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World News April 2019: Get the latest World Headline News with news links and news feeds from major news organizations.

The  rampaging inferno which destroyed the 850-year-old church's Gothic roof  and iconic spire was only found after the second fire alarm was sounded

Hackers and Microsoft seem to disagree on key details of the hack.

The tech giant records people’s locations worldwide. Now, investigators are using it to find suspects and witnesses near crimes, running the risk of snaring the innocent.

No private company has ever achieved what SpaceIL is trying to do.

The supermassive beast lies in a galaxy called M87 more than 50 million light-years away

The Israeli prime minister appears to have won reelection. Now he has to beat legal charges.

Mitiga airport's services suspended as death toll rises amid battles between forces loyal to Haftar and UN-backed gov't.

Assange  hasn't left the country's embassy in London since he sought refuge  there in 2012 to avoid potential extradition to the United States.

Anning suggested a link existed between Muslim immigration and violence following mosque attack that killed 50 people.

Guaidó  was expected to bring a miracle, but he put too much faith in Maduro’s  bad judgment and in outside powers. Now it will take a miracle to regain  the initiative.

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