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Stephen K. Bannon a Leninist and Trump Minion

Stephen K. Bannon Leninist and Trump Minion is doing whatever he can to help Donald J. Trump win reelection and make money while screwing the American people.

Kevin Johnson | USA TODAY

Attorney General Merrick Garland made no commitment to prosecute former Trump adviser Steve Bannon on contempt of Congress charges, telling a House committee Thursday that the Justice Department would "apply the facts and the law." Garland's testimony came just before the full House voted to hold the former Trump strategist in contempt for refusing to comply with a subpoena issued by a select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. more...

By Rob Kuznia, Scott Bronstein, Drew Griffin and Curt Devine, CNN

(CNN) It was a blockbuster story. A respected Chinese virologist appeared on Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News in mid-September to share the results of her just-completed report. The conclusion: The novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19 was likely engineered in a Chinese lab. On Carlson's show, she claimed it was intentionally released into the world. Then, its validity began to unravel. The publication of the paper by lead author Li-Meng Yan -- an ex-patriot from China seeking asylum in the US -- was quickly linked to former White House adviser Steve Bannon, long a strident critic of China's government. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security -- a leading authority on the pandemic -- criticized the science behind the report, and pointed out that Yan and her co-authors "cite multiple papers in their reference section that have weaknesses or flaws." more...

By Geoff Earle, Deputy U.s. Political Editor For Dailymail.com

Associates of a dissident Chinese billionaire made cryptic posts about 'three hard disks' about Hunter Biden which would cause 'a big money and sex scandal' almost two weeks before their release, it emerged Friday. An online post – which mentioned 'videos and dossiers' – appeared to anticipate the release of the cache of potentially damaging information about Joe Biden's son that first appeared in the New York Post this week. And on Friday a Dutch journalist revealed that Steve Bannon had boasted on September 28: 'I have the hard drive of Hunter Biden.'

In an outtake from Nieuwsuur posted by journalist, Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal, Bannon was asked 'what's on it?' and replied. 'You'll see. Stand by. Stand by. stand by.'  Both developments were reported by the Daily Beast.  The posts raise new questions about the origins of the information about Joe Biden's son that has rocked the presidential election with details of Hunter's business dealings in Ukraine; demands for more than $30 million in China; selfies including one with an apparent crack pipe; and a claim that the laptop contains a 'sex and drugs' video of the 50-year-old father of five. more...

Pilar Melendez

Steve Bannon was arrested Thursday off the coast of Connecticut aboard a mega-yacht owned by business associate and Chinese billionaire fugitive Guo Wengui. He was indicted in New York on Thursday for allegedly using the viral “We Build the Wall” fundraising campaign to siphon off money for personal expenses. The notoriously anti-China populist, who has also railed against the “global elites,” was arrested by inspectors from the U.S. Postal Service while cruising Long Island Sound in the $28 million vessel Lady May. Just the day before his arrest, Bannon appeared to host a podcast episode from the yacht and even interviewed We Build the Wall’s founder Brian Kolfage to promote the fundraiser. more...

Trump’s ex-adviser was arrested on Thursday for allegedly defrauding donors to ‘We Build the Wall’ campaign
Victoria Bekiempis

Former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon pleaded not guilty on Thursday hours after being arrested on a luxury yacht for allegedly skimming donations from an online fundraising campaign for the president’s controversial border wall with Mexico. Using a non-profit organization that he controlled, Bannon “received over $1m from the ‘We Build the Wall’ online campaign, at least some of which he used to cover hundreds of thousands of dollars in [his] personal expenses”, federal prosecutors in New York allege.

Wearing a white face mask, and looking sunburnt, Bannon appeared briefly in a federal court in downtown Manhattan just after 4pm ET, and his lawyer entered a not guilty plea. Bannon was arrested at about 7.15am ET on a yacht off the coast of Connecticut, it was said in court, and he was brought to New York city several hours later.

After his court appearance, Bannon was released on a $5m bond, backed by $1.75m in cash or real estate. He has until 3 September to get this collateral together. He emerged from the court building in the early evening and spoke briefly to the waiting reporters and photographers, saying: “This entire fiasco is to stop people who want to build the wall,” before getting into a waiting SUV. more...

Hannan Hussain

In an interview on April 30, former White House chief strategist and known far-right nationalist Steve Bannon emerged from the fringes and criticized China's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. "The Chinese Communist Party is going to have to pay," said Bannon. "I think the world's going to hold them in judgment, and that judgment is not going to be very pretty. They owe trillions, if not tens of trillions of dollars," he added.

The irony doesn't end here. Steve Bannon has a history of mounting sensational offensives against Beijing, from castigating a diplomatic consensus during the U.S.-China trade deal to backing unsubstantiated U.S. intelligence reports that are still at a loss for any concrete data. Back in 2017, he was one of the most vocal proponents of an economic war with Beijing, pushing the White House to be "maniacally focused" on such hostilities because to him "the economic war with China is everything." Hence, last Thursday's comments must be seen as an extension of that deeply politicized anti-China animus that Bannon has helped champion within the Trump administration's corridors and has used to develop his so-called acumen for U.S. foreign policy. more...

By David Brennan

A Chinese state-backed newspaper has claimed that the Thursday arrest of Steve Bannon—the former chief strategist to President Donald Trump—on fraud charges reveals the "true nature" of the administration with which Beijing is grappling. Global Times—owned by the People's Daily newspaper, which is the official publication of the Chinese Communist Party—published an article about Bannon's arrest on Friday, asking whether the ultimate goal of the administration is "politics or business?"

Chinese state media has been at the forefront of Beijing's confrontation with the U.S., which has been supercharged by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Trump and his Republican allies are now pushing for a broad decoupling with China, while even his Democratic opponents are also expressing their desire to contain Beijing. more...

Masked and handcuffed, President Trump’s former chief strategist was arraigned on charges of fraud.
Russell Berman

Shortly after 4 p.m. this afternoon, the sunburned visage of Steve Bannon popped up on a projector screen inside the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Courthouse in Lower Manhattan. President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist was sitting in what appeared to be a holding cell in lieu of a courtroom, wearing an open-collared shirt, a white mask, and handcuffs.

Hours earlier, federal agents had arrested Bannon on a yacht off the coast of Connecticut and brought him to New York City, where a grand jury had indicted him for a scheme to defraud donors to a crowdsourcing campaign that raised more than $25 million in private money to build a section of Trump’s southern-border wall. Prosecutors allege that Bannon and three co-defendants each took hundreds of thousands of dollars from the group, known as We Build the Wall, for their personal use, despite assuring the public that the money would all go toward the wall. more...

Blake Montgomery

The FBI is probing a Chinese billionaire’s funding of a slew of media production efforts, including the hiring of former White House adviser Steve Bannon as a consultant for a million dollars in 2018, The Wall Street Journal reports. The bureau has reportedly been looking into Guo Wengui, a former property tycoon who fled China in 2014, for more than six months. more...

Steve Bannon’s out, loud and proud racism is at the very core of the so-called ‘Western Civilisation’.
Hamid Dabashi

In a daring, bold, and defiant move Steve Bannon – the racist white supremacist adviser (until very recently) to the democratically elected president of the United States – told a gathering of likeminded French racists: “Let them call you racist. Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativists. Wear it as a badge of honour. Because every day, we get stronger and they get weaker.” This is not a revelation. This is a confession, a public admission of otherwise private convictions.  Steve Bannon and his ardent supporters in the US and France and rest of Europe are racists and are proud of it. Let the world take note of this.

According to Steve Bannon, a major component of US and European societies – a component that in his estimation is getting stronger – believes that they are white and that whites are a superior race. They think their race is being threatened by blacks and all other coloured people they have invented. And they think it is time to go out and declare this prophetic mission openly and proudly to attract more followers and put us all, Jews and Gentiles, Muslims or otherwise, all coloured people of the world, if not in concentration and internment camps then at least in our right place as the inferior races – so we know who is the boss, and which one is the master race. Steve Bannon is the heart of racist America. He is the heart of racist Europe. He is the very heart and mind of the very foundation of what they call “Western Civilisation,” which has never had anything but racist contempt for the world. more...

The ousted White House chief strategist is back at Breitbart News, and he’s planning to make mischief.
Rosie Gray

In firing Steve Bannon, President Trump has lost his chief ideologue, the man who channeled his base and advocated for the populist-nationalist policies that helped propel Trump to victory. But he has gained an unpredictable and potentially troublesome outside ally who has long experience running a media organization, and an even longer list of enemies with whom he has scores to settle both outside the administration and inside. “Steve is now unchained,” said a source close to Bannon. “Fully unchained.”

“He’s going nuclear,” said another friend. “You have no idea. This is gonna be really fucking bad.” Bannon had in recent days mused about leaving, according to people who have spoken with him; he has expressed to friends that he feels the administration is failing and is a sinking ship. And last week, he told people in a meeting that he would have 10 times more influence outside the White House than inside it. more...

The former Trump strategist has spent the past year trying to bolster far-right parties on the Continent—with little to show for it.
Yasmeen Serhan

“I think you do a very dirty job in Europe,” Bernard-Henri Lévy, the French philosopher and author, told Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, during their debate yesterday at the Athens Democracy Forum. “All these movements which you are trying to help, they are not so happy with it.” The debate, moderated by the New York Times journalist Roger Cohen, is among several appearances Bannon has made across Europe over the past year in his quest to create a movement aimed at supporting nationalist, anti-establishment parties ahead of the European Parliament elections in May.

Yet after all that time, Bannon has little to show for his efforts. Though many far-right parties have made significant gains, further establishing themselves as permanent fixtures on the European political stage, the far-right surge that was expected didn’t come to pass. (This was reaffirmed in subsequent elections across the Continent, where although some parties underperformed, they at least demonstrated their relatively high electoral floor.) “We are winning,” Bannon nevertheless insisted in his combative back-and-forth with Lévy, referring to far-right parties in Italy, France, and Britain. “We are going to win.” more...

After two months of wound licking following his exile from the White House, Trump's former chief strategist is courting far-right nationalists all over Europe
Allison Kaplan Sommer

He was unceremoniously fired from the White House last summer and managed to lose a safe Senate seat for the Republicans, yet Steve Bannon somehow managed to style himself as a triumphant hero when he attended a nationalist rally in France this weekend. After two months of wound licking following his exile from the White House, dismissal from Breitbart News and being branded a traitor for his fierce words in the Michael Wolff tell-all book “Fire and Fury,” U.S. President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist grabbed headlines Saturday with his speech to the French far-right National Front congress, which was brief but designed to pack a punch.

“Our populist-nationalist movement in the United States is maybe 10 to 15 years old,” Bannon told his French audience, after being introduced by party leader Marine Le Pen. “We are here to learn from you. But I can tell you one thing after going all over the world and observing this. In Japan, and Korea, the Middle East, to Kansas and Alabama, history is on our side. And the biggest reason is the globalists have no answer to freedom. Let them call you racist, let them call you xenophobes, let them call you nativists. Wear it as a badge of honor. Because every day we get stronger and they get weaker.” Bannon lavished praise on the party members gathered in the northern city of Lille, telling them they were “part of a worldwide movement that’s bigger than France, bigger than Italy, bigger than Hungary, bigger than all of us.” more...

Natalie Nougayrède

Don’t be fooled by Bannon’s split with Trump. He’s leading a Trumpian onslaught to undermine European democracy itself. Steve Bannon is on a mission. President Trump’s former chief strategist has visited Europe twice in the past four months, touring several capitals. He has been spreading the gospel of the “national populist revolt”, and he sees Europe as fertile ground for his global crusade. Maybe there is some truth in that. Italy’s current politics are a gift to him. But he has also been applauded by audiences in Prague, Budapest and France. Have we been paying enough attention?

It’s easy to dismiss Bannon as an isolated maverick, a man who was chucked out of the White House last August before being fired by Breitbart in January. It’s also tempting to see his activities as being mainly aimed at the Anglosphere: reaching out to US audiences and Brexiteers, rather than to the old continent. It’s even possible that he is trying to grab the attention of one man and one man only: Donald Trump – to get back into his good graces. more...

By Mark Hosenball

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Attempts by former White House adviser Steve Bannon to export President Donald Trump’s brand of populism to Europe are on the rocks, according to several of his current and former political partners in Italy and Belgium. After Bannon was charged with fraud for his role in an effort to raise money to help build Trump’s wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, two people working with him said an effort to found an academy for right-wing Roman Catholic activists in Italy faces a criminal inquiry by the Rome criminal court and a project aimed at ending the European Union has closed up shop.

After helping guide Trump to his 2016 election victory, Bannon served for seven months as the White House chief strategist. He briefly returned to his former employer, the right-wing Breitbart News, but later stepped down. Then he turned his sights on Europe, where he has both tried to establish what his Italian partner calls an “academy for the Judeo-Christian West” at an Italian monastery and to promote right-wing parties skeptical about the European Union. Bannon and his spokeswoman did not respond to multiple requests for comments about his activities in Europe. As adviser to Trump, Bannon helped articulate the “America First” right-wing populism and fierce opposition to immigration that have been hallmarks of the president’s time in office. more...

Janet Burns

Citing a cache of leaked internal documents, an expose by BuzzFeed News has sought to connect the dots on how the alt-right's leading site has been pooling racist, sexist, and/or white nationalist ideals (and, at it happens, seemingly endless cracks about masturbation). On Thursday, BuzzFeed News’ Joseph Bernstein published the results of a massive investigation into the strategic and ideological inner workings of Breitbart News, and particularly the actions and opinions of former Trump adviser and Breitbart executive Steve Bannon and former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

Based on internal emails and documents from the company, the expose reveals how Bannon, Yiannopoulos, and a large cast of other Breitbart players and employees worked to develop and advance an agenda that embraced tactics, values, and assistance from neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups, among others. In his roles as Breitbart voice and Bannon surrogate, BuzzFeed reported, Yiannopoulos in particular sought input and content from white nationalists and neo-Nazis, but also collaborated with like-minded (if previously more low profile) members of the media and business communities. more...

“Bannon sees the Pepes as kind of like trolls, and not like the Nazis like Richard Spencer and David Duke,” said one person who spoke to Bannon. “Everybody’s kind of struggling with it.”
By Tina Nguyen

Hunkered down for his first television interview since he left the White House, an unkempt Steve Bannon succinctly outlined the populist-nationalist mission of Breitbart News. “Our purpose is to support Donald Trump [and] to make sure his enemies know that there’s no free shot on goal,” he told 60 Minutes host Charlie Rose last week. Those enemies include a familiar list of Breitbart targets: establishment lawmakers like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the G.O.P. swamp; undocumented immigrants protected under DACA; the liberal media; White House “globalists” such as Gary Cohn, and so forth.

But the biggest danger to the president and to Breitbart may be their fellow travelers on what Bannon once called “the alt-right,” as became especially clear after Charlottesville. And Bannon was itching to distance himself from the white supremacists, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis that have rallied under Trump and supported his agenda. “They’re getting off a free ride off Donald Trump. They’re getting a free ride,” he exploded, his eyes red, calling them a “small,” “vicious group” that “add[s] no value.” As he condemned them, though, he took a characteristic swipe at the media for continuing to blur the lines between racial extremists and his movement. “I don’t need to be—I don’t need to be lectured—by a bunch of—by a bunch of limousine liberals, O.K., from the Upper East Side of New York and from the Hamptons, O.K., about any of this.” more...

Lenin predicted war — Bannon will start one

Steve Bannon’s background reads like someone historians will ponder deep into the future — if there are historians or such a thing as history to be had after he’s done with us. A working-class kid turned Wall Street banker who made millions off the T.V. show Seinfeld, a filmmaker in his own right and propagandist who served as a midwife to the radicalization of the U.S. right, he is both wretched and fascinating. One of the more thought-provoking facts about Bannon — his description of his politics to the conservative ex-Marxist historian and writer Ronald Radosh in 2013.

“‘I’m a Leninist,” Bannon proudly proclaimed, according to Radosh’s 2016 piece in The Daily Beast. “Lenin,” Bannon said, “wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” “Bannon was employing Lenin’s strategy for Tea Party populist goals,” Radosh commented. “He included in that group the Republican and Democratic Parties, as well as the traditional conservative press.” This story has been told a lot now, but few that relate it note that Radosh was raised in the Communist Party and would — conceivably — know if Bannon were just talking out of his ass. His response and Bannon’s subsequent actions in Donald Trump’s White House indicate that Bannon wasn’t speaking lightly. more...

President Trump has named Stephen Bannon, former head of Breitbart News and Trump adviser, to the National Security Council. I am outraged that an admitted enemy of the state is the closest adviser to our new president and has a seat in the room hearing our most secret national details! Aren’t you? Steve Bannon, chief strategist and senior counselor to the president, is an admitted Socialist Communist. In late 2013, Bannon proudly proclaimed to a reporter for the Daily Beast, “I’m a Leninist. Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” For those who do not know their history, a quick trip to the Encyclopedia Britannica provides this insight:

Mr. Lenin was “founder of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks), inspirer and leader of the Bolshevik Revolution (1917), and the architect, builder, and first head (1917–24) of the Soviet state. He was the founder of the organization known as Comintern (Communist International) and the posthumous source of ‘Leninism,’ the doctrine codified and conjoined with Marx’s works by Lenin’s successors to form Marxism-Leninism, which became the Communist worldview.” more...

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