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People Showing They Are Racist - Page 2 Racism prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

This page was added due to the increasing number of incidents around America in which people call police on black people going about their everyday activities, and people showing hatred for other people simply because of color of their skin. If you believe in the bible then you believe we all came from God by way of Adam and Eve or you believe in science then you know we all came from the same people. No matter what which one you believe, we are all related no matter the color of our skin.

By Sky Palma

A police search of a home in Clayton County, Georgia, revealed some disturbing findings, according to Fox5. When executing a search warrant on the suspected meth house, deputies found around 7 ounces of methamphetamine, a small amount of marijuana, a handgun, and around $5,000 in “drug money.” They found an “original” KKK robe. According to officials, the robe is around 60 to 70-years-old.

By Brad Reed

A woman caught on camera this week hurling the N-word at a Black soldier who had just returned from Afghanistan has quickly found herself looking for a new place to live. Local news station ABC 11 reports that Fort Bragg soldier Diamonte Ugbesia was visiting with a friend at an apartment complex in Fayetteville, North Carolina when he was accosted by a woman who started yelling racial abuse at him. “I hate Black people,” she said. “I hate n*ggers. I hate Black people.” Ugbesia told ABC 11 that he was shocked by the woman’s racist tirade.

By Matthew Chapman

On Wednesday, a viral video showed a white woman outside of an Oakland County Chipotle restaurant in Michigan pulling a handgun on Black women during an altercation. The incident allegedly occurred after the white woman bumped into one of the Black women. “Before I could walk into Chipotle, this woman was coming out, and I had moved out the way so she can walk out,” Makayla Green told Detroit News. “She bumped me, and I said, ‘Excuse you.’ And then she started cussing me out and saying things like I was invading her personal space.” The teen then called over her mother, Takelia Hill. “I walked up on the woman yelling at my daughter,” Hill said. “She couldn’t see me because her back was to me, but she was in my daughter’s face.”

Desperate to distract from the coronavirus catastrophe, Trump and his media allies are going full-on rabid racism
Amanda Marcotte

Racism is all he's got. Everything else Donald Trump was going to run on this summer and fall has evaporated. The "booming" economy? (Which he inherited from Barack Obama in the first place.) The U.S. has the worst unemployment rate since the Great Depression and the situation is about to get exponentially worse as unemployment benefits expire. And no, "reopening" is not a solution, since the data makes clear that consumers have little interest in shopping or eating out during a pandemic. And then there was Trump's plan to hold big rallies to make himself look like he's got momentum, while Joe Biden campaigns in responsible ways that don't spread the coronavirus Not only was that plan sociopathic, it's also not working. Trump's big comeback rally in Tulsa was a hilarious failure, with only a third of the arena filled. Now Trump has canceled a rally in Alabama, citing coronavirus fears. It's just as likely that the campaign was scared of more empty seats — even some of his most ardent followers would rather root for him at home rather than risk getting sick.

Trump's efforts to paint Biden as too old and out of it to do a job as difficult as being president? Well, in the face of reports that Trump did nothing to push back against Russia paying Afghan fighters to kill American soldiers, the only "defense" of Trump is that he's either too lazy or too illiterate to pay attention to his intelligence briefings. For a 74-year-old man trying to argue he's sharper than his slightly older opponent, having his press secretary argue that Trump does too know how to read is arguably not a great look. As for the coronavirus itself, Trump is so hostile to any efforts to meaningfully fight the disease that people have started to wonder, only half-facetiously, whether he's campaigning on a pro-coronavirus agenda.

By Kevin Liptak and Kristen Holmes, CNN

(CNN) On Monday, President Donald Trump went after attempts to strip the names of racists from buildings. On Tuesday, it was a federal housing rule meant to combat racial segregation. By Wednesday, Trump was calling the words "black lives matter" a "symbol of hate" -- a description he's refused to use for Confederate emblems -- that would spoil the "luxury avenue" he once called home. Navigating a precarious political moment, Trump continues seizing upon widening cultural divisions in a way he believes will appeal to voters concerned about safety and order -- despite polls showing wide disapproval of how he's handling race relations. As he distributes wanted posters of suspected vandals on his Twitter feed and warns those who splashed red paint on statues of George Washington to turn themselves in, Trump is also stoking racial tensions using language and tropes that harken to the days of segregationist politics and fears of ruined neighborhoods. The effort has been waged mostly on Trump's Twitter page, which over the weekend featured a video of a supporter in Florida chanting "White power." Trump later removed it, though he left up a video of two White homeowners in St. Louis protecting their stone mansion with firearms as a Black Lives Matter march went past. * The confederate monuments and statues Trump wants to protect are the symbols of hate and traitors.

By Alisha Ebrahimji, CNN

(CNN) A White hotel employee called the police on a guest, a Black woman and her children, who were using the hotel's swimming pool over the weekend. Missy Williams-Wright, her son, 11, and daughter, 7, were staying at the Hampton Inn in Williamston, North Carolina, when a hotel employee called the police to report a trespassing, Williamston Police said in a statement on Monday. Williams-Wright tells CNN she was in town from Raleigh on business, and that she believes she was racially discriminated against because of the color of her skin. "Hilton has zero tolerance for racism or discrimination of any kind," a company spokesperson told CNN on Tuesday. "Through our extensive Diversity & Inclusion training program, we have made diversity and unconscious bias training mandatory for Team Members at all properties and corporate offices globally."

'I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility,' late actor said in 1971 interview
By John T Bennett - Washington Bureau Chief

Donald Trump is accusing some Democratic officials of "incredible stupidity" for calling for actor John Wayne's name to be removed from an airport in California even after an interview resurfaced of "The Duke" embracing white supremacy. John Wayne Airport in southern California serves Orange County and Los Angeles. Mr Trump in January 2016, as a presidential candidate, held a special event at the John Wayne Birthplace Museum in Winterset, Iowa. He spoke at a lectern with a wax statue of the late actor behind him. After being introduced by Wayne's daughter, the GOP candidate called himself a "longtime fan" of the star of many hit Western films. "We love John Wayne," Mr Trump said that day. "We love John Wayne and we love his family equally, right? Equally." But amid ongoing protests and other social changes following the death of George Floyd, a black man, under the knee of a white police officer in Minneapolis, Mr Trump's full embrace of Wayne could give him yet another political headache. That's because of a 1971 interview the actor conducted with Playboy magazine. "With a lot of blacks, there's quite a bit of resentment along with their dissent, and possibly rightfully so. But we can't all of a sudden get down on our knees and turn everything over to the leadership of the blacks," Mr Wayne said. "I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don't believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people." "I don't feel guilty about the fact that five or 10 generations ago these people were slaves. Now, I'm not condoning slavery. It's just a fact of life, like the kid who gets infantile paralysis and has to wear braces so he can't play football with the rest of us," he added. "I will say this, though: I think any black who can compete with a white today can get a better break than a white man. I wish they'd tell me where in the world they have it better than right here in America."

Clip shows man and woman pointing weapons at people staging protest against US city’s mayor
By Martin Pengelly in New York and agencies

Donald Trump courted controversy on Monday – and perhaps sought to deflect attention from reports about Russia placing bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan – by retweeting news footage of a white couple in St Louis, Missouri, who pointed guns at protesters marching for police reform. The president’s action came a day after he retweeted footage of protesters clashing in Florida in which a Trump supporter could be heard to say: “White power! White power!” That retweet was deleted from the president’s account after a few hours, a White House spokesman saying Trump had not heard the inflammatory words before sending the footage on to his supporters. The protesters in St Louis were marching to the mayor’s home to demand her resignation.

By Veronica Stracqualursi and Sarah Westwood, CNN

(CNN) President Donald Trump on Sunday morning widely shared a video he said is from the Villages, a retirement community in Florida, in which a man driving a golf cart with Trump campaign posters is seen chanting "white power." The President retweeted the video that showed the community's Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters arguing with one another. The President thanked the "great people" shown in the video. "Thank you to the great people of The Villages. The Radical Left Do Nothing Democrats will Fall in the Fall. Corrupt Joe is shot. See you soon!!" he wrote in the tweet. Roughly three hours later, the tweet no longer appeared in Trump's timeline. "President Trump is a big fan of the Villages. He did not hear the one statement made on the video. What he did see was tremendous enthusiasm from his many supporters," White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere said in a statement.

By Brooke Seipel

The owner of a North Carolina racetrack advertised so-called Bubba Rope for sale this week, alluding to a noose that was found earlier this month in the garage used by NASCAR driver Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. at a track in Alabama. According to a report by ESPN, 311 Speedway owner Mike Fulp posted on Facebook Marketplace on Wednesday that he was selling "Bubba Rope" for just under $10 each. "Buy your Bubba Rope today for only $9.99 each, they come with a lifetime warranty and work great," the post reportedly read. Fulp's post was taken down by Thursday afternoon after it was the subject of backlash from fans. Some said, according to ESPN, that they would no longer attend events at the track over the product. The news follows controversy after Wallace, the only Black NASCAR driver, found rope pulled into a noose in the garage that had been assigned to him at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama.

PA Sport Staff

Former Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone has claimed black people are often “more racist” than white people and questioned whether Lewis Hamilton’s vocal support for the Black Lives Matter movement will make any difference. In an interview with CNN, the 89-year-old Ecclestone, who stepped down as chief executive in 2017, also said he was “surprised” to hear Hamilton had been affected by racist issues in the sport. Ecclestone said: “In lots of cases black people are more racist than what white people are. “(It’s just) things over the years that I’ve noticed, and there’s no need for it. I’m against injustice for anyone, whatever colour they are. It’s important to do something about that for a start.” In the wake of the death of George Floyd in police custody in the United States, Hamilton criticised his sport’s failure to combat racism and referenced issues he has faced since his junior karting days. The 35-year-old specifically referred to an incident in Barcelona in 2008 when a group of fans dressed up in blackface and aimed derogatory chants towards him – something Ecclestone claims he had “never” discussed. - Sorry Bernie Ecclestone you are wrong you never heard the term driving while white or walking while white have you or a black person going on racist rant against white people for something dumb like white people do. You have never heard of a white person not getting a job or a place to live because of the color of their skin. Have you people calling white racist names simply because they are white, no.

By Veronica Stracqualursi and Nicky Robertson, CNN

(CNN) Sen. Tom Cotton argued on Thursday that Wyoming, which he called a "well-rounded working-class state," is more deserving of statehood than the District of Columbia, even though the nation's capital has more citizens. "Wyoming is smaller than Washington by population, but it has three times as many workers in mining, logging and construction, and 10 times as many workers in manufacturing. In other words, Wyoming is a well-rounded working-class state. A new state of Washington would not be," the Arkansas Republican said on the Senate floor. Advocates of DC statehood point to the fact that residents pay taxes to the federal government but don't have representation in the US Senate and only have one non-voting delegate representing them in the US House. But Cotton argued that Democrats are only pushing for DC statehood so they can "have two new Democratic senators in perpetuity" and to "rig the rule of our democracy." Partisanship has long been a central reason for Republican opposition to DC statehood, as they frequently point to the likelihood that Democrats would pick up two additional US senators. But Cotton's comments also underscore the economic, regional and racial divides that increasingly make up both parties. - Tom Cotton is a racist plain and simple. The jobs that people do has nothing to do with how rounded or how American they are they are still hard working Americans. The people of DC are hardworking tax paying Americans who deserve representation.

By Timothy Rapp

Incoming Cornell recruit Nate Panza was reportedly kicked off the football team after a Snapchat video was released online early Sunday morning showing him saying the N-word, according to Kathryn Stamm and Luke Pichini of the Cornell Daily Sun. Panza says the word offscreen before the video pans to him and he says, "Oh wait, you can't put that one up. You can't post that. Adam, you can't post that." Panza was referring to Adam Giaquinto, an incoming University of Richmond student and Panza's high school classmate in Morristown, New Jersey, who was filming the video. Giaquinto also used the N-word on the video after saying George Floyd's name. The school, Morristown-Beard, released the following statement Sunday:

By Alicia Lee, CNN

(CNN) A Baltimore restaurant group has apologized after a video showed a Black woman and her son being denied service because the boy's clothes didn't fit the restaurant's dress code, even though a White boy, dressed similarly, was seemingly allowed to dine there. On Monday, Marcia Grant, the boy's mother, posted videos to her social media channels of the Ouzo Bay restaurant denying her and her son service because he was wearing athletic shorts. "So we want to eat and they're telling me my son can't eat here because there's no athletic wear. He's 9. And there's kids out there with tennis shoes on," Grant can be heard saying in the video, which shows her son wearing black tennis shoes, athletic shorts and a t-shirt. "Unfortunately, we do have a dress code," the restaurant employee says as he suggests that the boy possibly change into "nonathletic shorts." Grant then turns the camera to outside the restaurant where a White boy, who, according to Grant, "just ate here," can be seen wearing tennis shoes and a t-shirt. The employee goes on to say that based on what his boss told them while tennis shoes are allowed, athletic shorts and shirts aren't, and he claims that the White boy's shirt isn't what the restaurant would classify as an athletic shirt. "I have faced racism time and time again, but it's hard AF, when you have to see your child (9yo) upset because he knows he's being treated different than a white child!" Grant wrote in the caption of her video posted on Instagram. Grant did not return CNN's request for comment. Atlas Restaurant Group, which owns Ouzo Bay and a number of other restaurants in the area as well as in Houston, apologized on Monday evening, calling the incident "incredibly disturbing."

Written By Jordan Heck

Dustin Skinner, the son of former NASCAR star Mike Skinner, has apologized for a troubling post on social media after a noose was found in Bubba Wallace's garage Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway. The post said, in part, "Frankly I wish they would've tied [the noose] to [Wallace] and drug him around the pits because he has single handedly destroyed what I grew up watching and cared about for 30 years now." It appears to be a Facebook comment, and the words have been condemned by the Skinner family.

By David Edwards

A councilman in Fort Wayne, Indiana has reportedly submitted a letter of resignation after complaining about “uneducated” protesters. “As uneducated as they are, obviously, on local government, they do vote,” Council Member Larry Brown said during a county council meeting on Thursday. “And, unfortunately, they also breed. But um, they do vote, and they’re gonna be an uneducated voter.” Brown later offered his “sincere apology” for the remark but it was not enough. On Monday, the councilman submitted his resignation after community leaders called for him to step down.

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