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Maybe Trump is the one who should leave our country, he complains about our country and attacks our intuitions
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Published by A. B. Man III in Opinion · 16 July 2019
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Maybe Trump is the one who should leave our country, he complains about our country and attacks our intuitions
If they should leave then Trump has to go he complains about our country more than all of them combined.

A. B. Man III
Trump has constantly criticized American where is the outcry for him to leave? Trump complains about and attacks our intelligent agencies, our justice department, our court system, the FBI and more. Trump has put Putin above our country, he believes Putin over our intelligent agencies. How many times has Trump sided with the Russians over our intelligent agencies? Trump is the only American president who is willing to side with an American adversary over intelligent agencies. US anger as Trump sides with Putin over FBI on Russia 'meddling' | ITV News.

Some of Trump’s tweets on how much he dislikes our country:
Donald J. Trump - Our country and our "leaders" are getting dumber all the time. Now they are about to release full documentation on torture. Will destroy CIA 3:35 PM - 8 Dec 2014.

Donald J. Trump - Why are we letting the three girls, who left the U.S. to join ISIS, back into the country? How stupid has our once respected country become! 4:40 AM - 22 Oct 2014.

Donald J. Trump - Did you ever think our country would  become an economic basket case? So much for Hope & Change. 1:34 PM - 8 Oct 2013.

Donald J. Trump - Have you ever seen our country look weaker or more pathetic: Snowden, ObamaCare, VA, Russia, jobs, decimated military, debt and so much more 5:28 AM - 29 May 2014.

Donald J. Trump Our country is looking very bad right now! 6:11 PM - 2 Sep 2013.

Donald J. Trump - Do you really believe our once great country can continue to survive with incompetent leadership. The answer is no and we better move fast! 1:43 PM - 26 Jan 2014.

Donald J. Trump has complained more about our country than anyone including some of our enemies. Donald J. Trump has done more harm to our democracy, our country than many of our enemies. Donald J. Trump if you don’t like it here maybe you are the one who needs to leave our country and go back to Germany or maybe to  Russia they helped you win the election maybe they will take you.
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