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"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech," said Benjamin Franklin.
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Spin or Dismiss This!
Joe American

Can Bush spin, or dismiss Katrina like he spun then dismissed Iraq and OSAMA bin Laden? It's been fairly easy for Bush and his administration up to now spinning the lies while dismissing the truth. It was easy to spin the war in Iraq it's so far away, but Katrina is in his own backyard and the failure to help the people of New Orleans in is in all the papers. Bush will have a hard time spinning the facts as he and his administration sees them or rather how they would like us to see them. Has anyone seen a Weapon of Mass Destruction let alone Weapons of Mass Destruction? Or how many times we killed Saddam Hussein during the war? Has fighting in Iraq protected us from terrorist? He claimed his big tax gift to business and the rich boost the economy and the war is over wrong on both counts. They have put a big drain on the budget and has caused him to reduce funding to other areas, robbing Peter to pay Paul. The money he gave away would come in handy right to support his war, help the people who affected by Katrina, shore up our infrastructure and help in the war on terror. Didn't he claim to support the Geneva Convention while to tried to find was to get around them? I think our Soldiers took the hit for that one. 9/11 happened on Bush's watch, the Patriot Act is a smoke screen for his failures, his administration and his use of our Intelligence agencies.

Bush and his administration can't tell the truth if their life depended on it, however they may be able to tell the future. Using bogus intelligence information they claimed that Iraq was a threat to our nation security. It was not at the time however it has become just that. Bush's war and his big tax gift has cause him to undercut many programs designed to protect us and our infrastructure. His war in Iraq has help increase the cost of gas, which has had negative affect on our economy. His use of the National Guard to fight his war in Iraq has put our country at risk. The Army and National Guard are not unlimited resources they have limits. We our spending unnecessary resources fighting in Iraq, resources that could be use to fight the War on Terror, protect our homeland and help the citizens affected by Katrina. Tell me again how fighting in Iraq is going to help us in the fight on terror or protect us from terrorist and make us safer? Has Bush really made it safer for us? NO.

The war in Iraq has put a crimp in our ability to fight the war on terror and to protect our citizen at home. The run up to the war in Iraq has put serious strain on relationships with our allies and may cause our enemy's to arm themselves with nuclear, chemical or biological weapons out of fear they maybe next. It is the job of the National Guard to protect our cities not the Army. Was it failures of the government to protect us from 9/11? Did his tax gift reduce funding to programs designed to protect us? Did his war in Iraq cause him to reduce funding to programs designed to protect us? Does the war in Iraq reduce our Homeland security? Does the war in Iraq reduce our ability to fight the war on terror? Did the war in Iraq reduce the National Guards ability to protect the citizen affected by Katrina? Yes on all count but you hear that from them. Was Iraq used as a distraction for the Bush administration's failure or complicity in energy crisis, maybe? Did Bush ever say what happen to Weapons of Mass Destruction, no? Did you see a boost in the economy from his tax gift, no? When the news is good Bush will have plenty to say, when the news is bad you'll get few if any words out of his mouth or your be dismissed. If don't believe me ask him about the Iraq and no WMD, or when is he going to get OSAMA bin Laden, or when is going to fire the person who outing an America CIA agent.

- Dismissed

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