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"Seeking liberty and truth above suppression and mendacity!"
"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech," said Benjamin Franklin.
Everyone has an opinion and the right to speak that opinion our forefathers granted us that right it is called the First Amendment. Read it then discuss it in the Forums.

Stop Calling Them Hostages or Peaceful Protesters They are Traitors, Insurrectionist, Seditionist and Criminals.
The people, who attacked our capitol, attacked police officers and wanted to harm and kill people, they are neither hostages nor peaceful protesters.
Published by A. B. Man III - 06 Jan 2024
Republican States are violating the 4th Amendment and HIPAA laws by requesting medical information from other states.
One state cannot control what you do in another state and requesting medical information from other state is a violation of the 4th Amendment and HIPPA laws.
Published by A. B. Man III - 18 Jul 2023
They Gutted Roe V. Wade Social Security Is the Next Target of the Rabid Right
The GOP wants to take away your money, the money you have put in after all your years of hard work.
Published by A. B. Man III - 13 Oct 2022
Abbott is a Human Trafficker, DeSantis is a Dictator and Human Trafficker, Trump a Coup Plotter and Danger to Our Democracy and National Security.
Republicans are showing us who they are when they get in power we should vote them out and save our democracy.
Published by A. B. Man III - 01 Sep 2022
Republicans did not have a problem with when Trump gave billions of your tax dollars to farmers.
Every time Republicans, Fox News and right wing media point out what Democrats are doing, they are pointing three fingers at themselves.
Published by A. B. Man III - 30 Aug 2022
Republicans wanted to lock up Clinton but want to give Don the Con a pass for his crimes and his Coup attempt.
Republicans are defending Trump and threating America and Americans in order to protect criminal Don.
Published by A. B. Man III - 29 Aug 2022
Republicans warn about the radical left but it is the radical right that you should worry about
It is the right who sacked the capitol and attempted a coup. It is the right who attempted to steal the election. It is the right who wants a civil war.
Published by A. B. Man III - 29 Aug 2022
Republicans, Fox News and Right Wing Media are Helping America’s Enemies, Foreign and Domestic.
Republicans are weaponizing lies, fear, conspiracies and propaganda against the American people they are Russia’s best weapon to destroy America.
Published by A. B. Man III - 22 Aug 2022
The Republican Party Stands For Nothing, Falls For Anything Except The Truth.
The Republican Party does not believe in facts or the truth, but does believe in alternative facts, lies, conspiracies and party before country.
Published by A. B. Man III - 17 Aug 2022
Republicans are fake patriots real patriots put country first not party
Real patriots put country first; fake patriots put party or a person above country.
Published by A. B. Man III - 09 Aug 2022
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