidence for members of Congress to take action against President Trump. Will they?

The Mueller report, with some redactions, was released on Thursday.

After  the Justice Department released a redacted version of the special  counsel’s report on Thursday, Times reporters shared excerpts and  analysis.

His strategy to spin first and release later left many questions unanswered and raised the specter of a cover-up.

The document will be provided to lawmakers only after a press conference about it by Attorney General William Barr.

Congress  reasserted its constitutional power over declaring wars. Trump called it  an attempt to “weaken my constitutional authorities.”

The  18-year-old, who prompted a massive manhunt in Colorado, appears to  have drawn pictures of guns and knives and written about plans she was  making.

"We're just praying every day. Every day is a blessing."

The  C.F.P.B. was created to protect Americans from predatory lenders after  the financial crisis. President Trump’s new chief of staff took it apart  on his way to White House.

Sol Pais, 18, drove to Colorado and allegedly made threats, authorities said; Columbine High and 19 other schools were placed on lockout.

A  white supremacist ran down and killed a young black man in Oregon has  been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for  28 years

A 1989 memo Barr wrote summarizing the “principal conclusions” of a D.O.J. ruling apparently left out several of those principal conclusions.

Those close to Mueller’s team say there was “immediate displeasure” over Barr’s characterization of the special counsel’s findings—particularly on the obstruction question.

The freshman congresswoman was mentioned 3,181 on Fox News and Fox Business Network over a six-week period

Want an impeachable offense? Trump covered up the last Russian attack and seems to be begging for another

The  intel committee’s top Republican and top Democrat have been openly  fighting for more than a year. But there’s one thing they agree on: They  need to hear from Robert Mueller.

The president also goes after Pelosi, saying she has 'lost all control of Congress.'

Her  statement followed an announcement by House Speaker Pelosi that she has  taken steps to ensure the safety of the Minnesota Democrat.

Trump has done things that make Bill Clinton’s wrongs look like a high-school date in the malt shop. His party doesn’t care.

The GOP changed the rules to polarize the federal bench, but that will come back to haunt Republicans.

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