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Are Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Traitors?
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Published by A. B. Man III in Opinion · 21 December 2017
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Are Donald J. Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Traitors?
If Trump is spy or a mole for the Russian government or Trump, Trump Jr. and the Trump campaign conspired (colluded) with a hostile country (Russian) to change the outcome of our elections then yes they are traitors.

A. B. Man III

Russia is more enemy than friend and intends to do us more harm than good. We may not be in a declared war with Russia but they did use cyber-warfare against us in the election. Anyone who works with a foreign government to change the outcome of our elections, damage our democracy and destroy the integrity of the F.B.I. and our other Intelligence Agencies should be branded a traitor. Trump refuses to admit Russia interfered with our elections he blames everyone but Russia even after all our Intelligence Agencies say it was Russia. He has to be forced to implement sanction that congress passes. Trump is destroying America from the inside and out. Trump is working to destroy credibility of the F.B.I. and our other Intelligence Agencies. Trump has removed regulations that protect people from bad and bad water. Trump has removed financial regulations put in place to protect us after the crash of 2008. Trump is destroying our relationship with NATO and our relationship with our allies. Trump is doing Putin’s business by destroying are relationships with NATO and our allies. Trump is harming America standing in the world. Trump is traitor.

Did Donald J. Trump ask the Russians for help? Yes when trump called on the Russian to get him Clinton’s emails, the Russians started trying to hack Clinton’s emails the same day. Did Trump parrot the Russian’s during his campaign? Yes multiple times during the campaign Trump parroted the same lines as the Russian sometimes on the same day almost at the same time. Did Donald Trump Jr. claim there was no Russian contact when in fact there was? Yes, multiple times, he claimed there was no Russian contact but we know that is not true he meet the Russian lawyer to get dirt on Clinton. Did Donald Trump Jr. try to get help from the Russian so he could get dirt on Clinton? Yes Donald Jr. meet with a Russian lawyer to get help from the Russians Government to get dirt on Clinton and had email correspondences with Wikileaks. Did the Trump campaign try the hide the fact that they were in contact with the Russians? Yes they claimed there was none and every day we find there was more and more contacts with Russians. Did Trump fire Comey to stop the Russian investigation? Yes he said it himself that he fried Comey to stop the Russian thing. Does Trump side with Russians more than he does America? Yes he is always has something negative to say about everyone except Putin and Russia.

If Trump and his campaign did not conspire with the Russians, then why would they try to hide that fact by lying when they said there were no Russian contacts? We know there was a lot of contact between the Trump campaign and the Russians but we may never know the true amount of contact between the Trump campaign and the Russians. In addition, we may never know everything they did to affect the outcome our election. If Trump has, nothing to hide then why is he and his surrogates trying so hard to stop Mueller from finding the truth, maybe he is a traitor who stole our election with the help of the Russians and possibly Jill Stein. Jill Stein was at the same dinner in Russia as Flynn and she may been used to siphon votes from Clinton to help Trump win. If Trump has, nothing to hide then he and his surrogates would let the investigation go on so it could prove he was innocent has nothing to hide. Maybe Trump is not traitor and just a crook but he could be both and we the American people need to know.

Trump and his surrogates like to play what about Clinton. If Clinton did any of the above, they would be calling her a traitor and for her head. Instead, the Republican Party is willing to protect a possible traitor and crook by discrediting Mueller, the F.BI. and other Intelligence Agencies. Trump and some members of the Republican Party are doing what Russian cannot do destroy the integrity of the FBI and our other Intelligence Agencies. Does that make some in the Republican Party a party of traitors? Yes. Destroying the integrity of the FBI and our other Intelligence Agencies for political gain and to protect the President will not make us safer it will make us less safe. Just say no to the GOP their lies and alternate facts may be good for Trump, the GOP and Russia however, it is bad for America. Patriots do what is best for the country not the party and not for one man. Trump and those in the Republican Party who protect Trump may wrap themselves in the flag but they are not Patriots. We know Trump projects himself on to others when he calls them names so we must consider that and the fact that Trump put himself before America Trump maybe a Traitor. If Donald J. Trump is a traitor he should be impeached. If Donald J. Trump is a traitor then he is the enemy of America and the enemy of the people.

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