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The Republican Party is a cult masquerading as a political party

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The Republican Party is a cult masquerading as a political party
Like a cult, the Republican Party expects loyalty to party above truth and loyalty to the country. Republicans defend Trump and the Republican Party at the expense of our democracy, our judicial system, our intelligence agencies and our allies.

A. B. Man III

A cult would put the cult’s interest above America’s interest. The Republican Party’s game plan is simple defend, distort, deflect when all else fails attack the truth with alternative-facts (fiction) and whataboutism. Every morning republicans across America receive the republican daily talking points for the day. Everyday republicans across America use the talking points to promote the story of the day facts or alternative-facts (fiction) they do not care they just do what they are told to do. Using Fox News and other conservative media to promote republican propaganda using alternative-facts (fiction) and whataboutism to deceive millions of Americans to promote and protect your party above the interest of America is un-patriotic and is a cult like practice. Day in day out Republicans promote alternative-facts (fiction) and whataboutism to millions of Americans not out of loyalty to America but out of loyalty to the Republican Party. A cult will ostracizes cult members who do not go along with the cult’s game plan. Republicans ostracizes their own members when they do not go along with the current party line. If a congressional representative or a Senator does not tow the party line, they will be primaried. If a republican does not tow the party line, they may be accused of not being a republican or label a RINO (Republican in Name Only). Republicans are destroying our democracy by attacking the integrity of the justice department, the FBI and our intelligence agencies to protect Trump. Republicans are putting party first protecting Trump, a traitor and mole for the Russians above protecting America. The Republican Party is not good for America we need to vote them out of office because they put party above country.

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