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Trump’s billion dollar boondoggle wall would not stop a 9/11 event, prevent people who overstay their visas or stop domestic terrorist.

Most illegal emigrants do not come across the Mexican border they fly in on airplanes and overstay their visas. A wall will not stop drugs or smugglers who use underground tunnels, cars, trucks, drones, airplanes and legal points of entry. Why do the American people have pay for a wall that Donald J. Trump promised Mexico would pay for?
A. B. Man III | 11/1/2019

Donald J. Trump is the World's Number One Liar

Many people are saying Donald J. Trump (Don the Con) is the world’s number one liar and the world's number one prover of alternative facts (lies) bar none. Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sean Hannity and Fox News are tied for second place
A. B. Man III | 5/7/2018

Are Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Traitors?

If Trump is spy or a mole for the Russian government or Trump, Trump Jr. and the Trump campaign conspired (colluded) with a hostile country (Russian) to change the outcome of our elections then yes they are traitors.
A. B. Man III | 21/12/2017
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