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On Bush's Watch
Some of the things he has done and
some of the things that have happened on Bush's watch.

"Seeking liberty and truth above mendacity!"
Read it then discuss it in the Forums.

"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech," said Benjamin Franklin.

If Bush was a Democrat do you think he could have been as bad a President and not have been impeached, no he would have been impeached long ago but only if he was Democrat. Republicans claim there is a media bias against them, there is a bias but it not against them, it is against the Democrats if you don't believe then just think for a minute the Republicans tried to impeach Clinton over and Affair. So far on Bush's watch Bush has disobeyed hundreds of our laws, 9/11 happened, Prisoner Abuse, the Jack Abramoff scandal, no bid contracts in Iraq, billions wasted In Iraq, missing weapons in Iraq, Domestic Wiretaps, the sale of our ports, started the war in Iraq on lies and misinformation without completing the war in Afghanistan, Opium production in Afghanistan has risen every year since Bush went to war in Afghanistan, Justice Officials Repeatedly Broke Law on Hiring, High treason in the outing of a C.I.A , failed to catch Bin Laden and no WMD's in Iraq need we say more.
150,000 Iraqis have been killed by insurgents since the U.S.-led invasion - For every person killed about three have been wounded in violence between 03/2003 and 11/2006
$80M Believed Wasted in Iraq Police Training Camp
9/11 Facts and Information
9/11 - failed to use intelligence information available before 9/11. Information that terrorist might use air planes to attack as been around for some time, I believe since the mid to late 90's. 4 planes highjacked around the same time should have raised a flag somewhere.
Abu Ghraib Offender's Return to Iraq Is Stopped
Abu Ghraib Prisoner abuse scandal focuses on Bush foundation. The possibility the White House may have sanctioned prisoner abuse.
Afghan Govt. Won't Spray Poppy Crops - opium production from poppies in Afghanistan last year rose 49 percent to 6,700 tons.
Afghan 'threat to wider region' - the forgotten war.
Afghanistan: High on Opium, Not Democracy - Afghanistan has harvested its biggest opium crop ever and billions in drug profits are financing the Taliban all thanks to the Bush's failure to secure Afghanistan.
Afghanistan: Despite Billions Spent, and Lives Lost, Opium Trade Thrives and Fuels Insurgent Attacks
Afghanistan's Drug Boom
Afghanistan's Latest Drug Report: The Hidden Story
Afghanistan's soaring opium production threatens to wreck efforts to rebuild the country after years of war
AG Gonzales Criticizes Judges for Terror Rulings says judges generally should defer to the will of the president and Congress when deciding national security cases, raps jurists who "apply an activist philosophy that stretches the law to suit policy preferences. - if they defer to the will of the president and Congress there would be no separation between the three branches as our forefathers set fourth. Isn't he the one who stretched the law to suit Bush’s policy on torture and the Geneva Conventions?
Al Qaeda's Strength 'Undiminished' in Iraq Despite U.S. Assertions, Terrorists Thriving in Iraq, Senior Military Official Says. What people forget is Iraq was better off before Bush went war in Iraq, they did not have to deal with daily bombings and civil war as they do now and al Qaeda was not in Iraq on the scale that it is now. So does that make Saddam a better leader since he was able to keep al Qaeda out and Bush's failures let them in?
All in the Family: Fathers, Daughters and Political Investigations
American Disgrace? Wounded Troops May Face Medical Neglect - after reports that many face neglect in the Army's medical system.
Army's top general warned that his force "will break" - without thousands more active duty troops and greater use of the reserves.
Attacks on the right of free speech. Republican's are attacking anyone who disagrees with them. Tell the truth or disagree with the Bush administration or the Republican agenda and you will pay the price. Republicans have attacked a woman because she would like to know why her son died. If we went to war in Iraq over lies then it is more noble to question why our troops our dying in Iraq than it is to let them die Iraq. First Bush said Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction and was a threat to America, then it was for the people of Iraq, now it's because God told Bush to invade Iraq. White House denies Bush God claims Our Troops should be home protecting our homeland and fighting the war on terror not dying in Iraq over lies. Bush's "If not your not with us not with us your against us" is a direct attack on the right to free speech. I do not have to agree with you nor you with me, but to attack me because I disagree with you is not American it more like communism or a third world country.
Attempting to suspend parts of the Geneva Convention is not in the best interest of our solders it gives other counties the right to suspends parts of the Geneva Convention as they see fit.
Attorney General's Office Accused of Firing Attorneys for Political Reasons - White House Counsel Harriet Miers Wanted All 93 U.S. Prosecutors to Resign in 2004. Some of the attorneys have suggested they may have been removed because they did not aggressively pursue investigations of Democrats.
Baath Party Says They'll Retaliate With Attacks Against U.S. Interests anywhere in the world If Saddam is Hanged
Battlefield breakdown: The full price of war in Iraq
Bin Laden In Pakistan Establishing New Camps
Blunt Hired Consultant Who's Also Indicted, the man who replaced Delay.
Britain's Walking Iraq Casualty - U.K. Will Remember Tony Blair For One Thing — Joining President Bush's Unpopular War
British worry US approach to Afghanistan will play into Taliban's plans - Britain also at odds with Pentagon over lack of US cooperation in friendly-fire inquests.
Budget - Turned a Budget surplus in the Highest Budget deficit on record - cause by Fiscal Indiscipline, policy failures, war in Iraq and the tax gift to the rich.
Bush Aides Facing Subpoenas Over Firings
Bush Aides Helped Respond to Firings, E-Mails Show. Justice officials told lawmakers that a total of eight U.S. attorneys had been fired, testimony and documents shown that the number of those removed was actually nine, and that a total of 30 were considered for dismissal
Bush Administration Downplays Reports of Pending Decision to Close Guantanamo
Bush administration officials be prosecuted for 'war crimes'
Bush administration ordered Changes that may leave state children without HUSKY coverage

Bush administration proposes cutting 1.5 million acres from Northwest forests considered critical to the survival of the northern spotted owl

Bush administration diluted scientific evidence of global warming, one of its former high-ranking officials has admitted.
Bush administration: Ex-CIA prisoner shouldn't speak to attorney
Bush Administration has run a systematic campaign to play down the dangers of climate change, demanding hundreds of politically motivated changes to scientific reports and muzzling a pre-eminent expert on global warming
Bush administration made plans for war and for Iraq's oil before the 9/11 attacks
Bush administration ‘pressured’ Scientists to play down climate risk
Bush administration official is under the gun for allegations of improper behavior in office.
Bush administration will fight to keep meatpackers from testing all their animals for mad cow disease. A federal judge ruled in March that such tests must be allowed. Once again the Bush administration sides with business while screwing the American public and puting our health at risk. What kind of people are these who would not allow complete testing for mad cow disease?
Bush admits to CIA secret prisons
Bush Again Picks Veteran of Father's Era
Bush ally stung by new charge and questions on favors for lobbyist
Bush and Cheney at the Center of a Leak Campaign
Bush and his cronies are showing America in the worst possible light they subvert the justice system and never see the inside of a cell
Bush attempts to defuse torture row
Bush Authorized NIE Leak - The real issues are was intelligence information roasted over a fire, did the leak cost a CIA agent her cover and what will be the cost of the Iraq war?
Bush authorized the dissemination of secret intelligence - The leak was to try and protect his butt and may have cost a CIA agent her cover. Is this not the act of High Treason where is the Republican outcry? Norman where are you?
Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran. Has Bush not learned from his failures in Afghanistan and Iraq now he wants to start messing with Iran. If war does break out with Iran how does he expect to fund it since spent all our money with his tax breaks and his war Iraq, who does he expect to fight it our troop are already stretched to the breaking point in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Bush bans Rove from testifying under oath - if he plans to tell the truth he should go on the record and under oath. We know how honest and forthright the Bush administration has been would you trust him not under oath, hell no
Bush Blocked Eavesdropping Program Probe - President Bush personally blocked a Justice Department investigation of the anti-terror eavesdropping program that intercepts Americans' international calls and e-mails
Bush budget scraps 9,790 border patrol agents President uses law's escape clause to drop funding for new homeland security force. - He is going to put up a 700 mile fence to protect 2000 miles of the border leaving 1300 miles open. Grated it will stop someone who stays the course and does not have the common sense to change course and go under, over or around. It would stop Bush but would it stop anyone else? Would it stop you if you?
Bush, Chertoff Warned Before Katrina
Bush compares U.S. wars in Vietnam, Iraq
Bush commutes Libby's 30-month jail. Another example of the Bush administration acting as if it's above the law or payback for his part in Plame affair.
Bush, Congress clash over ports sale - Lawmakers want to halt UAE takeover; Bush threatens veto. Dubai firm sells US ports to AIG
Bush creates loopholes in laws he doesn't like - a violation of the constitution and a danger to democracy. No man is above the law not even Bush.
Bush's cuts
Bush Cut $3.2B from education - For second straight year, president's budget plan would slash ed-tech funding leaving the poor behind.
Bush cuts the cord on poor women and their babies
Bush defends declassification of intelligence report - Bush will always defend his position even when he is wrong. He may have a right to declassify intelligence's as he sees fit, but he does not have the right to out a CIA agent and put an agent's life at risk for political gain.
Bush defends phone call database - A phone number can be matched to persons at an address, which can be linked to a social security numbers, with that information any transaction involving the person, the address or the social security numbers can be tracked. They're Mining Gold In Them Their Phone Numbers.
Bush denies Iraq in civil war, stands firm on 'mission' - he also thinks the war is over and hungry Americans are not hungry. No matter how hard Bush tries to spin it Iraq is in a civil war.
Bush Directive Increases Sway on Regulation - the executive order allows the political staff at the White House to dictate decisions on health and safety issues, even if the government’s own impartial experts disagree. This is not in our best interest. This administration has lied to us about Iraq, suppresses Evidence Of Climate Changes? Do you really think we can trust them to do what is best for America hell no we can't

Bush's Easy Commute fuels speculation that others at the White House helped coordinate the leak of Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA officer.

Bush Education Cuts Take from Poor, Disabled & Immigrant Students
Bush's education law leaves children behind - Not a single state will have a highly qualified teacher in every core class this school year as promised by President Bush's education law.
Bush Exaggerates Tax Cuts - The President can't keep his figures straight. And most people are getting less than he implies. How much did you get?
Bush to Explain a Bin Laden Terror Plot. If Bush had not attacked Iraq then there would be no terror plot in Iraq. They say you reap what you so, however Bush does not our soldiers and their family's do.
Bush faces widespread opposition in Latin America
Bush: FBI 'needs fixing' - was it the FBI or was it the Bush administration?
Bush faults Pelosi over her trip to Syria, says the House speaker is potentially undermining policy, however a weekend visit by GOP lawmakers drew no comment.
Bush Gives Swift-Boat Donor Sam Fox Recess Ambassador Appointment - Is Bush playing him back for more than $1 million to Republican candidates and causes or his $50,000 contribution to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (lies) that help kill kerry's campaign.

Bush Hails Verdict As Milestone For Iraq - Hopefully it will be better for Iraq than it was for us when you claimed the war is over. Do you know where is OSAMA bin Laden?

Bush has disobeyed hundreds of our laws - President Bush has disobeyed more than 750 laws asserting that he has the power to set aside any statute passed by Congress when it conflicts with his interpretation of the Constitution. No man is above the law not even the President.
Bush helps Libby, but hurts himself
Bush insists N. Korea agreement was a good deal - "strongly disagreed" with former UN ambassador John Bolton and others who insist that the agreement was a bad deal.
Bush Invokes Executive Privilege to Deny Congress Testimony From Former White House Aides. More B.S. from Bush, if Bush was acting in good faith he would not be invoking Executive Privilege, however if you have something to hide then I guess you would invoke Executive Privilege.
Bush Insists Al Qaeda in Iraq Threatens U.S. Al Qaeda is in Iraq becuase of Bush's war in Iraq. Before Bush's war in Iraq how many attacks were credit to Al Qaeda in Iraq?
Bush: Libby pardon still possible. "This decision ... sends a signal that if you have friends in high places then you can get out of serving jail time," said Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch
Bush's long history of tilting Justice. The Bush's administration began skewing federal law enforcement before the current U.S. attorney scandal, says a former Department of Justice lawyer.
Bush Meets With NATO Chief at Texas Ranch to ask for help in Afghanistan If Bush had not invaded Iraq would he need help in Afghanistan?

Bush's Medicare drug-plan mess

Bush administration Misleading and Inaccurate Public Statements
Bush Mute on Civil War in Iraq - President Avoids Phrase, as Critics Question Future of Iraqi Leadership
Bush Official Broke the Law. This is not the first time and with this administration this will not ne the last time. High Treason - The outing of an America CIA agent is High Treason Libby went to jail, Rove, Bush and Chenny got a pass.
Bush officials misled public on global warming
Bush ordered his top anti-terrorism adviser to look for a link between Iraq and the attacks, despite being told there didn't seem to be one.
Bush Orders Expands Role for National Intel Chief - Updated intel rules may erode CIA authority; GOP lawmakers protest over being kept in dark.
Bush pardons 16, commutes sentence in drug case
Bush Plan Would Withhold Terror Evidence - How can someone mount a defense if they can't see evidence against? How do they protect themselves against lies and made up evidence? Remember this is the administration that made up the case for war in Iraq, outed a CIA agent, and has in the past lied. What happens when they don't like you and put you in their crosshairs?
Bush: 'Perhaps Somebody in the Administration' Outed CIA Operative Valerie Plame Bush said he would fire anyone in his administration found to have publicly disclosed the identity of Plame. Bush said he would fire anyone in his administration found to have publicly disclosed the identity of Plame instead he commuted the sentence of the only person convicted in the outing a C.I.A.
Bush Policies Cost Some Americans their Jobs
Bush Pronounces CIA Leak As Old News Not Worth Discussing Despite a long history of denouncing leaks, Bush declined to express any disappointment in the people who worked for him and who were involved in disclosing the name of a CIA operative. If an act of high treason is not worth discussing what is?
Bush: Putin Has "Derailed" Democracy. That's like the pot calling the kettle black. Bush derailed democracy when he invaded Iraq. The world said no to the invasion Bush said I don't care and invaded Iraq anyway. Bush's first strike policy has restarted the cold war.
Bush ready to fight lawmakers on U.S. attorney firings flap - arguing that such testimony violates executive privilege. Is Bush Nixon II?
Bush refuses to comply with subpoenas sent by House and Senate committees requesting documents about the firing of several U.S. attorneys. Do Bush and Cheney really believe they are above law or this the only way they protect their butts? When we as Americans put an end to this B.S.?
Bush Rips Democratic Lawmakers' Failures. What about his own failures I guess he forgot the war in Iraq is not over, his people outed a C.I.A. agent and by the way where is OSAMA bin Laden?
Bush said the unruly execution of Saddam Hussein "looked like it was kind of a revenge killing,"
Bush says feds can open mail without warrants - no they can't it is illegal it goes against the IV amendment of the bill of rights the right against unreasonable searches and seizures. Our we still in America? Bush's America is not the America our four fathers created or wanted?
Bush Says His Iraq Policy Needs More Time to Work. How much time does he need? Didn't Bush say the war was over over 4 years ago. He asks us for more time but refused to give to U.N. more time to find the WMD's if he had of waited or planned it right the first time he would not need to ask for more time.
Bush Says Iraq Enemy Is Far From Being Defeated, Vows Not to Be Rushed Into Adjusting Strategy - so the war is not over then as Bush claimed over 3 years ago.
Bush Says Israel Has the Right to Defend Itself From Hezbollah - He also said we had to attack Iraq to defend ourselves from Iraq's WMDs. How many innocent people must suffer and die for a nation's right to defend itself from a fake threat and WMD that don't exsits?
Bush Says Missile Defense No Threat to Russia. When Russia put missiles in Cuba we did not like it, do we really expect them to just say ok put your missiles in?
Bush Says Politics At Work In Inquiry. It was Politics that started so maybe Politics will end it.
Bush sells US shipping ports to Middle East
Bush signs nuclear deal with India - Critics have said the measure undermines efforts to curb the spread of nuclear weapons and technology and could spark a nuclear arms race in Asia.
Bush sticks to ethanol amid political battles. - using ethanol will increase the cost of corn and corn related products such as corn syrup used as a sugar substitute in pop and other products and increase the cost of feed for cows which will increase the cost of meat.
Bush's Support of Gonzales affirms power play - from bypassing laws to holding prisoners without trials, to forbidding Congress from seeing information, to asserting its own interpretations of the Geneva Conventions.
Bush Talked Privately About Attacking Iraq Two Years Before 9/11
Bush Talks About Iraq, Saddam Execution - wished the execution of Saddam Hussein "had gone in a more dignified way."
Bush Tax Cuts: Troops in Iraq Face Pay Cut - Imminent danger pay: $225 per month, but is scheduled to drop to $150 a month. Family separation allowances: $250 per month, but scheduled to drop to $100 per month.
Bush's Tax Cuts - A Comprehensive Assessment of the Bush Administration?s Record on Cutting Taxes
Bush Tax Cuts Big Gain For Rich Very Little For The Poor and Middle Class
Bush Tax Cut Failed To Boost Stock Prices
Bush’s Tax Cuts How Much Have Cost YOU?
Bush Tax Cuts No Correlation Between and Job Creation, Report Shows - "By cutting taxes on income, we helped create jobs," President Bush he also said the war was over.
Bush Tax Cut: One Year Later - his tax cuts will require future taxpayers to cover the long-term deficit, which the his tax cut significantly exacerbates.
Bush Tax Cuts Reduce Employment
Bush Tax Cuts Widen US Income Gap - As Congress works out final details, levy reductions heavily favor the wealthy, already big gainers in the 1990s
Bush to Explain a Bin Laden Terror Plot. What he forgets to tell you is if he had not attacked Iraq then there would be no terror plot in Iraq and maybe the war in Afghanistan would be over and OSAMA bin Laden might have been caught be now. They say you reap what you so, however Bush does not our soldiers and their family's do.
Bush touches chord with hit on CEO pay - 'Average Joes' stung by corporate wrongdoing, breach of trust.
Bush Undercut New Orleans Flood Control to pay for the his tax cuts and his war in Iraq. The money had to come from somewhere, however people and infrastructure should be the last to cut. People and infrastructure are what hold a country together without happy people you have unrest without sound infrastructure you have disaster.
Bush urges 15 nations to set global emissions goal however the Bush administration has registered its opposition to a number of approaches to combat global warming and has diluted scientific evidence of global warming

Bush urges resolve on Iraq war. The president makes a comparison to the Revolutionary War and says he will not withdraw troops before conflict is won. The war in Iraq can not be won that's why the first Iraq war ended the way it did. Bush needs to read Sun Tzu his war in Iraq is putting America at risk by stretching our armed forces past the breaking point. If another conflict breaks out with Russia, China, North Korea or Iran we won't have the troops to fight it.

Bush Uses Recess Once Again to By Pass Congress to Fill Envoy Post and 2 Others - once again the person he picked would not have pass the smell test so he sneaks them in back door. Remember John Bolten?
Bush uses veto on stem cell bill - the only bill Bush veto's in five years was one that would help people. Bush claimed "It crosses a moral boundary that our decent society needs to respect", so Bush has taken the high moral ground to let people suffer and die. A decent society would be doing all it could to help it's people for it is the people who make the society.
Bush voices full support to embattled attorney general. He did the same thing for Rumsfeld.
Bush vows swift end to FBI lapses - US President George Bush has pledged to put an end to the FBI lapses that led to information on the US public being obtained unlawfully.
Bush Warns Dems to Take Offer in Firings - Bush Warns Democrats to Set Aside Partisanship and Accept White House Offer in Attorneys Probe. Wasn't it partianship that started this mess? The Bush motto "Do as we say not as we do". Can we trust them with the truth.
Bush Warns U.S. Congress Against Touching His War Budget
Bush was set on path to war, memo by British adviser says
Bush: 'We can win in Iraq' Didn't they believe that about vietnam.
Cash meant for Iraqis 'misused'
Censorship Allegations Dog NOAA and the Commerce Dept.
Cheney 'Authorized' Libby to Leak Classified Information - Will Bush fire Cheney or Rove? Remember his promise to remove from office anyone involved in the leak. The outing of a C.I.A agent is an act of treason and a threat to National security.
Cheney has become the Administration's enemy within

Cheney in the eye of secrecy storm. Cheney has ordered the Secret Service to destroy visitor logbooks at his official residence, and he refuses to disclose the names or size of his staff. Are Cheney and Bush are above the law?

Cheney's Power Grab: Says White House Rules Don't Apply to Him. Do Bush and Cheney Believe they are above the law?

Cheney says US law doesn't apply to him. Cheney's office tried to abolish the National Archives' office after catching him circumventing the system for overseeing classified documents.

Cheney stonewalls national security agency
CIA Got Legal Cover From Torture Charges - 2002 Justice Department Memo Told Agency That "Good Faith" Protected Its Interrogators From Prosecution
CIA's Harsh Interrogation Techniques Described - Sources Say Agency's Tactics Lead to Questionable Confessions, Sometimes to Death
CIA leak probe looks at Cheney writings
CIA rejects criticism of 9/11 attacks intelligence
CIA runs secret terrorism prisons abroad. East Europe 'has secret CIA jails for al-Qaida'
CIA Official's Home, Office Searched
CIA warned of risks of war in the Mideast
Classified Information Leaks
Conflicts of interest a presidents interest should not be the rich or business but what is best for the country. His tax gift to the rich and business increased the National debit and fatten the wallets of people who's wallets are already fat, while giving chump change to the rest of us.
Congress And The Interior Department Investigate Whether The Bush Administration Undermined Federal Protections
Congress could pursue contempt charges for Bush
Congress Demands Phone Records Answers - "The NSA stands for Now Spying on Americans." said Rep. Edward Markey of Massachusetts
Congress fury over spying database - "If this Congress does not rein in the President and his administration now, there is no telling how far it will go."
Congressman Jefferson Probe Leads to Crisis in Nigerian Government
Contractors and Cash Under Congressional Investigation - stacks of cash, some filling entire transport crates, are pictured alongside grinning contractors in Iraq. When will they investigate the Bush administration who gave then the no bid contracts?
Corruption by the Numbers - Iraq has sunk to the bottom of the list, ranking among the worst three of the 163 nation states surveyed.
Covert propaganda on the American people to promote his policies.
Delay indicted in campaign finance probe. Delay indictment represents significant blow to Republican Party.
Democrats advance new theories for Libby commutation Bush commuted the prison sentence White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby in order to protect other administration officials.
Democrats chide Bush over port security delays. Senators accuse administration of bungling ID card plan for workers
Democrats rip Cheney on national security filings and for trying to abolish a government office that safeguards national security information
Dictator Who Ruled Iraq With Violence Is Hanged for Crimes Against Humanity - Will Saddam's execution help or will it cause more terrorist acts in Iraq and around the world? Will Saddam become a martyr? In death will Saddam be the threat to America Bush made him out to be?
DOJ Official Ignored White House Guidance
Education Cuts Take from Poor, Disabled & Immigrant Students to pay for his war in Iraq and his tax gift to the rich.
Election fraud - to be the leader of freedom and democracy we can not tolerate election fraud.

Enron and Energy Crisis - failed to act in a timely fashion or complicity. When California asked for help from the federal government Bush refused. Enron and the DOT.COM crash shows the need for more regulation not less.

Ex-CIA Official Faults Use of Data on Iraq- So the C.I.A didn't do it. The C.I.A took the hit for the bad intelligence and lost a valuable asset in the process to cover the lies.
Ex-Inspector: Politics Quashed Facts - Book Claims U.S. Stifled Truth About Iraq 'Bioweapons Trailers'
Failed to protect our troops by lack of equipment such as full body armor to go to war in Iraq.
Failed to secure Saddam's weapons after the war has given the terrorist more weapons to harm more of our troops.
FBI Data Mining Program Raises Eyebrows in Congress
FBI director blames agency, not Patriot Act, for abuses
FBI issued more than 140,000 "National Security Letters" between 2003 and 2005 without showing probable cause or prior judicial approval to obtain potentially sensitive information about U.S. citizens and residents.
FBI Spies On 30,000 Citizens A Year Using 'Patriot Act'
FBI was told to blame Anthrax scare on Al Qaeda by White House officials
FBI Violated Patriot Act Guidelines
Feds refusing FBI terror cases - Prosecutors declined to bring charges in 131 of 150, or 87 percent, of international terrorist case referrals from the FBI.
Fed Wants More Authority to Spy on You
FEMA's Brown Was Warned Early of Shortages
FEMA officials say they were caught off-guard by numbers of people
FEMA ordered to resume Katrina payments - A federal judge ordered the Bush administration Wednesday to immediately resume making housing benefits available to thousands of victims of Hurricane Katrina
Former Bush surgeon general says he was muzzled. "Anything that doesn't fit into the political appointees' ideological, theological or political agenda is ignored, marginalized or simply buried," Dr. Richard Carmona
French Intelligence Service Knew of al-Qaida Plot to Hijack Planes in Early 2001, and it Passed the Information On to the CIA. What did the C.I.A do with the information? Is why Bush didn't want a investigation into 9/11
Frists' HCA Now Under Investigation by SEC
GIs Petition Congress To End Iraq War - More Than 1,000 Military Personnel Sign Petition Urging Withdrawal
Gonzales Aide to Take Fifth About Prosecutor Firings
Gonzales Contradicts His Own Testimony. Recently Released E-Mails Show Attorney General's Involvement in Attorney Firing Talks
Gonzales Says Firings Were Justified - from the guy who tried to bypass parts of the Geneva Convention to protect the Bush administration.
Government Monitoring About 200 Million Americans' Calls - Qwest, has refused to turn over its records, citing legal concerns, while Gen. Michael Hayden, the president's pick for the next CIA director, has defended the eavesdropping program.
Guantanamo Inmates Despair of Ever Leaving
Guantanamo Prisoner Says Strikers Force-Fed
Guilty plea expected in Pentagon spy probe
High Treason - The outing of an America CIA agent is High Treason where is Norm, where is the Republican outcry? Remember when it first came out Bush promised that if anyone in his administration did it they would be fired. Bush's boy Rove and Cheney's boy Lewis "Scooter" Libby did it. Cheney may have had a hand in it did Bush? Yes he did.. They have not been disciplined let a lone fired The main players in the CIA leak case. US CIA case reporter will testify. Rove Ordered to Talk Again in Leak Inquiry. Reporter turns over notes in CIA leak case. Rove May Again Testify in CIA Leak Investigation. CIA Leak: Karl Rove and the Case of the Missing E-mail
House GOP leaders neglected to protect pages
House Panel Investigates Bush's Climate Science Manipulations
Illegal campaign contributions to President Bush's reelection campaign.
Illegal war in Iraq - If the reason we went to war in Iraq was based on lies and Saddam was not threat and had noting to do with 9/11 Iraq then war was an act of aggression on a Sovran state. If it because Saddam used gas on his people in the 80's then we should also be held accountable we sold him the gas.
Illegal FBI Spying on American Citizens
Illegal spying on US citizen - Are they spying on you? Are you one of 200 Million Americans?
Illegal wire taps nixed
Intelligence report blow to Bush's war on terror - the truth will always win out over lies, to bad the republics don't know that yet.
Iraq's a mess - yep Bush is a war president just not a very good one.
Iraq insurgency now financially self-sustaining-NYT
Iraq torture 'worse after Saddam' - thanks to Bush's failure to secure Iraq.

Iraq war breeding more terrorists report 16 different US spy services - White House 'strongly disagrees' with spy agencies' assessment, but then they think the war in Iraq is over.

Iraq War - Anger over the war in Iraq is fueling Muslim radicalism, and the dispersal of terrorist cells around the world poses a greater risk of attacks on the US, according to excerpts of a National Intelligence Assessment. - ``The president says that fighting them `there' makes it less likely we will have to fight them `here,''' she said. ``The opposite is true. Because we are fighting them there, it may become more likely that we'll have to fight them here.' - Jane Harman
Iraq War Facts and Fiction - The use of bogus intelligence and "cherry-picking" intelligence information to start an illegal war. Putting American lives at risk, reducing homeland security and our ability to fight the real war on terror. Bush's so called coalition of the willing was more a coalition of the threaten or bribed. When you pay someone with money or low interest loans to help you that's a bribe. If you threaten to stop the loans or other money that's a threat. Alienating our Allies in his quest for war will not help us win the war on terror. You can't piss off people then expect their full cooperation. We need help from our allies to help in the fight on terrorist, no nation can go it a lone. We need our Allies to stop terrorist before they get into our country. Bush wants to force democracy on another nation, forced democracy is not democracy no matter how well you spin it.
Iraq War Forever Alters D.C. Landscape - Four years into the Iraq war, about the only thing that has not changed is President Bush's insistence the fight can be won.
Iraqi doctors are under threat and fleeing the country.
Iraqi Civilian Deaths at New High - 3,709 Iraqi civilians were killed in October 2006.
Iraqi Police Officer Death Toll Climbs To 12,000 Since 2003 U.S.-Led Invasion
Iraqis say they are worse off now than before the war as fear dominates lives
Jack Abramoff admits to kickbacks and fraud - where is out cry from the Norm Coleman and Republicans. They yelled, screamed and jumped up and down about the U.N. Oil food program scandal and called for Kofi Annan to resign.
Jack Abramoff: Commentary and archival information about Jack Abramof f from the New York Times
Jack Abramoff Describes Relationship With President Bush
Jack Abramoff had close contact with Bush team.
Jack Abramoff-lobbying probe 11th conviction in
Jack Abramoff's Plea Agreement re: Fraud in Florida in connection to his part in the take over attempt of SunCruz Casinos from the late owner and founder Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis, who was killed shortly after the transaction but before his was paid. Adam Kidan one of Jack Abramoff partners in the buyout and Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis was at odds over the sale of SunCruz and the fact Gus had not been paid.
Jack Abramoff's Plea Agreement re: US v Jack Abramoff
Jack Abramoff Reports to Md. Prison - he could hold the key to a sweeping corruption case involving Congress, members of the Bush administration and their aides.
Jack A bramoff Reports to Prison - "six to eight seriously corrupt Democratic senators" and an ever larger number of Republican members of Congress.
Jack Abramoff raised more than $100,000 for the Bush-Cheney. - Bush to Give Up $6,000 of $100,000
Jack Abramoff scandal - The House That Jack Built, How Jack Abramoff bought Congress
Jack Abramoff says he met Bush "almost a dozen" times
Jack Abramoff: The Pimping of the Presidency
Jack Abramoff used Norquist to distribute funds
Jack Abramoff - Wikipedia
Judge Rules Bush Domestic Wiretap Program Violates Civil Rights, Orders End to NSA Wiretapping - “The president of the United States has undisputedly violated the 4th Amendment in failing to procure judicial orders.” - Judge Taylor
Justice Dept. Would Have Kept 'Loyal' Prosecutors - E-mails Contradict Sworn Testimony. Aide Recommended Retaining 'Bushies' And Top Performers. Sounds like politics to us.
Justice Department audit says politics affected hirings probe Finds Top Aides' Improper Hiring Practices Broke Federal Law.
Justice Department's Politically Connected Immigration Judges Unlikely to Face Consequences
Katherine Harris - the top election official in the state and co-chaired the Bush for President Florida operation in 2000, sounds like a conflict of interest. She retained ChoicePoint to remove felons from the voting rolls, ignoring complaints for years that the firm had continuously removed legitimate voters, ones who often had ethnic names.
Katrina - once again failed to act in a timely fashion. Forced to use the army on American soil after depleting the National Guard to fight in Iraq. Bush reduce funding meant to provide protection against this kind of disaster. Scathing Katrina Report
Karl Rove, Gonzales discussed firings, e-mails show - Rove says Democrats "want to play politics" with the issue. The Bush administration played politics when he fired the attorneys.
Karl Rove raised questions in early 2005 about replacing some federal prosecutors but allowing others to stay
Klan growing, fed by anti-immigrant feelings - Historically, the Klan's focus had been to terrorize African-Americans -- through race riots, lynchings and other killings.
Lawmakers Criticize Video of Hussein’s Final Minutes - the White House has declined to criticize the execution.
Libby blamed for leak to protect Rove
Libby, former aide to Cheney, sentenced to 2 1/2 years and fined $250,000
Libby Found Guilty On Four Counts
Libby lied to protect job, boss, jurors told
Libby: My 'superiors' authorized leaks - how low will they go to protect their lies. The outing of a C.I.A is an act of treason and a threat to our National security. Will anyone in Bush administration be charged with this crime?
Libby said he first learned of CIA agent from Cheney, then forgot - will Cheney and/or Rove be charged for outing a C.I.A. agent? He should be.
Libby testifies Bush authorized intelligence leak
Libby Trial exposes White House crisis machine
Libby trial reveals White House secrets - White House official tried to block a CIA leak investigation.
Libby Verdict: There's Still a Scandal Here - Who Faked the Documents on Niger?
Loyal to Bush but Big Thorn in Republicans’ Side
Marijuana 'top cash crop in US'
Michael Scanlon Abramoff `Backroom Guy,' Points Probers at Republicans DeLay of Texas and Representative Robert Ney of Ohio.
Michael Scanlon - Jilted fiancée plays role in Capitol Hill scandal. Scanlon once wrote in an e-mail published in "The Breach," a book by Peter Baker about the impeachment of President Clinton, "This whole thing about not kicking someone when they are down is B.S., Not only do you kick him — you kick him until he passes out — then beat him over the head with a baseball bat — then roll him up in an old rug — and throw him off a cliff into the pound surf below!!!!!". As they say what goes around comes around, should he be kick, beat with a bat and thrown off a cliff or just sent jail?
Michael Scanlon Plea Agreement
Michael Scanlon - Wikipedia
Ministers launch petition to stop Bush library - believe that the linking of his presidency with a university bearing the Methodist name is utterly inappropriate.
Mondale rips Cheney for giving bad advice to Bush - says Cheney has bullied federal agencies and given absurd advice about the nation's risk and Iraq.
NATO: We Killed Too Many Afghan Civilians - Alliance Vows To Reduce Number Of Civilian Casualties In Fight Against Taliban
National Security - once again failed big F. 9/11 happened on Bush's watch. Failed to capture OSAMA bin Laden. Failed to secure Saddam's weapons. The outing of an America CIA agent High Treason. High Treason is an Impeachable offense, Bush should be Impeached. Putting our nation and armed forces at risk fighting a war under false pretenses, while alienating our friends and consolidating our enemies against us. Highest Budget Deficit on record and still going up.
Neoconservatives decry execution of Iraq war - A leading conservative proponent of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq now says dysfunction within the Bush administration has turned U.S. policy there into a disaster.
'No Child' loophole misses millions of scores - if they are not counted do they not count?
Nonprofits may be ensnared in lobbyist scandal - including one of President Bush's biggest supporters, may have broken tax laws and put their tax-exempt status at risk by helping convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff,
North Korea to Close Reactor in Exchange for Raft of Aid
NSA has records of billions of US phone calls, including calls made within the United States
Nuclear Lab Breach Could Be 'Devastating' - Data Found In Drug Raid Contains Weapons-Design Secrets.
OSAMA bin Laden - failed to capture him. How long has it been? When is the last time you heard Bush mention him?
Pakistanis Aided Attack in Kabul, U.S. Officials Say
Pentagon Employee Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy Charges
Pentagon Falsehoods about 'Heroes' Challenged. Pat Tillman's Family, Jessica Lynch to Testify in Congressional Hearing.
Pentagon’s Hidden Hand
Pentagon Probe Concludes Some Pre-War Intelligence Work Inappropriate but Legal
Pentagon Probe faults Pentagon's `alternative' intelligence
Pentagon Probe Finds Efforts To Link Saddam And Al Qaeda Were Wrong But Not Illegal
Pentagon says Tillman's death mishandled
Plame Attorneys Target Bush Officials and Libby in Next Chapter of CIA Leak Saga - Round Two Set to Begin in CIA Leak Saga
Plame: "It was a terrible irony that administration officials were the ones who destroyed my cover"
Plame: Leak Intended to Discredit Wilson - At Congressional Hearing, Plame Says Her Identity Was Leaked to Discredit Her Diplomat-Husband
Plame: Leak severely hurt U.S. intelligence - "has jeopardized and even destroyed entire networks of foreign agents."
Plame Testifies in CIA Leak Hearings - CIA Officer at Center of Career-Ending Leak to Tell Congress Her
Plame: The Spy Who Came in From the Cold…Unwillingly
Plame to Tell Her Story Before Congress - CIA Officer at Center of Career-Ending Leak to Tell Congress Her Story
Plamegate explained - how the Bush administration deals with people who tell the truth about their lies.
Prisoner Abuse - Rumsfeld allowed Guantanamo abuse and our solders went to jail for it
Powell: US army almost broken
Putin Blasts U.S. for Its Use of Force, Encouraging Others to Acquire for Nukes
Putin: U.S. Pursuing "Imperialist" Policy Says Tests Of Missiles Were Response To U.S. Plans For Missile Defense
Putin warns Europe becoming ‘powder keg’
Real Security Act of 2006 makes defense of nation reflect lessons of 9/11 - killed by the GOP who claim they will protect us better than the Democrats however posting Iraqi nuclear bomb documents on Internet is not the way to protect us.
Red Cross details 'unbearable suffering' of Iraqi civilians
Rendition Trial Puts U.S. On Hot Seat Drawing attention to U.S. treatment of suspects
Republicans abandoning Bush
Republicans Bars Medicare Talks for Lower Drug Prices - protecting business profits while screwing americans.
Republicans Beat Up on Bush After Speech. Prominent Republican Congressmen Take Shots At the President on Iraq, Energy, Health Care.
Republicans blocked consideration of 35 bills - Bush and the Republicans continue to block bills that would help the average American while passing bills that help and protect the rich then bliam the democrate for not passing any bills, who side are Republicans really on? Not the average American and not America's but the side of th rich.
Republicans block Iraq war debate - a resolution opposing President George W Bush's decision to send extra troops to Iraq has failed to advance in the US Senate, dealing a blow to war critics.
Republican senator challenges Bush on war powers
Republican Ney sentenced to jail - former Republican congressman linked to disgraced former lobbyist Jack Abramoff has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for corruption.
Robert Gates Rumsfeld's Replacement - Iran-Contra figure, regime-change enthusiast, alleged intelligence manipulator.
Rove's ex-aide would talk if given immunity. She is willing to tell Congress what she knows about contacts between White House officials and disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff
Rove Linked to Prosecution of Ex-Alabama Governor
Rove Was A Source For Plame Story says Robert Novak
Row after al-Qaeda suspect escapes
Rumsfeld faces lawsuit for alleged war crimes in Iraq
Russia invades Georgia after Georgia invades South Ossetia
Russia may stop implementing a key defence treaty because of concerns over US plans for a missile shield in Europe - the new cold war a product of Bush's policies
Russia's missile fears - when Russia put nuclear missiles in Cuba did we stand for it? No we did not. So why would anyone in there right think Russia would stand for it
Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that US plans to build a missile defence system in eastern Europe would raise the risk of "mutual destruction".
Russian Relations In Doubt, Gates Says - U.S. Assessing Need For Aid in Georgia.
Russia tests long-range missile. Has Bush restarted the cold war with his attack on Iraq and first strike policy.
Russia's treaty threat irks Nato
Saudi Arabia calls Iraq war "illegitimate occupation" accuses Bush administration of putting Iraq at risk of a civil war and trying to unilaterally write the future of the Middle-East - one of America's closest Arab allies even if most of the 9/11 highjackers came from there. Yep Bush is doing a wonderful job Not.
Scandals Alone Could Cost Republicans Their House Majority
Scientists protested Web site nuclear data - Scientists at a U.S. weapons lab complained more than two weeks ago the government shut down on Thursday, The New York Times. Who else may have seen this information?
Senate committee blames Bush for slow response to Katrina
Senate Regrets the Vote to Enter Iraq - ABC News Survey Shows That Knowing Then What It Knows Now, 2002 Senate Would Vote Against Giving President War Powers. Does that make them
Senate to Look at Improper FBI Spying
Senators blast FBI chief for failures
Senators question FBI's Patriot Act powers
September 11 Intelligence Failures - Jokes, cartoons, and satire about intelligence failures leading up to Sept. 11, including jabs at the CIA, FBI, and the Bush administration.
Sex, drugs, gifts uncovered in government oil probe
State of Disunion: Republicans Beat Up on Bush After Speech - Prominent Republican Congressmen Take Shots At the President on Iraq, Energy, Health Care
Storm Over Ports: Who's Behind the Dubai Company in US Harbors?
Supreme injustice of ruling appalling. Racial diversity is required in schools to achive social diversity and diversity in the work place. How can you race as a means to achieve racial diversity if you can't use it tto fix the problem?

Supreme Court OKs retail price fixing by manufacturers overturning a nearly century-old rule of antitrust law that prohibited retail price fixing. the 15th ruling this year that benefits business and corporations by shielding them from lawsuits and legal claims. Like we said before they are taking us backwards back to the time of the robber barons and segregation. The new Supreme Court no longer a safe haven for the people but a wet dream for business and a nightmare for the people. We thought it was we the people not we the corporations, I guess we were wrong.

Supreme Court Ruling Likely to Further Segregate Schools, Educators Say
Supreme Court strikes down school integration policies. Does this mean all schools will receive the same amount of money per student and will the books be the same or will it stay the same with poor kids getting less money per student and using outdated books? This Supreme Court is taking us back to the robber barons and segregation.
Supreme Court Undermines Racial Integration- What's Left? This Supreme Court has set back social change and democratic power.
Taliban Fighting Hard In South Afghanistan
Militants Take Control Of Key Areas, Force Coalition Troops Into Bloody Battle.
Taliban Thrive in Pakistan - United States Has a Schizophrenic Policy Toward Pakistan. Is Pervez Musharraf supporting the Tabliban?
Terrorist Recruits Pose Threat to U.S. - Bush's war has put us in harms way.
Threats against Defense Intelligence Agency personnel who witness prisoners abuse and failure to protect our solders in Iraq should not be tolerated.
Top Qaeda man escapes prison
'Torture victim' seeks US justice - A Lebanese-born German, who accuses the CIA of having kidnapped and tortured him, says he is determined to get an apology from the US authorities.
Tuskegee Airmen receive 'long overdue' recognition
Tuskegee Airmen to Be Honored With Congressional Gold Medal. Six decades after completing their World War II mission and coming home to a country that discriminated against them because they were black.
UK provided base for rendition flights

UN report condemns US for Middle East failures

United States has lost its No. 1 ranking as the world`s most competitive economy, falling to sixth place
US and Poland sign defence deal - once again Bush pokes Russia in eye with a stick. Why does continue to do that. We need Russia on are side against Iran not against us. If the EU wants a missiles defense system, let them put in their own system with their money, their people and their missiles and they can deal with Russia we don’t need nor can we afford to be in another war at this time.
U.S. attorneys' hiring might return to Senate oversight - Bush administration has agreed not to oppose restoring the confirmation process
US Bechtel wraps up Iraq projects - says the security situation in Iraq has made it too difficult to continue operating. Bush says it getting better.
US 'blocks environment progress'
US failure to pay 'threatens Darfur peacekeeping'. Arrears likely to reach $1bn by end of 2007
U.S. Can't Account for 600,000 Fugitives
US in secret gun deal - Small arms shipped from Bosnia to Iraq 'go missing' as Pentagon uses dealers.
U.S., Iraqi Negotiators Agree on 2011 Withdrawal - Rice's Baghdad Visit Ends With Accord on Departure Date; Legal Immunity Is Still a Sticking Point
US: "Irrefutable" Proof Iran Arms Taliban. We have done it against Russia on more than one occasion and Reagan Armed Iraq and Iran in 1980s War That Killed Over 1 Million. Did we really think noone would not do it back us?
U.S. May Have Botched Training of Iraqis
US money is 'squandered' in Iraq - Millions of dollars in US rebuilding funds have been wasted in Iraq, US auditors say in a report which warns corruption in the country is rife.
US Military Granting More Waivers to Recruits With Criminal Records Including Some With Felony Convictions, misdemeanors, and traffic and drug offenses.
US military probe stolen Afghan computer data
US Missile Defense Plans Still On. The new cold war has been started and now Bush is fighting 4 wars and can't win one.
U.S.: North Korea Nuke Deal Reached - Six Nations Make Tentative Agreement On How To Disarm North Korea's Nuclear Program
US now ranks 53rd in World Press Freedom Index - US drops 9 places, partly due to suspicion of journalists who question "war on terrorism."
US official admits he smuggled $2m of aid meant for Iraq - where is out cry from the Norm Coleman and Republicans. They yelled, screamed and jumped up and down about the UN Oil food program scandal and called for Kofi Annan to resign.
U.S.-Poland Missile Deal Roils Russia - Agreement "Cannot Go Unpunished," Russian Official Warns; Poland Open To Russian Inspections. Sounds like the Cuban missile crisis.
US posted Iraqi nuclear bomb documents on Internet , GOP plays politics with intel - "If Democrats had done that there would be mobs carrying torches in the streets tonight. The Democrats would be accused of treason and there would be calls for resignation"
US probes troops' neglect claims - Washington has ordered a review of the way wounded US soldiers are cared for at military hospitals, following highly critical reports in the US media.
U.S. protects an Iranian opposition group that the Iraqi government wants out of Iraq and the U.S. State Department officially considers a terrorist organization, and any American giving support to its members is committing a crime. Does that make the Bush administration criminals?
US puts Middle East allies on human trafficking blacklist
U.S.-Russia Relations Turn Cold Over Fate of Georgia, Provinces - Moscow justified its invasion of Georgia last week by saying its forces were protecting the Russia-allied South Ossetians from attacks by Georgian troops.
US Senate has passed a bill calling for all US combat troops to leave Iraq within a year, defying a veto threat.
US scientists reject interference - claims scientists working for federal agencies have been asked to change data to fit policy initiatives like the Bush administration did it for the war Iraq. Making the data fit policies is both stupid and dangerous.
U.S. sent giant pallets of cash into Iraq - $8.8 billion was unaccounted for after being given to the Iraqi ministries.
US signals permanent stay in Iraq
US trade deficit hits new record - America's massive trade deficit widened to a record $736bn (£378bn) in 2006, an increase of 6.5% on the year before.
US threatened to bomb Pakistan after 9/11 - if Pakistan did not cooperate with America's war campaign against the Taliban in Afghanistan.
US troops in Iraq not sure 'surge' will help - 21,000 troops to help secure Baghdad what about the the other cities in Iraq? It's like the 700 mile fence to cover 2000 miles of border, once again Bush comes up short.
US vetoes UN resolution condemning Israel on Gaza - nine of the council's 15 members voted for the measure.
Waste in War: Where Did All the Iraq Reconstruction Money Go? - Congressional inquiry probes former Bush official's handling of billions of dollars.

Want to build a bomb? Instructions on a US Government website - set up in March under pressure from congressional Republicans. Is this how Republicans will protect us better than the Democrats?

Warrantless wiretaps expanded. A surveillance law pushed through Congress and signed by Bush on Sunday will allow the government to monitor phone calls and e-mails without a warrant.
Waxman will probe areas of Bush government - says there are so many areas of possible wrongdoing, his biggest problem will be deciding which ones to pursue.
Weapons for Iraqis Are Missing. The Defense Department cannot account for 190,000 weapons, including more than 110,000 AK-47 rifles.
White House aides "extensively" destroy email records. Of the 88 White House officials using RNC accounts, the RNC has deleted records for 51 users. So what are they trying to hide?
White House aide with ties to Abramoff resigns
White House Asserts Executive Privilege. Bush's house of cards is about to take a fall
White House backs off on Miers scenario
White House cites 'hazy memories' in fired U.S. attorneys
White House defends eavesdropping program - they have also defended the war in Iraq and Katrina.
White House defends reaction to pre-9/11 warnings
White House Faces Renewed Credibility Problems On Katrina - once again the truth is starting to emerge of Bush administrations ineptitude. Makes you wander what really happening in Iraq don't it. If it don't it should, if Bush can not handle affairs at home how can he handle in Iraq and other places around the world.
White House Guilt in CIA Leak Case Remains
White House Hits Back at Carter Remarks - Carter is right Bush is the worst American President ever and ranks as one world’s worst leaders as well. 9/11, enron, Katrina failed to catch OSAMA bin Laden, lied to invade Iraq then failed to win Iraq all happened on Bush's watch and he has disobeyed hundreds of our laws. Can you name 1 thing he has done right? No you can't. Need more proof read this page
White House lists 10 foiled attacks - this was timed to blunt criticism of his polices, but we included anyway.
White House Knew About Levees Early
White House Knew Iraq Had No WMDs - The White House Denies Controversial Charges in New Ron Suskind Book
White House objects as Senators aim to bar cruelty to detainees
White House officials close to Mr Bush were deeply involved in the Attorneys dismissals - and at a much earlier date than they had previously disclosed
White House projects record deficit for 2009 - Yep they promise to save us money up front only to screw us in rear the Republicans at work once again. You get what you pay for. If you want to save a few dollars in taxes and vote for a president on the cheap this is what you get high deficits, war and a president who disreagrads our laws, can you save Iran Contra.
White House ready to spend billions of dollars on a system unlikely to defend U.S. territory from enemy rockets - par for the course with this administration
White House slammed for Iraq nuke website - "The material posted on this website posed a grave danger to U.S. national security. We served it up for our enemies on a silver platter."
White House 'snubbed Iran offer' - Tehran proposed ending support for Lebanese and Palestinian militant groups and helping to stabilise Iraq following the US-led invasion.
White House staff 'circumvented' official e-mail system
White House Subpoenas Come on the Heels of More Justice Dept. E-Mails Congress Steps Up Pressure; Messages Show White House Involvement Politics started it when the Bush administration tried to put Republican friendly people in place of good hard working honest people. Politics need to finish it
White House 'Superiors' OK'd Leaks
White House Suppresses Evidence Of Climate Changes? - a group of Scientists are now accusing the Bush administration of hiding evidence of climate changes from the public.
White House takes flak over Katrina, CIA leak case
White House tells Congress Don't micromanage war - however based on the White House failures in Iraq Congress needs to manage war.
W. House: Undecided on Rove testimony on attorneys
White House unofficial e-mail accounts draw scrutiny. E-mails were discovered on a Republican National Committee e-mail domain called gwb43.com. Is that for George W. Bush 43rd President?
White House withheld CIA interrogation information
Wolfowitz blames media for resignation. Wolfowitz does a Bush don't take any blame always blame someone else, however Wolfowitz problem is it was him not the media who gave his girl friend a raise no matter how he spins it.
Wolfowitz crisis challenges U.S. leadership
Wolfowitz resigns; Bush to nominate successor soon
Commentary and opinions from around the world
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