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People Showing They Are Racist - Page 3 Racism prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

This page was added due to the increasing number of incidents around America in which people call police on black people going about their everyday activities, and people showing hatred for other people simply because of color of their skin. If you believe in the bible then you believe we all came from God by way of Adam and Eve or you believe in science then you know we all came from the same people. No matter what which one you believe, we are all related no matter the color of our skin.


A Latina woman is speaking out after a shopper inside a Walmart told her to "go back to Mexico."

By Michelle Ye Hee Lee

The top donor supporting President Trump’s reelection and GOP congressional lawmakers is a reclusive heir to the wealthy Mellon family fortune who used racial stereotypes to describe African Americans in a self-published autobiography. Timothy Mellon, the 77-year-old founder of a rail and freight company, who poured $30 million into three GOP super PACs in five months, wrote that black people were “even more belligerent” after the expansion of social programs in the 1960s and 1970s and that Americans who rely on government assistance were “slaves of a new Master, Uncle Sam.” In a self-published 2015 autobiography, Mellon called social safety net programs “Slavery Redux,” adding: “For delivering their votes in the Federal Elections, they are awarded with yet more and more freebies: food stamps, cell phones, WIC payments, Obamacare, and on, and on, and on. The largess is funded by the hardworking folks, fewer and fewer in number, who are too honest or too proud to allow themselves to sink into this morass.”

By Sarah K. Burris

Philadelphia court supervisor Michael Henkel was fired Monday after a video surfaced of him tearing down the Black Lives Matter protest signs made by children at a South Philadelphia park, reported the Philadelphia Inquirer. The video records the woman’s voice telling Henkel that the signs are not his property. He replied, using expletives: “I know. It’s the city. I pay for this. … Yeah, my taxes pay for this place, yep.” “So I can do whatever I want. … I’m always around here, too,” Henkel went on. “Great. I live right here,” the woman can be heard saying. “Black Lives Matter!” “Not to me, they don’t,” he replied. According to CNN host Jake Tapper, who grew up in Philadelphia, a source said “top officials of the city of Philadelphia are aware of this video of a court employee.”

By Ralph R. Ortega For Dailymail.com and Frances Mulraney For Dailymail.com

A white woman has issued a grovelling apology after a viral video showed her accusing a Filipino man of breaking the law because he was writing Black Lives Matter on a wall outside his own San Francisco property. Lisa Alexander, who is the CEO of makeup company La Face Skincare, was branded a 'Karen' after the footage showed her confrontation with James Juanillo. She issued a statement Sunday saying that she was sorry she had disrespected the man, and that she should have minded her own business. Juanillo, who appears as Jaimetoons on Twitter, posted the video of the encounter on Friday, which has been retweeted more than 159,000 times. He was chalking the slogan on his wall when Alexander approached him and told him he was breaking the law. She also insisted he didn't own the property, and claimed she knew who lived there. 'I want to apologize directly to Mr. Juanillo,' Alexander said in a statement. 'There are not enough words to describe how truly sorry I am for being disrespectful to him last Tuesday when I made the decision to question him about  what he was doing in front of his home. 'I should have minded my own business,' she adds.  

Hammer Time

Angry Woman Smashes Up Neighbor's Car

A racist woman in L.A. brought hammers to a face-off with her neighbors -- whose car she proceeded to smash up ... which got her an ass-whooping. Check out this video that was shot earlier this week in Chatsworth, just outside of central L.A. in the San Fernando Valley. The video picks up with this older white-looking woman using two hammers to bang up the side of her neighbor's sedan. You only see her hit it twice once the camera starts rolling, but if you take a good look along the exterior ... it looks like she went to town on it beforehand. The woman proceeds to walk toward the neighbors with both hammers in hand, almost as if she's going to attack -- but she stops, and tells them to "get the f*** out of this neighborhood." She then tells 'em to call the cops, but the neighbors are way ahead of her.


3:41 PM PT -- Torrance police have identified this "Karen" as 56-year-old Lena Hernandez from Long Beach. They say she's been involved in at least 3 racial incidents in which criminal reports were taken.

During one incident this past October, cops say Hernandez allegedly harassed a custodian and physically assaulted a Good Samaritan.

6:19 AM PT -- 6/12 -- A new video -- which is somehow even more disturbing than the first -- has surfaced of SoCal Karen. The clip shows the woman confront an Asian man in a parking lot and launch a series of racist remarks at him. We're told this incident happened after the first one, but on the same day, and a police report for criminal threats was filed this time. Cops are still working to get in touch with the woman.

2:42 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops have now spoken to the young woman exercising at the park and we're told police took a report for misdemeanor criminal threats. Our sources say cops are now working to locate the woman who spewed the racist tirade. When cops wrap up the investigation, we're told they'll submit the case to the city attorney.

New rule (apparently): Where there's a park, there's an angry white woman -- aka "Karen" -- spewing hateful, racist words ... and this winner does her biz in a Southern California park. Meet Torrance "Karen," everyone.

Older lady allegedly told shopper to ‘go back to her own country’
By Louise Hall

A woman has been filmed being slapped across the face after allegedly making racist remarks at a woman in a store in Arizona. In a video of the incident from Saturday inside a Shell convenience store in Phoenix, a confrontation between two women was taped as it played out. A bystander called Greg Conn, who shared the footage on Facebook, said the incident occurred after the woman yelled at the clerk because a gas pump at the store was not working. Mr Conn claimed the older woman then entered into a verbal confrontation with a younger woman in line, after which “the lady told the clerk not to serve her, told her she can leave, and go back to her country”. “This is my country” the younger woman can be heard saying, “native Americans are from this country”.

By Valerie Bonk

Anthony Brennan III, of Kensington, Maryland, was arrested and charged on Friday with three counts of second-degree assault, according to a news release from the Maryland-National Capital Park Police. Brennan, 60, is the man in a widely circulated video allegedly showing him assaulting three young walkers posting flyers protesting the death of George Floyd on the Capital Crescent Trail in Montgomery County on June 1. The video shows Brennan, a white man wearing an orange helmet, arguing about the flyers and forcibly grabbing one of the papers from one of the walkers before pushing his bicycle toward the man taking the video, causing him to fall to the ground.

By April Siese

A video has gone viral of a white woman calling the cops on a black man who simply asked her to leash her dog. The woman was in an area in New York City's Central Park known as the Ramble, where rules require that dogs be leashed. The sister of the man who filmed the confrontation, Melody Cooper, explained that he had asked the woman to put her dog on its leash. When she refused to, he began filming. He asks her not to come any closer, and the exchange escalates. She then threatens to call the police and tell them a black man is threatening her life. The woman repeatedly identifies the man by his race in her 911 call in which she demands they "send the cops immediately." "There's an African-American, he's recording me and threatening me and my dog," she claims. The video doesn't show the man threatening the woman. She is also be seen pulling on the dog's collar rather than leashing the animal throughout the apparent call. The woman was quickly identified on social media, prompting the company where she works to issue a statement.

Recordings of 911 calls obtained by the Guardian provide details on the moments before a man was shot while jogging in Georgia
By Khushbu Shah in Atlanta - the guardian

Audio recordings of two 911 calls have shed further light on the final moments before Ahmaud Arbery was shot dead by two white men while jogging through a neighborhood just outside Brunswick, Georgia. The full recordings, obtained by the Guardian, come after new video footage showing Arbery’s killing in February was released this week, prompting widespread outrage and raising questions over why no arrests have been made. Transcripts of the 911 calls have been previously reported by local media. Arbery had gone for a jog in Satilla Shores, near the Georgia coast, on the afternoon of Sunday 23 February. The 25-year-old was known around the neighborhood, and would sometimes wave to residents as he ran. But that day, a series of events unfolded that ended in his killing at the hands of Gregory McMichael, 64, and his 34-year-old son, Travis McMichael. Lawyers for Arbery’s family have said his death was a “lynching” and requested it be investigated as a hate crime.

Trustpilot, a website where consumer reviews are posted, said Monday it was suspending reviews on the page for The Honey Pot while it investigates.
By Doha Madani

A black-owned business was subjected to a wave of negative reviews after the company's founder was featured in a Target ad, where she said she hoped her success could pave the way for black girls. Bea Dixon was featured in a Target commercial called "Founders We Believe In: The Honey Pot," where she spoke about how difficult it was for her to start her line of feminine hygiene products. Dixon credited Target for working with her and helping her company get stocked at retailers nationwide. “The reason why it’s so important for Honey Pot to do well is so that the next black girl that comes up with a great idea, she can have a better opportunity," Dixon said at the end of the ad. "That means a lot to me." Although the ad was originally released in early February, a swarm of people left negative reviews for the company on Monday. Many of the one-star reviews left on consumer review website Trustpilot accused Dixon, and Target, of discriminating against white people in the commercial. "Boycott The Honey Pot Company, and Target. RACIST. White people hating comments not going to be tolerated," one reviewer wrote. Another review accused Dixon of fueling racism and wrote that "she make the statement for the next black girl why should the color of her skin matter- totally racist and inappropriate."

By Mary Stringini

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - Administrators say they're taking action after a photo began circulating on social media that showed students who attend Riverside Unified’s Martin Luther King High School posing with a swastika and Confederate flag. In the image, eight students were seen posing in front of both a Confederate and Trump 2020 flag. One male student was holding a swastika symbol and another student appears to be holding up a white power hand sign. According to the school's principal, Michael West, other students reported the image, saying that it made them feel unsafe at school, among other concerns. In an email sent out to parents, West said that his administration "immediately began an investigation" and found that there was "no evidence of planning or intent to commit unlawful acts or to physically harm anyone." "While we cannot provide specific details due to privacy laws, King High School is taking appropriate action to stop this kind of disruption to school and prevent it from recurring," the email stated.  In a video statement posted on Monday, West said that the school created an Equity Committee where staff and students are working together to develop programs and events supporting “racial harmony and respect for all." The school is also implementing "Synergy Days" to “help participants recognize and respect each other’s differences but also value and appreciate all of our similarities,” West added.

The woman was arrested later that day over another incident in which she used racial slurs against a gas station employee and customers, police say.
By Lim Clarissa-Jan Lim BuzzFeed News Reporter

A Des Moines woman who allegedly hit a teenager with her car because she was "a Mexican" was charged in another hit-and-run involving a black 12-year-old boy that same day, police say. According to a Des Moines Police Department release, the boy was walking on a sidewalk in an apartment complex on Dec. 9 when Nicole Marie Poole Franklin, 42, accelerated the SUV she was driving and struck him, then fled the scene.

The boy's injuries were minor; an investigating officer's report provided to BuzzFeed News noted he had an abrasion and swelling on his right shin. Franklin hit the boy about an hour before she struck a 14-year-old girl in the nearby suburb, Clive, Sgt. Paul Parizek told BuzzFeed News.

by Tribune Media Wire

CLIVE, Iowa (WHO) -- An Iowa woman told investigators she ran down a 14-year old girl with her car because she thought the teen "was a Mexican," according to the Clive Police Dept. Nicole Poole Franklin, 42, of Des Moines, has been charged with attempted murder in the Dec. 9 incident, police said in a news release Friday. Investigators say the girl was on the sidewalk walking to an activity at Indian Hills Junior High School when Franklin spotted her and drove off the roadway to run her over. The 14-year-old suffered several injuries. Franklin allegedly left the scene without stopping to help the victim.

By Danielle Sills and Chris Boyette, CNN

(CNN) Two Wyoming high school students were disciplined Wednesday after coming to school in white robes that officials say were "designed to represent KKK apparel." The students came into Riverton High School Wednesday wearing white robes and one with a white hood, which they pulled up as they came in, according to Terry Snyder, the superintendent of Fremont County School District No. 25. "It seems to be a very poor decision," Snyder said. "They did not have an understanding of the impact that would create but they do now." Snyder said the students never spoke of any ideologies or made any offensive remarks, but their actions could not go unaddressed.

Ring Camera Hacker Uses Home Security System to Spew Racial Slurs at Florida Family
By Jason Murdock

A Florida family has shared footage of the moment their Ring security system was accessed without permission and used to spew racial slurs last weekend. The incident occurred on Sunday in Cape Coral, with the culprit forcing a loud alarm to blare throughout the home before verbally taunting two parents, NBC-2 reported. The hacker, who sounds young, makes references to their son despite him not appearing in the frame.

"Is your kid a baboon, like the monkey?" the person can be heard saying, introducing himself as if it was part of a streamed video prank or podcast. The clip shows the hacker asking the parents to search for a website, which they refuse. He says "I will leave you and your family alone, or I could do this" before turning on the alarm.

As the batteries are pulled from the device, he can be heard trying—and failing—to read a URL. One of the victims, Josefine Brown, told NBC-2 the person responsible was potentially looking into the home for longer than just Sunday. "They had been watching us because that's the only way you know I have a son and the only way you know what he looks like," she said.

WGN News - Several employees of a Buffalo Wild Wings in Naperville were fired after a group of mostly African-American people said they were asked to change tables because of their skin color. Video

By Leonard Greene - New York Daily News

A Brooklyn homeowner whose racially-offensive Halloween display sparked outrage in her community resigned Friday from the art studio she co-founded. Dany Rose quickly apologized Wednesday for the display in her Clinton Hill window that featured cutouts of brown paper dolls hanging by their necks from strings, but not before angry neighbors urged patrons to stay away from her Bedford-Stuyvesant art studio. Full Story

The Fort Worth Police Department identified the woman as Samantha Louise Eley, who is not a member of their department.
By Ethan Sacks

A white woman is under arrest for pretending to be a police officer in an apparent attempt to drive Hispanic teenagers out of a Texas playground in a profanity-laced tirade that was caught on video. The Fort Worth Police Department identified the woman Wednesday as Samantha Louise Eley, who has been charged with impersonating a public servant in connection with the Oct. 16 confrontation over a swing at the city's Dream Park. The incident has been seen by some as the latest in a spate of incidents across the country in which people of color have been unfairly targeted for imagined infractions. The exchange at Dream Park was captured in a minutelong video taken by one of the teens, and posted on Twitter just more than an hour after the encounter. It has since been viewed more than 5 million times.

"Well, I’m a f---ing P.D., so get the f--- out of here if you’re not here to play as a child," the woman can be heard yelling at one of the teens who was using a playground swing. "Read the f---ing signs." Eley, 38, was arrested Monday on an unrelated bond violation charge stemming from a previous arrest in a domestic violence case, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, which obtained the arrest warrant. Before Eley was identified, she was dubbed #SwingSetSusan in an apparent reference to other incidents involving white people who called police to complain about the conduct of persons of color, including "BBQ Becky" and "Permit Patty." In this latest incident, the woman in the video can be heard erroneously telling the teens that they had to be 13 or younger to use the playground after they complained that they had the right to be there as minors. Fort Worth police later clarified that the playground is open to children below the age of 18. Full Story

by Colin Kalmbacher

A white woman in Fort Worth, Texas has been baptized on social media with the moniker of “#SwingSetSusan” after accosting a group of Hispanic teenagers and telling them to leave an all ages park because they were, in her opinion, too old to be there. In a viral video posted early Wednesday evening, the children can be seen playing on an orange swing set, generally having fun and minding their own business until the woman arrives–announcing her presence by angrily shouting at the kids. “Stop! Stop!” she says–hushing the into group into a puzzled quiet. “It’s a children’s park, stop. Stop now.” The woman then uses her hands to forcefully stop the still-moving swing. This occurs outside the frame of the video and it is presently unclear if one of the children was still swinging at the point the woman makes contact with the playground equipment.

“We are children?” a voice says confused off-camera. “No, you’re not. And if you think you’re a fucking child, are you over the age [allowed to be in the park]?” The children, in unison, say that they are, in fact, not over the age allowed in the park and begin protesting the woman’s presence. “Okay, well,” the woman says while waving her hands, “I’m a fucking PD, so get the fuck out of here now if you’re not here to play as a child. Read the fucking sign.” One of the children then attempts to argue with the woman–telling her that she’s only 16–and prompting the woman to say: Right. Then you’re not a fucking child. Thirteen or younger. Actually not, because you provoked yourself as a child and you’re not even acting like a child. Are you? You said you’re 16. If you’re not, I can literally arrest you as an adult. Which is your choice? Are you a child or are you a god damned adult? “Go, now,” the woman continued, “get out of here.” Twitter users claimed the woman was also harassing other people at the Fort Worth Dream Park on the day in question: Full Story

ABC News - The parent was dropping off his child in the parking lot of a Pennsylvania middle school when he and the teacher got into a fender bender.

The incident involving Royal Oak, Michigan police and Devin Myers was captured on video.
by Paul Meara

UPDATE: The Royal Oak Police Department is apologizing to a Black man who was stopped for nearly 20 minutes after a white woman called to report that the man was “looking suspiciously” at her. Royal Oak Police claim the department completed an internal review of the Tuesday (August 13) incident and say that officers and supervisors did not handle the situation correctly. In a statement, the police chief and city manager said the officers had no legal right to insist that Devin Myers provide identification. They also claim the officer who originally stopped Myers is a probationary officer who made a mistake. "On behalf of the police department, I would like to apologize to Mr. Myers for how he was treated,” Police Chief Corrigan O'Donohue stated. “What should have been a very short encounter was extended when the officer involved insisted on getting Mr. Myers’ identification. The officer had no legal right to demand the identification and should have simply advised Mr. Myers why we were there and allowed him to go on his way. The officer involved is a new, probationary officer and he made a mistake. This officer will be provided with remedial training to address this issue. "The responding supervisor did not handle this situation in a manner I expect Royal Oak supervisors to conduct themselves. He did quickly advise Mr. Myers that he was free to go; however, he did not effectively look into the situation or allow those present the opportunity to express their concerns." The chief added the practice was "not acceptable" and the supervisor has been disciplined. He also claims and Royal Oak Police supervisor would receive additional training. Full Story

By Jamai Harris

Four Michigan, police officers reportedly stopped a 20-year-old Black man on the street on August 8 because a white woman called 911 after he “looked suspiciously” at her. Devin Myers was reportedly trying to go into a vegetarian restaurant but was questioned by at least four officers on the sidewalk outside of the establishment. Video was captured by a bystander who said a white woman called the officers after Myers looked at her while he was parking his car. “This young man is stopped because a Caucasian lady said that he looked at her suspiciously and he has been pulled over walking going to eat by two police officers for suspicion of being Black,” the woman said in the video. In the video, Myers is seen being calm throughout the ordeal and apologizes to the officers for wasting their time. The two officers who originally responded to the call said they wanted to wait for a supervisor to come to the scene after Myers objected to being questioned by them. Myers is heard telling the officers he is not a threat to the woman. The owner of the restaurant, also a white woman, came outside and defended Myers, repeatedly explaining to the officers there was no problem and suggesting the call to police was racist. Myers was eventually told he could leave the scene. Full Story

by Leigh Tauss

At about 10:00 p.m. Thursday, a swarm of Garner cops banged on Mikisa Thompson’s door, as police cars, with red and blue lights flashing, flooded the street in front of her split-level house on Vandora Springs Road, partially blocking traffic. A booming voice demanded that she and her family step outside. It’s unclear how many officers were there—at least a half-dozen, though Thompson thinks it was more. (A police captain couldn’t give a precise number.) Regardless, it was a large enough presence to frighten Thompson’s children, who hid in the upstairs bathroom.  But then they realized that Thompson would be facing armed police alone, and that scared them more. So, with a cell phone broadcasting the incident on Twitter, they went downstairs as she opened the front door. The police read Thompson a search warrant.

Then they spread throughout the house, seizing a MacBook, an HP laptop, a computer monitor, computer speakers, seven iPhones, and an alarm clock. They also issued her a summons to appear in court on June 24. “My children were terrified,” Thompson says. “I was terrified that there was a whole bunch of men with guns in my house.”  Her alleged crime: violating the town’s noise ordinance, a misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of a $500 fine. Specifically, they’d executed a search warrant late at night, seeking and confiscating any device capable of producing disruptive noise, because Thompson’s white neighbor had complained that she’d played Malcolm X speeches too loudly. “The raid was officially insane and based on an unconstitutional statute,” says Thompson’s attorney, T. Greg Doucette. “Doing a midnight raid with nine officers—over a noise ordinance, of all things—is a disproportionate show of force that shows there’s something else at play. That’s the type of overkill that’s intentionally designed to terrorize and punish people, not to actually do what’s necessary for enforcing the case.” Full Story

Footage shows young boy pleading with his father to hang up the phone
By Patrick May

SAN FRANCISCO — A video of a white man calling police to report a black man he suspected of trespassing has spread across social media, becoming the latest in a series of viral recordings showing people of color being subjected to 911 calls for seemingly trivial or nonexistent offenses. The incident was filmed and posted July 4 by software engineer Wesly Michel, and appears to take place at the entrance of a condo building on Van Ness Avenue, where Michel was waiting to visit with a friend. In the video, another man, accompanied by his young son, confronts Michel for his credentials to enter the building, and then calls police to report the “trespasser,” over the boy’s protestations. By Monday night, the video had been viewed more than a million times on Facebook and more than two million times on Twitter, following a trend that began two years ago when a white woman was filmed calling the police on two black men barbecuing near Oakland’s Lake Merritt.

The Bay Area News Group was able to identify the man in the video as YouTube employee Christopher Cukor, through public records and social media profiles. In a statement posted on the website medium.com, Cukor apologized and gave some background on what he says led to his actions. “My father was murdered outside his home by a trespasser who he confronted alone,” Cukor writes in the post. “For my child’s safety, my safety and that of the building, I felt it was necessary to get help in this situation. Furthermore, I’ve encountered trespassers in my building and we’ve been robbed several times. This is not uncommon in San Francisco and the bad actors are all different colors. “I now realize that Wesly was reacting based on his unique history as well.” Cokor continued. “Unfortunately there is a terrible pattern of people calling the authorities regarding people of color for no other reason than their race. The last thing I ever intended was to echo that history — and I’m sorry my actions caused Welsy to feel unfairly targeted due to his race.” The recording begins after the confrontation has already started: as Michel records, Cukor — dressed in a YouTube-branded Patagonia jacket — asks him to “please call your friend on the call box and have them come down and get you.” When Michel declines, Cukor says he will call the police, taking out his cell phone. Michel informs him he is being recorded, warning that he is going to be “the next person on TV.” Full Story

By Cedric L. Alexander

(CNN) - The function of the police is to serve and protect. The function of the 911 system is to summon the police to serve and protect. Recently, however, some people have been using 911 to make the police complicit in their racial bias. In April 2018, for instance, 911 was used to call police to a Philadelphia Starbucks because two African-American men did not order anything while waiting for a friend to show up. In May of that year, a white Yale student used 911 to summon police because a black student was napping in her dorm's common room; she was a black Yale graduate student. That same month, a white woman dialed 911 to report a black family barbecuing beside a lake in Oakland, California. Two jurisdictions have recently moved to crack down on racially motivated 911 calls. The Oregon state Senate approved a bill to enable victims of bias-motivated 911 calls "to sue the caller for up to $250 in small-claims court. In Michigan, the city of Grand Rapids is considering enacting an ordinance that would make it a "criminal misdemeanor to racially profile people of color for participating in their lives." The ordinance would subject those who make racially biased 911 calls to a $500 fine. I am absolutely convinced that the legislators and city commissioners behind this bill and proposed ordinance have their hearts in the right place. It is a good, just and compassionate place. Nevertheless, the legislation promises to be more problematic than effective. The Oregon law would give victims of bias-motivated 911 calls standing to file suit -- at $250, a token suit -- which would prevail only if the plaintiff can "prove the caller had racist intent, and that the caller summoned a police officer to purposefully discriminate or damage a person's reputation." Full Story

By Eli Rosenberg

The encounter was broadcast in a video, posted to Facebook on the Fourth of July. A white man faced the person with the camera, a black man, asking him to step out of the San Francisco building where the white man lived, or to call the person who invited him there. After the man refused, the white man, later identified as Christopher Cukor, a manager at YouTube, called the police. “You’re just going to be the next person on TV,” Wesly Michel, the man taking the video, told Cukor. He was right. After Michel posted the video on Facebook — “So this is July 4th 2019,” he wrote — the video took off, fueled by algorithms on social media that often prioritize outrageous and inflammatory content, leaving a trail of angry conversations in their wake. Full Story

by Candese Charles

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A confrontation between a woman and a neighbor led to a call to police and a false report of alleged gang activity. Patricia Elena says she's never had a problem dropping off her kids at their father's Cascade Township home until this weekend. She says the family has been dealing with a neighbor, Tammy Postma, lurking around their condo. But, Elena says she was still surprised when Postma threw slurs her way and then called the police on her. "I was just here dropping my kids off the TV, the rafts, and that's when she said that. She stormed across her yard and said 'get out, you don't belong here go back to the ghetto,'" Elena said.

It was her ex-boyfriend's neighbor, Tammy Postma, yelling insults from her condo across the street and when Elena asked her to not do so in front of her three children, Postma became angry and called the police. "I was like I didn't think I heard her right so I made sure I grabbed my phone and I said 'no I'm going to record this' and that's what you saw on the video," says Elena. In the video, Postma can be heard saying "gang activity" on the phone, and the police report  on the incident says she called because of "gang activity." When FOX 17 asked Postma about it, she didn't have much to say. "I don't know, I don't know," Postma said. "But you know what I had a couple of drinks and just end that." Her claims about a few drinks also showed up in the police report, which states that she had a full glass of wine near her when the police arrived and was slurring her words. Still, Elena says, it's not an excuse for her actions. "How could you do that? How could you subject to people having to live on eggshells and in fear just because of your ignorance and bigotry," says Elena. Full Story

Jerri Kelly, 46, has been booked on suspicion of false imprisonment and endangering welfare of a minor.
By David K. Li

The wife of an Arkansas jail administrator was arrested allegedly pulling a gun on four African American student-athletes who had knocked on her door for an annual fundraising drive, authorities said Friday. Jerri Kelly, 46, was booked on suspicion of false imprisonment, aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a minor, according to records from the Cross County Sheriff's Department jail — the lockup where her husband works. The incident happened in Wynne, Arkansas, a suburb about 45 miles west of Memphis, Tennessee, on Aug. 7 as police responded to a call about "suspicious persons." "I observed Mrs. Kelly holding a chrome plated revolver that was pointed at four black males that were lying face down in the driveway with the hands behind their backs," according to a report written by Wynne police officer Michael Hinton. "I notice that two of the individuals were wearing high school jerseys. I then immediately recognized all four individuals as high school juveniles from my interactions with them as a school resource officer." When the officer explained that the four students, ages 15 and 16, were doing an annual fundraiser for their Wynne Yellowjackets football team, Kelly made gestures to her skin color and that of the boys, police said. "'It ain't about that," Kelly allegedly told the youngsters, according to Hinton's report. "Mrs. Kelly stated that it was about 'suspicious activity.'" Full Story

Massachusetts woman takes exception to his humping dog
By Neal Colgrass,  Newser Staff

(Newser) – "Have you heard of BBQ Becky? Because this is the newest one." That's how a black man characterized a white woman in a Massachusetts dog park who asked him to leave and then called police because his dog repeatedly tried humping her dog, the New York Post reports. Franklin Baxley, 42, posted videos of his interaction with the woman, who he identifies on his Facebook page as Grace Sandland, or "Dog Park Debbie." While the woman is seen calling 911, Baxley debates the matter with an employee at the Attleboro dog park: "That's inappropriate for the dog," the woman tells him, and he retorts, "No, it's not. Dogs humping each other, and she's calling the cops. ... I've seen every single dog hump another dog here." Full Story

By Julia Arciga

A white campground manager in Mississippi was caught on video confronting a black couple with a gun as they were picnicking at a lake during Memorial Day weekend. According to The Washington Post, Franklin and Jessica Richardson went to Oktibbeha County Lake on Sunday to have a picnic with their dog. About five minutes after their arrival, Jessica Richardson said the Kampgrounds of America property manager pulled up in a truck and started screaming at them. “She was just like, ‘Get, get, you don’t belong here, you don’t belong here, you don’t belong here,’” Richardson told local news station WCBI. Video footage of the incident shows the woman holding a gun as she confronts them, telling them they need a reservation to be on the property. “The only thing you had to do was tell us,” Jessica can be heard saying in the video.

By Daniel Avery

An Ohio security guard has been charged with aggravated menacing after pulling a gun on a sheriff's deputy at a regional office of the IRS. Lucas County Sheriff's deputy Alan Gaston was in full uniform with his badge and gun visible when he entered the IRS building at 4 Seagate in Toledo. Gaston, who was on duty, says he stopped by the building on May 31 to get a phone number to call about a letter he received from the IRS. But when he arrived, Seth Eklund, a guard at 4 Seagate, told Gaston he had to put his gun in his car. Gaston said he couldn't do that, and the conversation escalated until Gaston found himself facing down the end of Eklund's revolver. The deputy, who works as a defensive tactics instructor, says he thought the best way to de-escalate the situation was to walk away. In security footage of the incident, Eklund can be seen following Gaston to the elevator with his gun pointed at Gaston's back, "and, it appears, his finger very close to the trigger," reports WTVG Channel 13. "[I was] basically preparing myself to be shot at that moment," Gaston told the channel. "Bracing for a shot in my back."

By Lici Beveridge, Mississippi Clarion Ledger

A popular black-owned restaurant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, was vandalized late Sunday or early Monday with a racial slur and messages telling the owners to leave. Owner Vikki Layne Terrell of the restaurant bearing her name – Vikki Layne's Bar and Grill – said the incident happened after she locked up around 6:30 p.m. Sunday. "I don’t know why anyone would do this,” she said. "I should not walk into the women's room and see racial slurs on the walls." Tables were overturned in the dining room and kitchen, and equipment was damaged, but the worst damage was in the bathrooms. Vandals wrote the N-word on a mirror and spray-painted “Get out” and “You not welcome” on the walls. Police were at the scene on Monday afternoon looking at the damage and reviewing video footage from a nearby surveillance camera. No suspect or suspects have been identified. Terrell moved her restaurant to its location in downtown Hattiesburg less than a year ago. She said she never had any problems until she moved downtown. Since then, Terrell said she has had problems with people making racist comments, like one white customer who asked not to be seated next to black customers or children or another white customer who asked to be served by a white waitress.

By Christopher Brito

A 12-year-old black girl from Virginia has recanted an accusation that her white sixth grade classmates pinned her down and cut off her dreadlocks, her family said in a statement Monday. Stephen Danish, the head of Immanuel Christian School, also confirmed the allegations were false. Following an investigation by the Fairfax County Police Department, Danish said Amari Allen, the student who accused three of her classmates of assault, acknowledged the accusations were not true. "While we are relieved to hear the truth and bring the events of the past few days to a close, we also feel tremendous pain for the victims and the hurt on both sides of this conflict," he said. "We recognize that we now enter what will be a long season of healing." Allen's family apologized to the boys and the school for "the pain and anxiety these allegations have caused." "To the administrators and families of Immanuel Christian School, we are sorry for the damage this incident has done to trust within the school family and the undue scorn it has brought to the school," the family said. "We understand there will be consequences, and we're prepared to take responsibility for them." They added, "To the broader community, who rallied in such passionate support for our daughter, we apologize for betraying your trust."

A customer lashed out at a young woman after he heard her speaking Spanish at a McDonald’s in Savannah, Georgia.
By Nicole Acevedo and Caitlin Fichtel

A video showing a McDonald’s customer in Savannah, Georgia, telling a young Latina to "speak English" has gone viral since it was first posted on Twitter last Saturday. Cristina Riofrio, 19, called the man "a racist" after he lashed out at her for speaking Spanish with a friend. "I know I am," he responded. In the video, the man, who is white, can be seen and heard saying that he has been living in the United States for years. At the same time, he suggested that Riofrio came to the country “on a f------ boat”. Chatham County Sheriff John T. Wilcher confirmed Wednesday that the man was employed at the sheriff's office and was terminated. Wilcher said he was not in the office and did not know the man's exact position, but that he does not tolerate that type of behavior. Riofrio, who is Ecuadorian, said she was at the McDonald's with three friends when suddenly the guy next to her said to stop speaking Spanish. She claimed the man invoked Trump's name a few times but she only responded once he claimed her parents came to America and made it "a horrible place." "At first I was really surprised and shocked but then I realized these people, there’s a lot of people in this country and sadly us people that are foreigners that speak other languages, not only Latinas, others, have to sadly face this," Riofrio said.

By Faith Karimi and Sheena Jones, CNN

(CNN) - The parents of six former and current African-American students are suing a Minnesota school district in federal court over allegations of racial discrimination. In a lawsuit against the Independent School District 112, also known as Eastern Carver County Schools, the parents accused some schools in the district of failing to address multiple cases of racial bullying. The guardians and parents sued on behalf of the students, most of whom are still minors. The alleged incidents involved students at elementary, middle and high schools across the district, CNN affiliate WCCO reported. Racist bullying was so rampant, the lawsuit says, a local news story in April started with, "Chaska, it happened again. Another racially charged incident" in the school district. Chaska is a city in Carver County. By acting indifferently to repeated discrimination complaints, the school district emboldened racist behavior, the lawsuit says.

By Kristine Solomon

An employee working the drive-thru window at a Mississippi restaurant was fired on Monday and is no longer allowed on the business’s property after printing a derogatory name on an African American customer’s receipt. Alexia Washington said she and a friend visited Who Dat’s on Friday and placed a meal order, but what they were served disgusted them. “Something told me to look at my receipt,” Washington said, according to WMC Action News. Printed on the receipt were the words “Black b*tches in silver car.” Washington said she immediately reported the inappropriate receipt to Who Dat’s manager, who made the employee apologize.

But she was still disturbed by the restaurant worker’s hateful message, so she decided to post an image of it on Facebook. “My car isn’t silver, for one,” Washington wrote in the now-deleted post. “For two, I wasn’t rude. I didn’t have any type of hostility. He didn’t have any hostility with me.” Washington went on to explain her decision to share the message on social media, saying she "wasn’t going to say anything and [was going to] give them the opportunity to do right but nothing has been done,” according to the Clarion Ledger. She claims she had requested that the employee who printed the slur on the receipt be fired, as she felt “racially ridiculed and demeaned as a African American Female.” But when her messages to the restaurant’s higher-ups seemed to be ignored, she decided to go public.

By Mallory Simon, CNN

(CNN) - A morning TV anchor in Oklahoma apologized a day after likening her black cohost to a gorilla. Alex Housden said a gorilla at the Oklahoma City Zoo "kind of looks like you" to her colleague, Jason Hackett, at the end of a feature on KOCO-TV, a CNN affiliate, on Thursday. She addressed what she called hurtful comments on the next day's show. "I said something yesterday that was inconsiderate, it was inappropriate, and I hurt people," a tearful Housden said to the audience and Hackett. "And I want you to know, I understand how much I hurt you out there and how much I've hurt you. I love you so much, and you have been one of my best friends for the past year and a half. And I would never do anything on purpose to hurt you. And I love our community and I want you all to know, from the bottom of my heart, I apologize for what I said. I know it was wrong and I am so sorry." Housden did not address the racism implicit in her comparing an African American to an ape. Hackett accepted the apology on air and acknowledged the pain caused. "It cut deep for me and it cut deep for a lot of you in the community," he said.
By Jessica Taylor

Alabama Republican Gov. Kay Ivey has apologized for wearing blackface during a skit at Auburn University more than 50 years ago. Ivey said Thursday she still doesn't recall the incident, but after a recording surfaced of her discussing the sketch with her then-fiancé and later first husband, Ben LaRavia, Ivey admitted it must be true. "Even after listening to the tape, I sincerely do not recall either the skit, which evidently occurred at a Baptist Student Union party, or the interview itself, both which occurred 52 years ago. Even though Ben is the one on tape remembering the skit — and I still don't recall ever dressing up in overalls or in blackface — I will not deny what is the obvious," Ivey said. "As such, I fully acknowledge — with genuine remorse — my participation in a skit like that back when I was a senior in college."

By Jackie Smith, Port Huron Times Herald

MARYSVILLE, Mich. – A city council candidate in Marysville stunned an election forum Thursday night with racist comments that she later doubled down on when answering a question about diversity. Much of the night focused on city development and park improvements, but that thread was momentarily marred with shock following a racist statement from political newcomer Jean Cramer. “Keep Marysville a white community as much as possible,” said Cramer, one of five candidates vying for three open council seats in November.

Cramer and the candidates were asked, “Do you believe the diversity of our community needs to be looked at, and if so, should we be more aggressive in attracting foreign-born citizens?” It’d come more than an hour into the forum, and Radio First Station Manager Scott Shigley, who moderated the event, had cited population growth across the Great Lakes region between 2000 and 2015, half of which he said were foreign-born residents. Cramer’s response, however, was the first of the group, and a brief guffaw fell over the council meeting room at City Hall before forum attendees heard from the other candidates. After the forum, Shigley said the question was intended to spur talk over how the city markets itself and attracts talent. Marysville is about 50 miles northeast of Detroit.

“Can you please call your friend on the call box and have them come downstairs?” the man asked Wesley Michel, who got the confrontation on video and posted it on his Facebook. “They don’t need to do that, you can just walk away,” said Michel. After Cukor pulled out his phone and said "I'm going to call the police right now," a young boy with him pleaded, "Daddy don't, don't, don't." "You're going to be the next person on TV" known for calling police to report a black person not committing any crime, Michel said. "And you have your son with you." “Daddy, go. It’s the better, I agree with him, daddy. It’s the better. I don’t like this. Let’s go,” the son can be heard before he began to cry.

The man's son is seen in the video pleading with his dad not to call San Francisco police.
By David K. Li

A white man was captured on a viral video calling San Francisco police to report an African American man who had been waiting for a friend. The incident happened Thursday in the city's Nob Hill neighborhood when the white man, identified by NBC News as Christopher Cukor, began questioning the black man about why he was waiting in the lobby of an apartment building.

Racial profiling was thriving amid celebrations of America's birthday. Coincidence?
Written By NewsOne Staff

Two white men apparently couldn’t contain their implicit racial bias when they called the police in separate instances to report Black people living their very legal lives in videos that went viral over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Both instances were recorded on video in a throwback to the so-called BBQ Becky, a white woman who called cops on a Black family having a cookout in a public park last year. They were also a clear indication that the irrational fears that have overcome so many white people in the presence of Black people have shown no sign of letting up despite widespread coverage. In the first instance, a white man who was identified as a developer at YouTube called the police on a Black man who was apparently waiting outside of an apartment building — in public — for his friend to come downstairs. The white man, who is reportedly a resident of the building, felt so threatened that he called the police. The equally shameful and shameless display of irrational fear was recorded on video as the man’s young son, near tears, begged his father not to call the police.

Revealing their names in the media might make them think twice.

In the adjoining apartment, I could hear him beating her through the thin walls in the triplex apartment building I lived in a few years ago. I then dialed 911 for the first and only time in my life. The decision was easy; a real emergency transpired. That’s the threshold for when one should call the cops — an emergency. But last month, a white woman called the cops on black people for barbecuing with a charcoal grill in Lake Merritt Park in Oakland, California. Although this happened in April, the ordeal went viral within the past week, another event in a distressing string of frivolous calls to the police that garnered national attention.

That incident, like the others, reveals how some white folk imagine the police as their protectors from the unwanted presence of black people, that the cops partially serve as guardians of their right to their white enclave. In that vein, the white woman from Oakland told her black victims that “she knows her rights, that the rights state if she tells the police if she has a problem with us, then we are going to go to jail.” This statement provides a window into the soul of many white folk, exposing a disturbing image that lays bare the idea that police should detain any black person whose mere existence causes them discomfort.

As four black Florida A&M University students waited outside for a friend to let them into his apartment building for a party, a white man confronted them—and ultimately pulled a gun on them in an incident Tallahassee police and the university are now investigating. Video of a portion of the Saturday night incident went viral after one of the students, Isaiah Butterfield, posted it on Twitter; Butterfield tells BuzzFeed News that before he started filming, the white man in the video walked past him and his friends and through the building's entrance. "Then he turned and he said, ‘You aren’t getting in here if you don't have a key,'" Butterfield says. "We were shook because we hadn’t said anything to him."

He says the man then came back outside and started harassing the group, at which point another white person walked up and started defending the black students. Butterfield then started filming. The white bystander, who had a key to the building, let the group inside; the first white man then insisted they not get on the elevator with him and asked repeatedly whether they had a key to the building. As the group attempted to enter the elevator, the man pulled out a gun. "He made sure we saw that he had a gun so we didn't get in the elevator," says Butterfield, who notes that the group had earlier questioned whether the man actually lived in the building, since it is student housing and he looked older than most residents. (At one point in the video, the man can be heard saying, "Where am I going? I am going upstairs to get laid.") The students, who were ultimately let into the building by their friend, reported the incident to police the following day. more...

By Rachel Sandler - Forbes Staff

The employee, Christopher Cukor, has since apologized in a Medium post responding to the incident. He acknowledged the fraught history of white people calling the police on black people for trivial reasons, but did not say he was acting out of any sort of racial bias. “I’m sorry actions caused Wesly to feel unfairly targeted due to his race,” the post reads. He said that for his “child’s safety, my safety and that of the building, I felt it was necessary to get help in this situation. Furthermore, I’ve encountered trespassers in my building and we’ve been robbed several times. This is not uncommon in San Francisco and the bad actors are all different colors.” Topline: A white YouTube employee was filmed calling the police on a black man waiting for a friend inside the doorway of an apartment building in San Francisco, the latest viral incident depicting a white person calling the police on a black person for ordinary or inconsequential activities.
By Jaweed Kaleem - National Correspondent

The hashtag #LivingWhileBlack went viral on social media in the last two years as videos proliferated of incidents around the nation in which white people called police on black people going about their everyday activities. The most well-publicized episodes came last year, including two black men confronted by Philadelphia police after asking to use a Starbucks bathroom without first having made a purchase; a black Yale graduate student questioned by cops for napping in a dorm common room; and a black man in Oakland whose wife filmed his encounter with a woman who dialed 911 to say he was illegally barbecuing in a park.

A lesser known one took place in 2017 in Grand Rapids, Mich., on a June afternoon when squad cars showed up at a public park during a graduation party. The event was permitted, the attendees were mostly black, and they said a noise complaint against them was really about white residents who were uncomfortable with a large gathering of black people. That instance, and another last September in which police handcuffed two unarmed black 11-year-old brothers after a phone call reported a teen with a gun, added to complaints about race and 911 calls, as well as policing, in western Michigan. Now, the city of 200,000 could be among the first in the country to make such calls illegal. A proposed ordinance would make it a “criminal misdemeanor to racially profile people of color for participating in their lives” and subject people behind those 911 calls to a $500 fine.

By Otis R. Taylor Jr.

We’ve seen this scene before in the Bay Area — a white person calling the police on a black person in a video that explodes on social media like a fireworks display. If you haven’t seen the confrontation between a white apartment resident in San Francisco and a black visitor to the apartment building on the Fourth of July, here’s a summary: The resident and his young son were leaving the building on Van Ness Avenue — opening the locked front door to exit — when the visitor entered the building. Christopher Cukor, the resident, confronted the visitor, Wesly Michel, who began video-recording Cukor.

Viral cell phone videos reveal a sobering reality: white people often call the cops on black people for no reason.

By Brett Molina, USA TODAY

Taking a nap, hosting a BBQ and playing golf are normal, everyday activities. But for some black people in the U.S. this year, participating in those moments led to visits from police. Most recently, in Cleveland, Huntington Bank apologized after an employee called police on a black man trying to cash his paycheck. It's among many, many alleged racial profiling incidents – often documented on social media – that gained national attention in 2018. "People seem to believe something is illegal about black people occupying space," Rashad Robinson, president of racial justice organization Color of Change, said in an interview with USA TODAY in July.

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