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Satire Headlines

Relations Break Down Between U.S. And Them

Bush Reveals Foreign Policy Was Stunt For Mtv's "Jackass"

US to Stabilize Iraq, Install New Brutal Dictator

World Record, 3.1 Million Arrested For Downloading Woman's C Drive

Greenspan urges investment shift into foodstuffs, ammo, big dogs

Ghost Offers Booze To Tourists

Refuse to Energy Perpetual Commotion Machine

Iraq Destroys Missiles; Bush: "I Don't Give A Shit"

Bush Resignation Hailed by World Leaders

An Interview with Senator John Kerry's Hair

More Troops Needed To Force J. Lo To Marry Ben

2 Years After 9/11, US $500 Billion More Secure

Circus Freaks Losing Audience To California Race

Gephardt May Have Found His Eyebrows

France Reluctantly Offers to Save America's Ass...Again

Horse Racing - Could It Work For Cows ?


White House teleprompter refuses to let Bush mention Bin Laden

Shock Ending to Ronald McDonald Case

Osama bin Laden Mini Series Receives Academy Award Nomination

Record Company's New Money Spinner

Is It Time for Them to Go?

4 out of 5 Dentists prefer fondling patients to sugarless gum

Martha Stewart Prosecutor awakes to find boiled bunny with a saffron demi-glace'

General Satire

22 Minutes

American Feed Magazine
Archivelist Backwash Magazine
BBspot Broken Newz
Celebrity Ink Comedy Ave
ChickenHead CRACKED Online
Dan Sroka's Gagpipe BETA
Google GupSup
HCI Parody Site Internet Weekly Report
Murderize.com Satire magazines links
Satire Search Saucers.com
Ship of Fools SlashNot
Starr's on Broadway The Parody-Pages
The Stacked Deck The Toque
The Urban Legend magazine The World Bunk

News Satire

AsGoodAsNews.com Bogus Headline
Breaking News Comedy Zine.com
Daily Hog Open Directory Satire Links
The Brains Trust The Blue Brick
The Daily Feed The.Daily Probe
The Hammer.ca Untrue News

Political Satire

3 A.M. BushOnCrack.com
DeadBrain Humor Is Dead
Littlespeck.com Madeleine Begun Kane
PoliSat.Com Political Humor

Sports Satire

Commentary and opinions from around the world
The Peanut Gallery
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